Friday, May 20, 2022

How Did We Ever Get To This God Forsaken Place?

Today I posted Speaking Ill of the Dead (Archived for research) as evidence. Concluding quote by authors: “There's the pattern. Fake media world has no connection to reality beyond the rough settings and characters it bends to a narrative. Everything else - the stories, consequences, rules, ideologies, values, etc. - are made up whole cloth and can be whatever the narrative engineers want it to be. It's how image and style change so fast, but the dyscivic message underneath always moves in the same direction. What changes are the pieces - the squid ink - used to cover the lukewarm luciferian de-moralization.

In this case, the cover was mix of generic occult images and Americana carried by engaging music that pretended to emerge from chaos and given "meaning" with psychedelics. Put them together with the Acid Tests, and the whole thing looks like a Tavistock-style social control project promoting an "alternative" outwardly-motivated, de-moralized, hedonistic fake media reality. It's easy to tell how unreal it was in hindsight - it's legacy is all empty nostalgia. Dried-out protoplasm waxing over how awesome it was to twitch to stimuli, with absolutely nothing meaningful to show for it. If we know them by their fruits, it's just another road to nowhere.”

Vox Day Comments: The Lobster Pope's Music - Vox Popoli

“Fake family + balance + together = the destruction of the ability for families to follow a father’s leadership toward the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.”

As usual, I was curious what was in the Library here…so I word searched GOD FORSAKEN -

This is a listing of headnotes of hits – available on most mobile units. If you do it on a computer you’ll get full text.

In any case, some interesting quotes:

“Each created being is made with a purpose and is expected to live according to that purpose.  Storks, turtles or cranes live according to their purpose – so must man.  The non-human animals, however, are not blessed (and cursed) with reason.  Hence, they can only live according to their purpose. 

Man, however, has been given a gift that can be used to fulfill his purpose or to stray from it.  Apply reason toward the purpose for which man was created, and God’s order remains; apply reason divorced from God’s purpose, and chaos ensues.  When this happens, God (or natural law, if you prefer) will provide correction.”

In our fallen world, asking questions is how one truly learns, seeks truth, and finds wisdom. Yet in most schools, the questions in students’ souls are ignored or formalized into lifelessness.

But what do Jeroboam’s sins have to do with us today? More than one would think, because the root cause of his sins is a temptation faced by most Christians today. Tolerance is a byword for virtue these days, but it was Jeroboam’s tolerance for that which was wrong which led to his disobedience, and ultimately culminated in the kingdom’s full-blown rejection of the Lord God of Israel.

What a bold and admirable man of God! God will bless those African churches for their faithfulness and bless their nations through them. Those enlightened liberal American churches will die, for they have forsaken Jesus Christ in the name of sin and worldly approval.

This is what it looks like. Step by step, the world reels in one congregation after another, simply because the members would not abide by the Scripture.

Globalust monetary policy:

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die! Let our grandkids take care of it, say DaFreakingBoomers - who now control our administrative state!

There will be a reckoning - and those Boomers (and those who think like them) will have an eternity to regret their current 'wisdom' from DaBastahd who runs this god forsaken world. – CL

The reason we have laws in a civilized society is that without them corporations -- large or small -- will seek to maximize profit and since there is no soul to keep said behavior in check it will be wildly destructive to society as a whole.

Yet corporations are really nothing more than agglomerations of people insulated from the direct consequences of other than willful criminal conduct.  .

“My original instinct was to pull out — and, historically, I like following my instincts. But all my life I’ve heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. In other words, when you’re President of the United States.”‘

To my children, or my children’s children, or whatever remnant of once-free humanity happens to unearth these words in that God-forsaken future we are goose-stepping into: I’m sorry. I failed you. We all failed you.

But remember this: As long as the blood of your forebears flow through your veins, the lamp of human freedom shall not be extinguished forever.

I can state this in simpler terms: most things we hear are not true.

I blame the thinkers whose job it was to prepare Americans for a civic realm that was bound to include the eternal dangers of demagogues, liars, tricksters, creeps, and con artists.  The thinkers may have been doing some thinking, but something went wrong.  Like the residents of River City incensed about a pool table, they lost their ability to reason and became the very thing they never wanted to be: a loud, stupid mob.

You can read them full text or do your own research – good hunting! We’re just getting started.