Sunday, June 20, 2021

Vox Popoli: "But what were we to do?" - (Boomerism explained......CL)

The plaintive cry of the Boomers seeking to excuse the wickedness of their g-g-generations:

What was a boomer who saw the evil to do to make change? Y'all happily -- and humorously even though you mean it -- acclaim the DotP -- but what would you have had us do? Vote? Write articles or letters? Shoot doctors? March in the streets?

We would have had you simply behave like every other generation before you instead of rejecting their values and traditions. We would have had you practice stewardship of the nation rather than strip-mining it.

  • Stay married.  48.9 percent of Boomers who ever married had been through at least one divorce by 2014. That number is almost certainly over 50 percent by now.
  • Bear children rather than murdering them. As many as 30.4 percent of Boomer pregnancies ended in abortion. Now that Boomers can't get pregnant anymore, the abortion rate is lower than it was when it was first legalized in 1973.
  • Pass your houses and second houses on to your children instead of selling them to foreigners and corporations.
  • For middle-class and upper middle-class women, raise your children instead of working. As the wealthiest generation in human history, Boomer mothers had less need to work than any women in all of human history. And yet, female participation in the workforce doubled.
  • Call that which is good, good, and that which is evil, evil.
  • Pass on your knowledge and your skills rather than hide them from your children.
  • Advise the younger generations to avoid the wide and easy path you walked.
All the Boomers had to do was not change anything and things would have been massively better today. American society would have continued to progress on its upward curve and yet another generation would have been better off than its predecessors. Instead, Boomers chose to "change the world", to embrace the lies, to sell the farm and eat the seed corn. They will leave behind them a broken, bankrupt, declining, demoralized, and occupied nation.

Even now, Boomers could sell the condo, give the house to the kids, get rid of the boat, the jetski, and the Thunderbird, and utilize their resources to help their children and grandchildren get out of debt and into home ownership. They could stop robbing the younger generations by accepting Social Security and Medicare subsidies in excess of their own contributions. And I have no doubt that a few of them have already done some of those things or are doing them.

But you know, and we know, that most Boomers will refuse to do even what little they can still do after a lifetime of relentless self-absorption.