Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The more Government obfuscates, the more DaHerd panics – but the picture becomes clearer. Maybe I should get myself tested and join DaHerd? Connecting dots as usual….CL

Vox Popoli: A very bad bargain (Have we now defined SHTUPID?)

Do. Not. Get. Vaxxed.


Want Me To LAUGH AT YOU? Do Stupid Things - by Karl Denninger

In other words both the FDA and everyone else who was capable of reading and took the time to do so knew before a single person under the age of 50 got jabbed that these shots carried this sort of risk.

I reported on these studies months ago.


Why Children Should Not Receive the Covid Shot - By Joseph Mercola

Do You Have Vaccine Regret?

If you’ve already had one or two COVID shots and are now having second thoughts, first, be sure to never have another vaccination again, with any vaccine of any kind. Even if you’re not having discernible symptoms as of yet, you’d be wise to start building your innate immune system. To do that, you need to become metabolically flexible and optimize your diet.


FDA reverses itself: rejects COVID antibody test results; insanity reigns - by Jon Rappoport

(Are you catching on yet? Don't read this if you expect sanity - in fact, DaSecret of life in Western Civilization has become the art of not reading - why disturb your peace of mind if that requires intelligence and/or proper action to remove DaIdiots in charge.

🙈🙉🙊 - CL)


Falsehood Rules | Kunstler

Who knew that reality could become such a squishy thing in the USA? But such are the agonies of a collapsing society that it becomes ever harder to know what’s real, especially with factions in power intent on gaslighting, manipulating, obfuscating, and coercing the raw material of public opinion, which is: what has actually happened in the past and what is happening now.


Pseudopandemic – OffGuardian - Iain Davis

(You may remove your face diaper when reading this, but be sure to replace it afterward - just to be safe! And always keep repeating 'TrustDaScience' at least 100 times before bed - it helps to scare away DaBoogieWoogies! - CL)


Will the Russians sink a British ship the next time around?, by The Saker - The Unz Review

(You might also read - - by Ron Paul - 

If you still think we're governed by sane people, read ALL of this - every department of DaDeepState is now clinically insane.

I would like to hear your counter argument if you have one. CL)


Vox Popoli: The role of debt (Read both - the linked full report and Vox's comments along with his readers' comments - and you will understand why I go here first. - CL)

Yesterday, we launched Steve Keen's EconComics on Arktoons. If you're inspired to dig a little deeper in order to understand the very important role that debt plays in the economy, I would encourage you to read this extended essay on the subject written by the greatest living economist.


Yes. Teach Critical Race Theory in Schools., by Gregory Hood - The Unz Review

The only thing for which we must repent is to have let things get so bad. When we run the schools, we will teach Critical Race Theory as it should be taught: as a warning from the past that we should never forget and as a reminder to our children that they should never forgive what was done to our people for the crime of being white.


US Ruling Class to Peasants: No Babies For You! By Ben Bartee

Motherhood – the primary, godlike, immaculate biological function of the female sex necessary for the furtherance of the human species – is, at this point, an act of rebellion, a sort of Holy War waged against the anti-human forces of the blooming technocracy.


The Test Animals for the ‘Elite’ Controllers and the Political Class: Babies and Children By Gary D. Barnett

“At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it’s true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests”


There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine By F. William Engdahl

(So....who rules us? After reading about BlackRock, read - - case closed - CL)


The Lasting Pain from Vietnam Silence By Ray McGovern

Simple – they lied!


Hotel Propaganda, by Antony C. Black - The Unz Review

If there is one lesson, then, that we can take from the tragic events adumbrated herein – and, though hardly new, is a notion that bears vigorously reinforcing – it is that whatever information is fed us by the state and by the corporate mass media with regard to fundamental global strategic happenings, the only historically consistent and logical stance to take is to assume that the truth lies 180 degrees in the opposite direction. This should be our default position, until proof is rendered otherwise, in every instance.