Sunday, June 13, 2021

Powerful Jewish Groups Demand Biden And Democrats Unilaterally Grant Citizenship To Illegal Migrants | Christians for Truth

Powerful Jewish supremacy groups are increasing their pressure on President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress to award U.S. citizenship to illegal, undocumented migrants — without the approval of Republicans:

In a letter sent Wednesday addressed to Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the groups said such a pathway [to citizenship] should be included in “in any economic recovery or infrastructure legislation.”

Bend the Arc, a liberal [Jewish] social justice advocacy group, initiated the letter. Organizations representing the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist [Jewish] movements signed on along with a number of major mainstream groups, including HIAS, the main Jewish immigration advocacy group.

Others included the Anti-Defamation League, the National Council for Jewish Women, Jewish Women International and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella body for public policy groups. In addition to 19 national groups, a number of state-level Jewish groups signed.

Permanent protection for individuals who live under the fear of detention and deportation, as well as the constant threat of exploitation, is not just the moral action but also the most sensible choice,” the letter said.

The letter requests that the pathway [to citizenship] be included in a bill that can be passed via “budget reconciliation,” which would not require any Republicans to sign on. “Reconciliation” is a Senate maneuver that allows the majority party — currently the Democrats — to pass measures deemed spending bills without first gaining the 60 votes needed to bypass a filibuster.

Notably the letter is not addressed to the GOP minority leaders in each chamber. Republicans in recent years, and particularly since the Trump presidency, have vigorously resisted pathways to citizenship for undocumented migrants.

It’s not clear whether the Senate parliamentarian would allow a pathway to citizenship to be included in a spending bill. The parliamentarian has nixed previous such efforts to bypass the filibuster.

Jews are the greatest exploiters of illegal Third World migrants — they cynically use them as “golem” to undermine and destroy the cohesion and stability of White Christian nations.

Mainstream “conservatives” accuse “liberals” of encouraging “immigration” as a way of expanding their voting base — but they are always careful never to bring up the racial identity of these migrants.

These so-called “conservatives” are all for immigration — after all, America is a “nation of immigrants” — but only as long as immigration is done legally — in other words, “conservatives” also support the “browning” of America, but only the “legal” browning of America.

Oddly, Jews aren’t concerned that China and Japan don’t have enough Mexicans or Arabs — only White nations are allegedly on the verge of collapse without the constant infusion of rivers of “energetic” Third World blood.

A racially homogeneous White nation cannot be dominated by Jews — and White nations will always look upon the Jews as a “foreign” and subversive element — and while Jews revel in being that foreign and subversive element, they don’t want the White society at large to know that — for fear of Pogrom #110.

Through Third World immigration and encouraging race mixing, Jews can ensure that soon almost every White family in America will have a non-White member — which will make that family susceptible and sympathetic to further browning of America at large.

And White Christians have enthusiastically jumped on this Jewish immigration bandwagon — after all, nothing makes a White Christian feel more condescendingly virtuous than “uplifting” brown people out of their savage darkness — and lead them to worship the God of White People — Jesus Christ.

Eric Kaufman, the Jewish author of the dystopian book White Shift, which predicts in the near future formerly White nations will become majority mixed race — ruled over by “elite” Jews like himself — just as the Kalergi Plan predicted would happen 100 years ago.

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