Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Burn Back Better; It's Not Climate Change, it's Psychopathy - ELIZABETH NICKSON

 Covert geo-engineering has been used for decades and this summer was used to burn down forests and towns including Lahaina to scare people into the extreme behaviour modification required for Agenda 2030 and Net Zero.

Lahaina drone footage - this is not a normal fire pattern

How did everyone enjoy their trauma this August? Admit it was thoroughly engaging, a blockbuster, tragic and comic by turns, everyone’s favourite Maui town incinerated and 1,000 children and hundreds of elderly dying in the worst way imaginable. Add in the keystone cops incompetence of administrators, the carelessness, the heartlessness was psychopathic. No, I don’t think that not sounding the siren was a mistake. No, I don’t think One Hawaii’s Smart Water program of shutting off the water on that day, was a mistake. No, I don’t think it was an accident that schools were closed for the day. Yes, I think the firefighters were stood down on purpose. Yes, I think the celebrities hired private fire fighters. Yes, the “winds” were engineered. Yes, Maui has the largest space supercomputing research installation in the world and of course they have Direct Energy Weapons. Yes, I think they only burned the shops and houses of lower income Hawaiians in order to take the town and land and turn it into a ghastly Dubai-like pleasure palace for the rich, heedless and criminal


That was one motive. The other is the big one. It is to scare enough Karens to force the commodification of carbon, a multi-trillion dollar business and pretty much the only growth industry available to the psychopaths in government and the plutocracy. Make us pay to breathe. De Sade would be proud.

Make us pay to breathe. De Sade would be impressed.

Admit, cap and trade is the ideal globalist organizer. It is government control without borders or limits or even the fiction of democracy. There is zero balance of power. Government is the winner, big energy companies are winners. Why don’t the oil companies fight the climate change nonsense?  The science isn’t close to settled, we have had scandal after scandal of misuse and mis-management of climate data. At that level of fraud, especially since it has not had even the wisp of rigorous analysis, it should be thrown out.

These oil companies hedge years down the road. They know they can make more money trading carbon than supplying energy.

The fires will continue until we give up and allow them to sell us carbon credits in order to leave the house. Your washing machine will be turned off mid-use if you use too much energy as now happens in Switzerland.

As soon as we do that, all laws will be harmonized. There will be no national boundaries.  Global corporatist tribunals will be set up to sue local municipalities, so that they can move in and take anything they want. All nations will be forced to change policies within their country. There will be a Global Police force. Freedom of speech will end. Like the private army that broke up Canada’s truckers, there are unmarked globalist police guarding the Lahaina “dust fence” today.

Those new laws are already written. I’ve shown before that when countries signed onto Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, our environmental laws were harmonized under the United Nations, and from the signature, bureaucrats within the ministries concerned began rewriting regulation. When the Kyoto Treaty failed signature, Obama said hey, don’t try a treaty in Paris, I will take it from here. And he and his team built the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty TPP and TPIP. These are legally binding and you cannot change the provisions locally. They are predicated entirely on loss of sovereignty.


Maui is the heart center of the world, according to New Agers and occultists, the latter of which our glorious leaders follow, a fact that makes my fingers twitch for a nice bendy switch so I could take them out back behind the schoolhouse and smack their stupid, vain, bare bottoms until they stung. The death of children, the death of old folks shut in the town, not allowed to leave, was deliberate. You are meant to hurt, you are meant to be deeply moved by their loss. It’s part of the trauma.

Even the maudlin schtick of Oprah was orchestrated to rope in the Karens who still watch her bathetic self. I don’t know if her theatrics were conscious or whether she was responding to a planned stimulus. In any case, she is cabal, witting or not, shucking and jiving for her globalist massa.

And then there was a mysterious set of “lightning strikes” plunging down across a 2000 mile sweep of the Canadian north at the same time.  In Northern Quebec, fires started in a 270 degree arc, again at the same time, pulverizing the forest. The “winds” blew the smoke plume south to the eastern seaboard where all the beach town Karens could weep and moan about Climate Change while the chemicalized smoke tore their childrens’ lungs apart. What was in that smoke, asked one dissident ‘creator’ after another. Why was it yellow? Why did it stink? Why is there iridescent scum on my car? What is happening?

If they could do it in 1959…..

In Canada, an area the size of Georgia was burned to ash this summer. All those trees who use CO2 to breathe, which are CO2 sinks, created a massive plume of chemicalized smoke that blew all over the world.  It’s not climate change. It’s psychopathy.

This region is growing fast as people escape the toxic crime-ridden cities, so therefore it must be burned.

You Can’t Sit This One Out.

“We are a community that decided, given the last few years, that we just wanted to be left alone.” 

You want to live out in the bush and fend for yourselves? FORBIDDEN. So the cabal decided to burn out the town of Shuswap, as a warning to anyone else thinking of leaving their city prisons and striking out on their own.

This time, the residents were ready. “The first responders weren’t responding. They put spike belts on the road to keep people in, and then, in a confusion maneuver, they came in and told people to evacuate, they were going to let the place burn.

“We have no faith in government. That’s why we stayed and that’s why we still have our homes.

Same thing in Turtle Valley, not that far off. Locals were told to stand down, but they helped with the fires and saved their town.”

A 70 year old man sat on his roof for 10 hours with a garden hose, while his neighbors fled and lost everything.

Last summer the town of Lytton, B.C., was burnt to ash. The people in the Shuswap were aware of what happened in Lytton. They knew that the only thing not burnt in Paradise, California, was the green sward in the cemetery. All they needed to do was keep their houses wet.

They knew that the townsfolk in Lytton who let the government have their way can’t rebuild because “soil remediation and archeological assessments”. They lost their entire lives, their history, their culture, everything.

Expect that in Lahaina.

Those who stayed in the Shuswap know they will have to fight to stay. They are hunkering down. “All the media came calling, especially the CBC” (pronounced like a swear word). “We told them to lose our numbers.”

There are just so many questions. So many. But, of course, because these things are planned, carefully, meticulously, by psychopaths with no connection to the divine, they leave a pattern, and it is damned obvious. We have google earth and zoom earth and satellite images. And you know what else we have? Scientists, lots and lots of scientists.

Have you heard about the Disclosure Project? It is a massive, world-wide, loosely- organized group of scientists and retired (and not) military personnel who have decided to let the world know what they know. About everything. Everything. Aliens, Deep Underground Military Bases, sequestered technology that would produce free energy, health interventions that would prevent cancer, heart attacks, heal all the diseases of the aging body. The true history of the world and its civilizations. All that is being hidden.

“They can’t kill all of us”, goes their reasoning, so drip, drip, drip, out it is coming, on every media, at every level, except for the propaganda press which is so far behind on every ‘file’ as we used to call it at Time Mag, the papers are describing another world. Which consists entirely of Karens, their submissive male servants and terrorized children.

The “climate change”, the weird weather events are created. It is invented. It is typical on the right to count the number of hurricanes, tornadoes and ‘weather events’, and compare them to past years and find lo and behold that nothing has changed. I’m certain that the right is right about that, but I think, again, it is about an inch deep as far as analysis goes. The climate is behaving weirdly and the cabal is causing it. That’s why August’s psy-op was so over the top, why the burning was so insane. They want everyone to be afraid, to think omg we must curtail eating, traveling, shopping, growing, breeding and hunker down in 500 square foot matchboxes and watch Netflix. They have to confront reality and change it.

So that, if, in fact, there are not more extreme weather events than usual, it means that Gaia may be adjusting for the morons’ behaviour.  But how much longer can it do that?

Here is a quick primer. Next time, I am going to show you, in some detail, that our “leaders” have been changing the climate for decades, dumping mega-tons of chemicals on all lands, forests, lakes, and towns, picking up in spectacular fashion since Barack Obama loosened the restrictions on geo-engineering. The data, the permissions, the end runs around the law are complex, but I’ll attempt to describe how they are doing it and make it clear. There are literally thousands of organizations, towns, universities, institutes, private people funding up atmospheric weather modification.

You know all you have to do is to look at the sky, and if it is a nice blue, out come the planes and they are playing tick tack toe across the sky covering it in mist, and the weather actually changes. Jet engines haven’t produced plumes since WW2. Every trail is filled with aerosoled chemicals.

Aluminum particulates are found in every species now. Rainwater is laced with aluminium. Bees are so filled with aluminum they have Alzheimers. The forests are coated with aerozolized minerals and dying. That’s why the smoke smells of chemicals. They have laced the earth with toxicity.

This one - massive toxic geoengineering all over the world - I can prove in court. It is the worst crime imaginable, world-wide poisoning of our only home, our air, our pets, our animals, forests, fields and ranges. And it has culprits: universities, research institutes, libraries, city governments, private individuals, thousands of them have been logging their experiments. Every single one of them must be sued out of existence.

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