Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Rich Snobs vs. Poor Slobs, by Jim Goad - The Unz Review

In a 2015 article, John Derbyshire drew a distinction between “Goodwhites” and “Badwhites.” The “Goodwhites” were the well-meaning anti-racist white liberals, whereas the “Badwhites” were those who dared to differ with modern egalitarian orthodoxies.

Since everyone in Derb’s dichotomy was white and no mention was made of the often stark class differences among them — both Donald Trump and Alabama trailer-park dwellers could be “Badwhites” — the distinction was strictly drawn along ideological lines. Derbyshire called the Goodwhite/Badwhite schism a “Cold Civil War.”

For now, I’m going to ignore the Goodwhites. I see white liberalism as mostly a reaction to post-Second World War economic comfort in a country that was, until very recently, so overwhelmingly white that other differences came into sharper focus.

Now, with rampaging anti-whiteness, demographics tilting heavily against whites, and an economy that may collapse before I even finish pecking out this article, the conditions that allowed for Goodwhites to prosper are rapidly vanishing. White liberalism is an ephemeral phenomenon that will evaporate once the cushy conditions that allowed it to exist in the first place have vanished. Whether they like it or not, the white shitlibs will be forced to accept that they are stuck being white.

But there’s a different, if almost entirely unacknowledged, Cold Civil War brewing among the Badwhites — one I’ll characterize as “Rich Snobs v. Poor Slobs.”

The current elites openly mock poor whites, as do huge swaths of the current “dissident” movement. So “dissidents” are, consciously or not, walking in lockstep with the elites by trampling on “white trash.”

Politically active Rich White Snobs have spent decades holding their noses and distancing themselves from the optically undesirable Klansmen and skinheads and snaggle-toothed trailer-park dwellers. They act as openly disgusted at the very thought of poor whites, especially rural and Southern ones, as do rich urban Jews and white liberals. Why, it’s almost as if they’re unconsciously taking cues from the Goodwhites and Goodjews.

How much of the Rich White Snobs’ optics-obsessed shitting upon low-class whites is simple strategic marketing, and how much of it is class-based disdain that blinds them to the fact that the Poor White Slobs are their racial kinsmen?

Wikipedia’s “List of ethnic groups in the United States by household income” tallies 73 total ethnic groups. Although “Jews” are not listed as an ethnic group, “Appalachians” are — and, at #73, they fall at the absolute bottom of the list, behind even Haitians and Ethiopians.

And, just like the Goodwhites and Goodjews do, the White Snobs can only cackle at the White Slobs and say, “Haha, fuck you, you deserve it.” For the Goodwhites and Goodjews, it’s “You deserve it because you were too dumb to take advantage of your white privilege.” For the White Snobs, it’s “You deserve it because God made you inferior to me.” These oddball, modern-day, suited-up, Right-wing e-Christians openly despise “wagies” and “white trash losers” regardless of everything their purported savior allegedly said about helping the poor.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see this kind of snobbery toward their own kind in any other race. It’s something that happens only among white people. What happened to the idea of “no more brother wars”?

The snootiest black academic or richest black entertainer never looks down on black “crackheads.” Neither do I see super-powerful billionaire atheist Jews heaping scorn on destitute Orthodox Heebs living 20 to a cabin in some Eastern European shtetl. And yet blacks and Jews seem far more united than white people are. Funny how that works.

Can you name an elite movement currently in power that makes a habit of openly mocking poor blacks as “losers”? Can you point to one billionaire Manhattan Jew who displays seething revulsion for dirt-poor Orthodox Hasidic communities just northwest of Manhattan?

White-on-white snobbery is such an obvious divide-and-conquer tactic, I’m perplexed as to why so many people seem utterly blind to it.

For those who wonder why the white-identity “movement” seems to be crawling along as slowly as a brick of cheese through a lazy colon — if it’s moving at all — allow me to suggest that it’s because the Rich Snobs and the Poor Slobs have been unwittingly played against one another. The Powers That Be simply won’t allow white racists of all economic classes to unite, so it’s in their interests to stir resentment between them.



Or maybe you think it’s just a coincidence that the modern establishment Left and Right are hyper-focused on the “Culture War,” but hardly ever mention economics anymore?

So the question is: Do White Snobs care about white people, or only the rich ones? If it’s the latter, what do they think are the chances of their movement — which in demographic terms is the size of a shrunken head — ever reaching its goals? Who’s going to be welcome in their long-delayed ethnostate — all whites, or just ones they hand-pick? Do they ever pause to consider that they may end up like the spinster who was a choosy debutante but wound up bitterly alone?

Furthermore, why do the White Snobs even care about white demographic decline? They can easily jet off to some secluded enclave that won’t be stained by diversity for another generation or two. The ones who’ve always had to deal face-first with diversity’s downsides are the poor and working whites. They’re the ones whose jobs were shipped overseas while blacks and browns and yellows crowded their neighborhoods. The Poor Slobs have to deal with diversity in real life rather than in theory. For the Rich Snobs, is it nothing more than a mildly exciting video game? If they are genuinely concerned about white demographics, what’s to be gained by shitting upon a group that cranks out far more white children than they do?

I have always existed as sort of a racial/economic tragic mulatto. In 1991, in the opening editorial to the first issue of my self-published magazine ANSWER Me!, I described myself as “white trash with brains.” I recently reconnected with someone who grew up a few doors from me on the same block where I did, and he said, “You were always too smart for our working-class neighborhood.”

So I’ve always had one foot in each world, but nowhere to call home — too smart for my working-class neighborhood, yet too working-class in experience and temperament to mesh comfortably with academics or, for that matter, anyone who emerged from the middle class or higher.



In my 1997 book The Redneck Manifestowhich focused more on class than on race, I drew a sharp line between “White Trash” and “White Cash.” Back then, most anti-white slurs seemed to focus on “rednecks” and “hillbillies,” terms which were both racial and class-oriented.

Since then, the scope of relentless anti-white defamation has expanded to include all whites, but especially everyone who dares to be unapologetically white. First they came for the hillbillies, but even though the upper-crust whites are now also in the crosshairs, they still seem to think it’s prudent to shit on hillbillies just like everyone else does.

I spent the first part of my adulthood trying to prove to white Leftists that I came from a working-class neighborhood. Because they believed in universal white privilege and refused to concede that any white person could be “deprived” in any way, rich-kid white Leftists used to say it was impossible for me not to have grown up under comfy-cozy circumstances.

These days, I have rich-kid white Rightists saying that I’m low-class, undesirable genetic garbage for having grown up in a rough, working-class home.

What the rich Leftist Goodwhites and the rich Rightist White Snobs have in common is the condescending idea that if I still have to work hard to avoid poverty or homelessness — in other words, if I’m a Poor White Slob — it’s all my fault. One side blames white privilege and the other blames my genes, but I wind up getting blamed either way.

Regardless of their political orientation, you just can’t win with these sheltered white assholes.

Sure, the decisions one makes in life are important. What’s hardly ever discussed is that for most people, many decisions are made for them and are entirely out of their control.

Even people who actually have to work for a living, like I will probably have to do until the day I die, sometimes tend to get so immersed in philosophical abstractions about how hierarchy is sacred that they may overlook how thoroughly fucked most of us are for the rest of our lives due to economic decisions that were made without our consent.

If you’re going to be an elitist, at least be consistent about it. At least follow your elitism to its logical end. It’s tacky to worship hierarchy right up to the point where Jews and Asians come out on top, but then you start whining — just like you accuse the White Slobs of “whining” about the rich.

The problem with one-size-fits-all ideologues is that life is far too complex to reduce it to simple binaries. Sure, race and genetics account for a lot, but only a sheltered monomaniac would think they explain everything.

Being responsible is important, but it’s hard to pull yourself up by the bootstraps when the boot factory was offshored to the Philippines. It’s not all nature, and it’s not all nurture.

What I’ve been saying for decades now is that the aggressive “anti-racism” push they’ve been clobbering us with has very little to do with elites being racially tolerant and very much to do with globalizing the workforce and keeping workers distracted with Tower of Babel-level squabbles.

At least for the past few generations, “white privilege” has obviously been a lie, but being born into good economic circumstances gives you a tremendous advantage over those who weren’t.

There was a viral animated video a few years about “white privilege” that showed life as basically a long-distance track-and-field race where blacks started off far behind whites and were thus disadvantaged. The video was deservedly mocked, not only because it presumed “whiteness” is anything but a liability on the current playing field, but also since it presumed that whites are a monolith and that they all start the contest from the same point. But the fact remains that if you start out in life in a wealthy family with tremendous networks of support, you are ridiculously privileged compared to someone who had to scrape for everything they ever got.

This is something that “racist” whites need to talk about, especially if you actually want to form a broad-based “white identity” movement — or, in the long run, an ethnostate.

Sure, welfare can demoralize people. But so can trust funds. The most aimlessly fucked-up people I’ve ever known were taking some kind of handout, whether from the government or from their parents.

The White Snobs are hilariously blind to the specter of fey, spoiled, sheltered, digitally-raised, accelerationist midgets talking about how Poor White Slobs — rather than Rich White Slobs — wouldn’t have survived in primitive societies. Trust me: If things fall apart, it’s the White Snobs who will be picked clean to the bone before the lunch bell rings. The White Slobs will be swinging wooden clubs and cracking heads long after the Sun sets.

I’ve known far too many inept, effete, lazy, and flat-out dumb White Snobs for the eugenic argument to be foolproof. It’s not exactly an accomplishment to have had it easy. Not everyone comes to wealth through hard work and talent. Sometimes it’s acquired by treachery, and other times by pure luck.

White Snobs will admit that environment may negatively affect outcomes if you’re talking about degeneracy or single-parent households, but not if you’re born poor or at any point in your life find yourself with the bleak choice of either having to work at some soul-crushing job or being homeless. In that case, the blame lies squarely on your shitty genes, and you deserve everything that happens to you.

Either we’re all in this together, or we’re not.

Refusing to acknowledge that poor and working-class whites have been cannon fodder for the globalist diversity project is such a basic-bitch, libertarian, Chamber of Commerce Republican take, I’m surprised that such people can call themselves “dissidents” without vomiting blood.

What do you call people who blame a simple inborn lack of gumption for all the alienation, anomie, addiction, and suicide that has resulted from lower-class whites being fed for generations to the global meatgrinder like so many useless corpses to make Soylent Green crackers?

In the old days, they would have been called race traitors.