Saturday, May 21, 2022

About Roe, Embargoes and Rubles by Tom Luongo

After linking to the latest post by Tom from Lew Rockwell, I discovered two other insightful articles that all seem to fit together.

 The Ruckus over Roe is Just Another Racket - Author: Tom Luongo

Think about it. Why wouldn’t they weaponize babies? They hate humanity after all and have emotionally severed millions of women from the one thing that brings them sanity and purpose, motherhood.

This is the ultimate legacy of Roe v. Wade, a decision that should have never been rendered, supporting a soulless agenda to turn women into screeching political pawns serving the interests of the enemies of humanity itself.

The Real Reason Behind the EU’s Drive to Embargo Russian Oil - Author: Tom Luongo

The bigger Davos plan of destroying the old global order to Build it Back Better, where they own everything and you will own nothing and like it or else, is the script.

They are now committed to this plan. It does not matter now whether it will work or not. This is what we have to realize in all of our analyses. Do the Russians and their friends in Asia and across the Global South have the means and the tools to come out on top? Possibly.

But the bigger question is whether or not this conflict escalates to the point where winning is an irrelevant concept. When you see a bloc as powerful as the European Union willing to commit acts of domestic vandalism this big—and blaming the victim of their unbridled aggression—it tells you we are far past the point of rational settlement.

From Currency Resets to Limiting Infinite Growth - Author: Tom LuongoNow you know why the Club of Rome began in the 1850’s, why central banking was so bitterly fought over here in the US then. It’s why Marx’s insane ideas were adopted by those with generational power.  It was to STOP our growth as a species, not keep it from destroying the planet, but their system of unearned privilege.

Tom’s site should be a definite step in your research!