Sunday, May 8, 2022

Slavocaust, Past and Present, or the Aryan and Semitic War on Slavic Peoples and Cultures, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review

 (This is a uniquely insightful analysis.....requires a long attention span and certainly above average reading comprehension. It will destroy your American exceptionalist public school version of history - which of course is almost a total farce in itself, having been written by DaBastahds who control our education from K through PHD - but if you're interested in reality, it's worth studying......not for casual readers. 

However,  it goes a long way to explain that mantra - 'You and him go fight!' - which certainly applies to the bloody 20th century....if you know what I mean. - CL)

But there was also the long-existing Jewish view of goyim, especially Christians. Jews hated Christians as the people who stole their religion, their God. Also, Jews, who became adept in business and learning, came to regard the vast majority of Russians as dumb, lazy, and childish morons. Jews hated Russian elites as pompous a**holes and loathed Russian masses as ignorant, stupid, and boorish. So, even though Jewish Semites didn’t have an ideology of enslavement and extermination against the Slavs like the Nazi Aryans did, their radical cause wasn’t merely fueled by idealism and vision of justice. It was driven by animus, hatred, contempt, arrogance, and revanchism.

Jewish Bolsheviks were clever in cloaking their bilious impulses with prophetic promise of a better tomorrow. But in the end, a person is more about what he feels than what he says. If a person hates you, it doesn’t matter how he rationalizes his actions toward you in the name of goodwill and camaraderie. His gut instinct is out to get you. It’s like Jewish supremacists in the US always talk about curing white people of their ‘sins’ of ‘racism’, ‘white supremacism’, and etc. Jews talk like they’re doing whites a favor. But in truth, they are driven by ethnic animus, paranoia, and supremacism. They want to take over as the superior group and simply cannot abide by any goy group that says NO to the Jewish agenda.