Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Do White People Have Enough Intelligence to Survive? Paul Craig Roberts

 This is a valid question.

White ethnicities once had the confidence and self-belief to colonize the Americas, Africa, and parts of Asia. Today they accept colonization of themselves by their former colonial subjects.

White ethnic nations are disappearing. Within themselves massive, unassimilable third world immigrant-invaders are turning them into towers of babel. The disappearance of European nations is sped along by their loss of sovereignty to the European Union (EU). In place of Germany, France, Italy, and the other historic ethnicities, there is a European Union with one central bank and a common currency. The German mark, French franc, and Italian lira no longer exist and neither does the sovereignty of European countries over their monetary policy.

The white West has been turned against itself by decades of demonization by its own
intellectuals and college professors. Taught that they are racist colonialist exploiters of people of color, white ethnicities lack the confidence to defend their own borders. White confidence in the US suffers additionally from being taught that America is the country responsible for slavery and that the US Constitution is a racist document that protects white privilege. As the young are rebellious against the status quo, they are susceptible to these messages that destroy the confidence and self-belief of white Americans, many of whom have become advocates for the people of color who are displacing them.

The displacement is far advanced. Since the 1960s people of color in the US have had racial privileges that white people do not have to preferential treatment in university admissions, employment, and promotion. This is a violation of the 14th Amendment, but no attorney general or member of the judiciary has done anything to restore equality under the law.

American corporations with largely white executives and boards have publicly announced that it is their current policy to hire and promote blacks and not whites. The Pentagon has announced that promotions of whites are on hold due to its preference for black promotions. If corporations and the Pentagon announced that they were hiring and promoting by race that favored white people, the Department of Justice (sic) would bring lawsuits against them.

Effectively, White Americans now are second class citizens in a two-tiered legal system in which equality before the law no longer exists. The impact on white employment from racial discrimination against them is enormous. Bloomberg news reported last month that the S&P 100 corporations hired 300,000 employees, 94% of whom are blacks, and 6% are white.

According to Robert Stark writing in The Unz Review: “The least White S&P 100 Companies are: Qualcomm (30% White, 62% Asian), McDonald’s (31% White), Amazon (33% White) Nike (36%), Visa (36%), Meta (38%), NVidia (40%), Gilead (40%), Alphabet (45%), Apple (45%), Intel (45%), JP Morgan (46%), PayPal (46%), Costco (47%), AMD (47% White, 44% Asian), Target (48%), and Microsoft (48%). The majority population is white, but it receives a minority of the jobs and promotions and all of the racial demonization.

To put these numbers into perspective, according to the 2020 US Census, blacks or African-Americans comprise 13.6% of the US population. Asians comprise 6.3%. Hispanics comprise 19.1%.

In the face of massive, unconstitutional racial privileges for people of color, the myth of “white privilege” is imposed on us.

The Western World is finished for another reason. Its belief system has been destroyed. The West claims to be a democracy. But democracy is based on free speech, and Western governments are legislating and regulating against free speech, even criminalizing it as hate speech, misinformation, and domestic terrorism.

The FBI and Homeland Security regard statements by Trump and his supporters as potentially threats to the United States.

The British have passed a law to regulate what can be said online.

Glenn Greenwald reports that “in September, the EU adopted a new law called the Digital Services Act, one of the most repressive such laws anywhere in the West which vests EU officials with vast new powers to require social media platforms to censor political speech in accordance with their demands and allows them to impose massive fines – 6% of the overall revenue of these companies: not 6% of their profits, 6% of their overall revenue – for failure to censor whatever the EU decides is disinformation or hate speech or pro-Russian propaganda.”

Corporate executives support–even demand–the suppression of free speech.

The British government wants to arrest people for waving Palestinian flags.

It goes on and on.

A nation is defined by its belief system. If its belief system is destroyed, what remains of the nation? This unasked and unanswered question is why everywhere we look in the Western world we see creeping ruin and the displacement of white ethnicities.