Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Immigration of Color = Bankruptcy - Vox Popoli


It’s interesting to see a post from six years ago turned into a meme. But it’s even more interesting to see how no one who purports to be an economist ever bothers to apply the financial reality to their empty theories about immigration being “good for the economy” and the need for more skilled workers somehow justifying mass immigration.

The United States, South Africa, and Zimbabwe all provide copious historical information on the economic results of changing the demographics of the population. And the per capita lifetime budgetary impact makes it clear that even a relatively small demographic shift on the order of 10 percent can have a massive and lasting impact on the wealth of nations.

For example, the annual cost to White Americans to subsidize the population of Black Americans is $420.7 billion dollars and rising. As the white population falls as a percentage of the population, so does the ability of the various levels of government to continue providing that level of subsidy. And this doesn’t even begin to take into account the additional effect of declining average IQ levels.

The dirt is not magic.