Sunday, September 24, 2023

Lose Your CULTURE - And You Lose Your Nation and ALL Western Civilization!

 The deliberately designed and planned destruction of the CULTURE of America and all of Western Civilization was essentially baked in DaCake after DaEnlightenment was adopted as human civil advancement. For example, the innocent sounding 'separation of church and state' was simply a way to undermine the church's vital part in determining the culture - - remember, deception is ALWAYS  DaRule, not an exception. 

What is that formula?  Gary North explains: Noting that Western society was deeply religious, Gramsci believed that…......the only way to achieve a proletarian revolution would be to break the faith of the masses of Western voters in Christianity and the moral system derived from Christianity. - 

And who dun it? DaSynagogue of Satan!
So now what? Here's REALITY: Diversity + Proximity = WAR -