Sunday, October 29, 2023

Climate Change: A Philosophy of Science Based on Opinion - By Helena Glass

 “Can Dangerous Environmental Tipping Points Be Averted?”  ~   Short answer – NO.   Long answer – the media, the UN, the WEF have proclaimed that the end point has already been traversed multiple times – they just keep moving the goal posts.   Why?  The obvious answer is because the money going to the Green Fund needs a continuous flow in order to launder it back to politicians.  If they acknowledge we have reached the point of no return, why spend any more time, effort and money fixing a dead problem?

As of 12-31-22, the Green Fund was sitting on Assets of $11.7 Billion with total liabilities of $810 Million – the vast majority of which was a ‘new loan’.   Two outstanding figures on the Financial Statements include – Loans Receivable and Loans Payable.   Sitting on over $8 Billion in cash, it is curious the Green Fund would increase their borrowings by 90% over 2021, as in their ‘liability’.  Loans Receivable would indicate the fund is making ‘micro-loans’ instead of actually disbursing income – $11 billion is Assets/Cash.

Which of course, is the point – to raise contributions so that the fund becomes income generating via microloan interest rates exploiting the poor.   The Green Fund has many competitive friends including JP Morgan, George Soros, Citigroup, USAID, and Sequoia Capital who represent just a few of the investors who reap massive interest income rewards charging upwards of 100% per year.   The typical client?  Women.

What happens when a person cannot pay back the interest or the loan?   They lose their house, their land, their business, and often their – life.

The UN and World Bank are complicit.   The regional resources that are targeted are thus slowly transferred to the bank making the loans for pennies on the dollar.   Poverty is extended.   And local governments are given a piece of the profits to keep their mouths shut.

One such place is Barbados.  A colony of Britain, Barbados still operates slave trade.   The Green Fund and microlending are rife within this small island community.   Despite growing rage, King Charles’ response was to request a ‘study’ be done to assess the slavery on Barbados.  The Netherlands apologized and continued on unabated.   Typical farm employees earn $900 per month, 25% earn less than $600 per month.

The largest plantation land owner in Barbados is Richard Drax, a member of the British Parliament.   His family has been and continues to support the slave trade that has existed for over 200 years on his plantation.  While Drax failed to provide the required financials as a member of Parliament – it is estimated he is worth well over $150 million.


According to the UN University Institute For Environment and Human Security, 70% of groundwater is used for agriculture.   The plants that are the most water dependent are rice, soybeans, wheat, sugar, cotton and alfalfa.  Rice – they say – is a disaster for Africa due to the frequency of droughts. The drought friendly plants include peppers, chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, okra and rhubarb.  In Africa Sorghum is an abundant nutritious grain that is drought tolerant and is used for human consumption, animal feed, alcohol, and as a biofuel.  So why are they still growing rice?

The global cast for rice growing are China and India.  In fact, of the ten countries which are the producers of rice – Africa does not even factor in at all.  The myth.  China produces more than all countries combined with the elimination of India.  But the Green Fund, the UN, and the NOAA, don’t even mention China.   The countries producing the most soybeans?   Brazil and the US.   Soy is used extensively to make fake meats.  Other common ingredients include grains, beans and wheat – all of which require massive amounts of water.

In other words, the US and China are using the MOST water unsustainably than any other countries across the globe.  But the Green Fund goes to Africa…   Why?

Fast answer – because if Africa were to be able to develop its resources without western colonial interference – Africa would become a heavy weight industrial nation – competition. Therefore it is of paramount concern for the strategies implemented by the UN and Bill Gates to keep Africa in a forever state of abject poverty.  All while giving false information about the state of the Climate, the Globe, Food and Water.

Global Surface Temperature.

According to NOAA, between 1880 and 1940, the global surface temperature was negative – as in an ice age.  Between 1980 and present day, the surface temperature rose to 1.   1880 is used as the baseline because global surface temperatures were not taken and unknown prior to this year.   In fact, there was no ‘global’ baseline  because there was no ‘global measurement’, it was a singular measure taken either in Europe or the US.

The concept forces a false baseline and a false ‘global’ estimate.

The methodology of measuring sea temperature between 1880 and 1940 was accomplished via a sailor rowing out to sea, taking a bucket tied by a rope, collecting some water and measuring the temperature using a mercury thermometer.   Surface temperatures are taken at various stations around the globe, and their reliability is also suspect given the position of the stations is subject to ‘interpretation’.

As a result, raw data is ‘corrected’ to comply with the thought police of science …

In other words, surface and sea temperatures are unreliable today and worthless before, during and after upgrades in 1990.   The entire comparison methodology is false.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Greenhouse gas emissions are measured via a formula based on utilizing CO2 levels as the equivalent and multiplying that by the Global Warming Potential (GWP).   The global warming potential assigns a grade to gases such as nitrous oxide, methane, etc…  However, some countries use a different value system in creating their ‘estimates’  which are ignored in the final tally by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – created by the UN in 1988.   This GWP methodology was developed between 1995 and 1997 – when the world began…

The authors of these IPCC reports are aged from late 50’s to mid 80’s – well before Climate Change was offered in ANY university as a degree much less a program.   There is no true “expert on climate change”.

Making the entire methodology false and misleading.

The Climate Change Hoax for the advent of The Green Fund, was simply created as another $$$$$$$ Industry to launder money away from taxpayers to the governments.  It has no basis in reality and no basis in Science:   “The systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.”  

Climate Change is a philosophy – which is NOT a truth, but an opinion.