Thursday, September 21, 2023

Two Choices, And We WILL Make The Wrong One in [Market-Ticker]

 This is an exponential graph.  It is not my data; it is official government data from the US Treasury.

If we do not stop this here and now the nation will be economically and you personally, along with your children, destroyed.

No, you will not manage to evade it while your neighbor gets screwed.  You will also get screwed.

Attempting to game this as we have in the past by, for example, letting in millions of unskilled, low-wage workers who then cost more than they produce in an attempt to "drive down" compensation not only won't work it has and will make the problem worse.  Ditto suppressing interest rates for house purchases, allowing the taking of unlimited loans without a care in the world whether the job someone gets as a result of having a degree will cover the cost, allowing medical and pharmaceutical firms to price-fix through collusion that has been illegal for more than a hundred years and more.  Permitting offshoring by putting environmental pollution "over there" and then behaving it doesn't exist, along with enabling literal and functional slavery in said nations must end right now with any firm that does that being subjected to tariffs sufficiently high to render that behavior uneconomic.

We have played this game for the last two decades and I've been reporting on it since 2007.

We either stop it now by whatever means we must use to force the government to do so or this nation will collapse -- including those who think they are "rich and powerful", both within and beyond the government today.

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