Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Ruckus over Roe is Just Another Racket - Author: Tom Luongo

 “War is a racket”

— Gen. Smedley Butler

Roe v. Wade is more than a civil rights issue. It’s more than a political football. It has always been a litmus test for the Democrats’ perception of its chances in the upcoming election.

Rarely does it ever come up during off-year, or mid-term elections. They usually save the ‘get out the outraged womyn vote’ campaigns for the presidential elections.

So, to me it is telling that Roe is now big news for this election cycle. The Supreme Court could have pushed this off until after the election if they wanted to. The fact that the draft opinion was leaked means the stakes for November are higher than anyone wanted to admit before last week.

Roe has been used to radicalize suburban women politically now for more than two generations. It was a bad decision, and even worse law, but a brilliant piece of political kit which could always be brought to bear if American politics was beginning to stray too far from the Davos, nee globalist, agenda.

Jonathan Turley can always be counted on for an opinion piece on these matters which are thoughtful, well-presented and ultimate wrong. His latest piece is yet another distraction from the core issues surrounding the doxxing of the Supreme Court Justices’ home addresses.

Turley blames Biden for his answering to the polls rather than standing on his previously espoused principles.

President Biden has repeatedly shown that polls, not principles, guide his presidency. He showed integrity as a senator by denouncing court packing as a “bonehead … terrible, terrible” idea. However, he has stayed silent as today’s Democrats have pushed to pack the court with an instant liberal majority, a demand that increased this week. Biden long supported the Senate’s filibuster rule and said efforts to eliminate it would be “disastrous” — but when today’s mob formed, he flipped and denounced the filibuster as a “relic” of the Jim Crow era.

Let’s start with the basics here. Biden isn’t in charge of his White House. Moreover, Biden’s principles begin and end with whoever is handing him a check or bank account number in a country without a US extradition treaty.

I know that Turley is too much of a normie to ever admit this, but let’s put away childish things here. Leaking the Roe opinion, staying silent on packing the court and shifting on the filibuster wasn’t his decision. And even if he did look up and nod in agreement between bites of Jell-O, it wasn’t Biden driving this decision.

Neither was it a case of DNC poll-watching either. None of these are popular issues, except with the Twitterati and the Tumblrinas whose voice is egregiously amplified beyond its real political power.

So, this was a strategic decision by a group of people who have looked into Galadriel’s Mirror and saw their future was as bleak as Netflix’ subscriber growth this year.

Even on abortion, Biden has shifted with the polls. He once opposed Roe v. Wade and supported an amendment that would negate the decision. At the time, he declared that “I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.” Now President Biden has switched his position without really switching his logic. He recently declared that he supported Roe because “I’m just a child of God; I exist” and thus can decide what happens to his body. Accordingly, he denounced the Supreme Court’s draft opinion as “radical” and affirmed the right of a woman “to abort a child.

Again, Turley is addressing the issue without actually addressing the issues. The leak was strategic because it was necessary to bring out womyn voters who normally stay home during non-Presidential election years for the Democrats to stem the obvious bleeding.

Even if they aren’t moved by this to actually show up in November, the Davos vote fraud excuse for “unprecedented voter turn-out for a mid-term” is already baked into the Corporate Media narrative, which I’m sure Turley will dutifully back, just like he did with the 2020 election.

But, in stating that, I’m being a little like Turley here. Because it’s one thing to leak the draft opinion to gin up the angry womyn’s vote. It is something far more sinister to doxx the Supreme Court justices’ home addresses. Turley has, as always, only the most milquetoast criticism of this, hoping to distract us with memories of evil Uncle Joe McCarthy who, in Turley’s opinion, deserved public opprobrium.

The whole point of appointing morons like Sonia Sotomoyor or Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court for life is to remove them from politics completely. The whole judicial impartiality thing is supposed to be a foundational principle of our society.

It’s a lie, but it’s a foundational one.

In doxxing the Supremes, after someone close to them leaked the draft opinion, that entire edifice of confidence in our system has been compromised. Yet another pillar of our Republic attacked with a sledgehammer.

These are Leninist tactics, meant to intimidate not just Supreme Court justices but anyone else who dares to object to their Party Line.

This tells you we are closer to that moment when that special someone arrives at the train station to topple what’s left of the existing government than, again, anyone dared to admit to themselves just last week.

The current row over Roe v. Wade isn’t anything other than the starting flag going up on the race to the end of the republic here in the U.S. That race already ended in Europe. I’ve told you for year now that the people in charge are vandals, intent on destroying the fabric of U.S. society.

The day we woke up to the Miracle of the 2000 Mules on November 4th, 2020 and Joe Biden took the lead from Donald Trump I told you, “Civil War it is, then.”

Four years of the Democrats and the Media screaming about Russian collusion and undermining the legitimacy of Donald Trump inspired thousands of people to become corrupt poll workers, mailmen, supervisors of elections, party operatives and the like.

And they obviously feel justified in this. They are, after all, the heroes of their own stories whose motives are pure and whose hearts are in the right place.

If we just get rid of Orange Man Bad, everything wrong with America will be gone.

There is no going back to normal from where the Democrats and Davos went in 2020. Now in 2022, they are all but ordering their most loyal supporters to murder a Supreme Court justice.

Not only are the Democratic leadership now the keepers of the Revealed Truth of state-sanctioned murder but they have told their disciples they are the righteous warriors thereof.

And a womyn’s right to murder her unborn child is now Revealed Truth.

I guess murdering a Supreme Court justice to defend that stance is simply a logical extension of it.

Turley dances around this issue for his entire article which is what makes him the perfect barometer for the political winds on Capitol Hill. He knows, full well, that he can only speak out against this so far or his cushy gig as The Hill’s pet moderate is taken away.

But, like all people who refuse to take a stance, he’ll be found wanting in the end, and he knows this as well. So, he calls out Biden for being politically venal while ignoring the truth of implied violence of the situation.

Why isn’t anyone, especially Turley, demanding that someone get to the bottom of the leak? There are only 45 people who were in possession of the draft opinion.

Why is it that this clear act of national security isn’t being actively investigated? Why is it always that leaks of this nature, clearly damaging to the political discourse, are never treated as the crimes they are?

Why are we expected to go along with the circus act in front of us rather than demand real answers as to how this happened in the first place?

While people arrested for the riot on January 6th, 2021 are still being held without being charged, the Supreme Court has now been openly threatened by an entire political party for engaging in wrongthink.

Trust the experts when it suits the narrative. But, only when it suits the narrative.

It speaks to the immense solipsism of the people behind this operation, so desperate to cover up their malfeasance and advance their ideas nothing is verboten, which clearly is designed to move society from the Rule of Law to Rule by Men.

And that is what lawyer Jonathan Turley should be most outraged about; not the polls or the personal failings of people like Joe Biden. Biden is a scapegoat and Turley should know this. Davos is scared. They have lost every political battle in the U.S. other than stealing the 2020 election.

Now they are leveraging that one win into a summer of political violence which could burn it to the ground. They and their vandals in power would rather than regroup and fight another day and they are using the extreme emotions over infanticide as their catalyst for the permanent fracture.

Think about it. Why wouldn’t they weaponize babies? They hate humanity after all and have emotionally severed millions of women from the one thing that brings them sanity and purpose, motherhood.

This is the ultimate legacy of Roe v. Wade, a decision that should have never been rendered, supporting a soulless agenda to turn women into screeching political pawns serving the interests of the enemies of humanity itself.