Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Arson Across the Globe! A for Profit Industry By Helena Glass

ARSON! It is everywhere.   It has been announced the Louisiana fires are all ARSON.   The fire in Russia was – Arson.   Who is hiring these people?   According to a 2019 declaration by the Brazilian police, the Amazon jungle arsonists were paid by World Wildlife Fund and Leo DiCaprio.   Teen arsonist in Oregon fined $36 million.   Illinois fires caused by arson finds Ryan Greene responsible.   Calabria fires in 2022 – 22 arsonists were arrested.   Former Bank VP admits to arson. California man set 11 fires in national forest.

Young people account for 55% of all arsons.   They are paid.   While organized arson has been a plague for centuries, Aristocrats hired the itinerant to spread terror.   According to a journal, Crime History & Societies; “During the English ‘Captain Swing’ protests of the 1830s it was rumoured that Irish itinerant working men were paid by wealthy Jews to commit arson. The adherents of ‘Captain Swing’ were at pains to emphasize that they did not cooperate with the fireraiser.”

80 Churches were burnt to the ground in Canada by arsonists who accused the church of killing children and burying them.   The accusation has been proven false. Not one body has been discovered.

How many fires have been ruled utility failure – only to have been ignited via arson?   Take down one pole with fire and the sparks will travel – FAST.   In Lahaina – fast meant 60 miles per hour!   Arson and Utility companies – NOT climate change.   Not dry weather and lightening.   But paid for organized terrorists.

In 1995, the Los Angeles Times gave a scorching story; “Arsonists are torching America’s national forests for profit, making money on everything from fire equipment leases to burned timber.”   The cost in 1995?   $757million on federal land alone.   By 2019, the cost had ballooned to $14.8 billion.   These costs do not even begin to account for the arson fires set by rioters.

The South Africa fire in Johannesburg that left 80 dead is being investigated as arson.   The apartment block that burned housed homeless who were squatting on the property.   What is known is that there was a blackout at the time, therefore blaming a downed electric utility is ruled out.

The Great Australian fire 2019-2020 was the largest ever recorded in Australia burning over 24.3 million hectares and destroying 9300 buildings.   Over 200 youth were arrested on suspected arson.   An estimated 1 billion koala bears were burned alive.   Millions more birds and reptiles died.   There remain concerns that koala and cockatoo wildlife will never be able to recover.

While the Lahaina fire is publicly declared to be caused by a downed utility pole, in the midst of the fire, residents claim their electricity was shut down – and then rebooted.   Governor Greene has stated he is looking into ways and means that the government can ‘purchase’ the land from the locals as a form of reparation.   But residents are skeptical it is simply a ruse for the developers drooling in the wings as Lahaina was prime property!

While solitary arsonists typically claim to have a hero complex, the new wave of arson is most certainly – organized and paid.   In 2000, Italy introduced legislation that would bar anyone from building on property recently burnt in order to combat arsonists looking to capitalize on their work.

But even more damning is the fact that Bill Gates most recent declaration is that we need to chop down forests and bury the trees to combat – carbon dioxide…   His recent contributions to Kodama Systems supports this effort.

Kodama Systems believes that we need to thin forests because they are overgrown. In December 2022, Gates gave Kodama $6.6 million to accelerate forest removal. The guise is that in so doing they will ‘save the planet’.  

A private company, Kodama’s president, CEO, and Board consist of two people;   Merritt Jenkins and Matthew Verminski.   In addition to Gates, their financing is thru: Alumni Ventures (Boston Consulting), Breakthrough Energy (Bill Gates), MCI Collective (MIT, US Army, US Navy, JP Morgan, etc…), Shorewind Capital (Boston Consulting Group), and Cal Fire (Governor Newsom).

Arson is considered a ‘profit industry’.   It is MONEY.   It is funded by our Military.   It is funded by Venture Capital firms.   It is funded by Bill Gates.

According to the Royal Canadian Police, and the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, the fires across Canada are considered – arson.   This season is Canada’s most destructive in history.   As of July 880 fires were burning over 25 million acres. In addition to the forest land, the fires are burning petroleum land.   Which would account for why they are so hot and furious.   “The remnants of a nuclear blast”.    Damaging lungs.

These are NOT normal. And they are NOT climate related.   These fires are purposeful and meant to destroy Canada’s oil industry.   An industry that supplies 3.8 million barrels of crude to the US DAILY – or 62% of all US Crude imports.   The impact will destroy our supply and enhance Russian Exports exponentially.   Which is why the West is determined to destroy Russia now.

Every act, every crime, every destruction, every chaos – are manmade creations for the purpose of making profit at the expense of the commoners.   The extent of evil that would necessitate this is beyond human.   Don’t be fooled.   Always – behind these manifestations is a profit motive.   Follow The Money.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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