Friday, May 20, 2022

The Lobster Pope's Music - Vox Popoli

 In which the CIA, the Beat Generation, the Grateful Dead, and Jordan Peterson are all connected through the recognizable pattern in their esoteric influences in Speaking Ill of the Dead:

That path between dark and light. The balance of opposites. The “third way”. The same tiresome luciferian/gnostic nonsense that appeals to the vain and is catnip to secret kings. The message is specifically anti-Christian in that it is a spirituality that you achieve entirely through your journeying. There is truth to the value of moderation, but that’s not really what the path between dark and light is referring to. It’s more build your own god, or do what thou wilt.

Except Hunter backs off from full power-seeking with a warning. This is a solitary journey – no one will help you including the songwriter. And it leads “home” – another word with no real meaning but has a comforting ring to it when it floats by. Probably best to just trip, nod sagely, and not think too much.

There is something familiar about being teased with a spiritual path through vaguely luciferian gnostic “balance” only to be warned off diving in head first. Remember, it’s all an if – a hypothetical.

Why, that’s the Lobster Pope’s music!

There’s the pattern. Fake media world has no connection to reality beyond the rough settings and characters it bends to a narrative. Everything else – the stories, consequences, rules, ideologies, values, etc. – are made up whole cloth and can be whatever the narrative engineers want it to be. It’s how image and style change so fast, but the dyscivic message underneath always moves in the same direction. What changes are the pieces – the squid ink – used to cover the lukewarm luciferian de-moralization.

It’s easy to tell how unreal it was in hindsight – it’s legacy is all empty nostalgia. Dried-out protoplasm waxing over how awesome it was to twitch to stimuli, with absolutely nothing meaningful to show for it. If we know them by their fruits, it’s just another road to nowhere.

It’s become almost comedic in mediocre fantasy novels, the way in which everything – and I mean every single novel – has been about “maintaining the balance” for the last 30 years. It’s similar to the way in which TV constantly pushes the fake “we’re family” theme about people who are not family and action movies all seem to include the scene where a diverse group will “do it… together”.

And this doesn’t even begin to get into the diversity, inclusivity, and anti-boundaries wickedness that now abounds. But we all know where it was always heading.

Satan Presiding at the Infernal Council, 1824

Fake family + balance + together = the destruction of the ability for families to follow a father’s leadership toward the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.