Monday, May 23, 2022

Monkeying With MonkeyPox

Monkeypox Eh? Who Remembers AIDS? - Now here's the nasty thing not reported in the mainstream media, but it is reported if you look: Virtually all of the cases outside of Africa are occurring in men who have sex with men.

Smallpox Vaccine To Prevent Monkeypox Could Cause Global Smallpox (Variola) Epidemics - I warn, do not be that stupid, understand you have damaged the immune systems of m (b)illions with COVID vaccines.

Experts are saying the smallpox vax 85% effective in monkey pox; this is NOT good news, for millions/billions are now immunocompromised from COVID vax; smallpox vax, potential re-introduction smallpox

Monkey Pox - by Robert W Malone MD, MS - I keep getting asked the same question again and again; is this outbreak of monkey pox a real threat, or is this another case of overstated and weaponized public health messaging? I am going to save my answer to this question for the end of this article and instead focus on what monkey pox is, the nature and characteristics of the associated disease, what we know and don’t know.

The Way to Stop Fake Monkey Virus Epidemic is to Not Get Injection

By Wayne Lusvardi - The virus scare of the day, the fake Monkey Virus epidemic, now being produced at the CDC virus factory, is reported to be spreading across the U.S. and Europe. Lesser mention is made that it exclusively occurs in men who have sex with other men and spreads only within narrow sexual networks. But the media is stoking fear that the pseudo-Monkey Virus, which purportedly has already spread across animal species to humans, will spread in some non-sexual way within humans.

Monkeypox: "Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me" – by MIKE WHITNEY

“I can’t believe it’s monkey-pox season already and I haven’t even taken my Ukrainian decorations down.” Robin Monotti

kitten corner: monkeypox testing

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