Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Unexpected End of Feminism - Vox Popoli

 Feminism never made any sense. It was another seductive, but destructive Jewish ideology that was more incoherent than communism, more bloodthirsty than nazism, and more histrionic than facism. Its eventual collapse was always inevitable. But it is a bit of a surprise that it is not collapsing under the weight of its own internal inconsistencies or its long-term consequences, but rather, the expanded application of Enlightenment natural rights to a new class of victims.

The campaign to cancel Natalie Bird began with an item of clothing.

She was standing in the sandwich queue when a woman marched over asking ‘Why are you wearing that T-shirt?’

The T-shirt in question had the words ‘Woman: Adult Human Female’ emblazoned across it. To some, an indisputable fact. To others, a red rag to a bull. Either way, it proved a provocative choice for a Liberal Democrat gathering.

‘I told the woman I was wearing it because I wanted debate,’ says Natalie, 45.

‘She asked me if I was an approved party candidate and I said yes, and she said: “Well, we’ll see about that.” ’

Days later, in December 2018, Natalie received a letter telling her she was banned from standing as an MP or holding party office for ten years.

Now it’s ordinary women like us who are being CANCELLED by the trans lobby! 

It would be amusing if it weren’t indicative of our society’s further descent into satanic degeneracy. As awful as the feminists are – and they are indeed devotees of of the very worst ideologies to ever be adopted by a group of human beings – they were just another domino that is now in the process of falling amid the ruins of Western civilization.

Defending feminism against the trans lobby might be the usual conservative response, but that is merely the acceptance of previously lost ground. Indeed, Western civilization cannot recover unless it rejects the very concept of Enlightment rights, going all the way back to freedom, free trade, free speech, and equality.