Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Fall of Civilizations = Money Lenders and Debt - By Helena Glass

NOT all economies are created equal.   Russia’s economy is stellar.  Their debt to GDP is the lowest in history.   Oil commands.  Saudi Arabia is sought for trade deals with Brazil – their economy expands and oil still commands.   This week, Saudi Riyadh  is hosting the Future Investment Initiative with thousands of global companies CEO’s attending.   The theme is to extend joint ventures and trade deals to expand their economy via “The New Compass”.   What is the US doing?   They are warring within Israel’s self-proclaimed WWIII dictator, warring with Ukraine against Russia despite having already LOST, and debating warring with China over Taiwan…just for funzies.

YEAH…  The West is destroying itself while the rest of the world is expanding via the “failed system – Capitalism”.

Except the west wasn’t a Capitalist society at all, it simply coined the phrase to mask the true nature of communism that has gripped every country within the jaws of The Epic Shark – Rothschild & Co.   Despite Brandon declaring that he has a New World Order, no one else seems onboard his choo-choo train.

Guess who will be attending the Riyadh Capitalist Venture?   JP Morgan’s Dimon, Goldman Sachs Solomon, Mike Pompeo, Steve Mnuchin and Jared Kuchner.   Following The Money.  A Bankers convention while the US Military loses yet another war and get’s bit by The Bear.   It is worth noting the Saudi relationship with Trump was stellar.   The Saudi relationship with Biden is a complete ‘snub’.   Another ally – down and out!   Blinken is cwying. – his legacy is FAILURE.

In sharp contrast to the aging west whose youth population is dwindling and birth rates are now below the 1.7 mark, Saudi Arabia’s population is marked by 50% under the age of 25 – free university education – free healthcare – zero income tax – a rising economy – and host to two holy sites;  Mecca and Medina.  

Early history reveals that several Jewish tribes inhabited Medina;  Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Qurayza, and Banu Nadir.   The Qurayza was notably the ‘tax collector’ for the Persian Shah.  They came from the Fall of the Roman Empire and were considered quite militaristic.  During the fifth century, the Jews lost control over Medina and simply became clients – of Arab tribes that dominated.   An oddity in the account of the Banu Qurayza’s and other Jewish tribes is that they may have simply been Arabs who ‘converted to judaism’.

The ancient land of Canaan included today’s Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, and parts of Syria and Lebanon.   In order for Biblical prophesy to take place, Israel must become the land of Canaan.

When the US, Dutch and Britain began weakening the Ottoman Empire through blocking trade routes, and creating a resource imbalance among the Turkmen, their economy began to spiral.  Knowing this was causing their demise they rose against their oppressors – WWI.   The West destroyed the Ottoman Empire, the 6 million Turkmen spread across the entire empire were given the land known today as Iran – a small portion migrated to northern Afghanistan.

Post WWI when the Allies redrew/apportioned the Ottoman’s land The Middle East as it is today was created.   The West installed their governors over these lands.   Over time, revolutions and revolts occurred wherein the West began to lose it’s control over The Middle East creating wars against;  Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, etc…

In most, if not all, justifications of war, resources and power have been the cause for centuries and millenniums.   If you control the land, you own the resources.   And if you control the money – you control the debt.   The Ottoman Empire had no debt until the European Empire brought war in the mid to late 19th century.   DEBT destroyed their economy.   Debt imposed by Europe.

The Empire dissolved amidst rampant – debt.   This same economic failure imposed by the money lenders and tax collectors has resulted in the need for a dissolution of The Western Empire – Debt.   Inflation hit 500% in the Ottoman Empire as they attempted to restrain spending and failed.   Today the West measures inflation in illusionary metrics designed to deceive the populace.   But the reality is the same failure that caused the Ottoman Empire to be destroyed by The West is why the West must now suffer the same defeat.   DEBT.

The Roman Empire treasury was empty by 60 BC.   It was mired in massive public and private – debt.   The ‘Populares’, or democrats, were all about entitlements and aggressive military foreign policy.    DEBT.

In 63 B.C., Pompey had carried out an extremely successful military campaign of shock and awe in the Middle East. His political settlement was a superb solution to the instability of the Middle East. But for three years, partisan gridlock in the Senate prevented the ratification of his program.

 Two “canny politicians” turned to a man who was widely regarded as a drunkard, a womanizer, and a man of no ambition whatsoever: Julius Caesar. They backed him to become consul for the year 59 B.C. because his solution was to become a Dictator.

The means?  Abolition of interest and the requirement that every citizen pay back the principle debt immediately.

By 64 AD Rome Burned, and The Fall of Rome became its Legacy of failure as Nero sought to destroy the city to hide the burden of debt he created.   Much like Israel.  Much like America.   Much like Europe.   Historically – debt has been the demise of civilizations.  Saudi debt is under 30% of GDP – Russia debt is under 30% of GDP – The West has reached upwards of 160% to 250%.   And Once Again – History Repeats Itself Over And Over Again.