Thursday, September 21, 2023

BIPOCs Are Destroying New York City, by Jared Taylor - The Unz Review

 Maybe she actually read the report that has her name on it. It paints a grim picture of the terrible damage blacks and Hispanics do to her city. The media, of course, will scrupulously ignore this report.

The NYPD puts the data in graphs and here’s the one for murder.

Last year, there were 414 homicides in the city, and this shows racial distributions left to right, beginning with American Indians, then Asians, blacks, whites, and Hispanics. Along the depth axis to the right, are victims, suspects, and arrestees. The vertical axis is the percentages, by race, for these categories. Those tall columns in the middle are blacks. Of the 414 murders, blacks were 63 percent of the victims, 64 percent of the suspects, and 58 percent of the arrestees.

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