Tuesday, October 3, 2023

One of the Few Remaining European Intellects Stands Up for Truth as the Guarantor of Liberty by Paul Craig Roberts

 Hanna Herland is a leading intellect of the Western world.  She is a defender of civilization and Christian morality and a stalwart opponent of the Satanic forces that are attacking our civilization.  In her new book, The Billionaire World ( )she explains the variety of assaults on Western civilization that are undermining the belief systems and cohesiveness of Western countries.   Among them are the concentration of wealth in a few hands, the weaponization of scholarship by Cultural Marxists, the transformation of education into indoctrination, a declining sense of duty and responsibility on the part of governments, and the erosion of Christian morality.

Wealth concentration brings information control.  Herland explains that the voices of people have been silenced by the enormous control exercised by monopolies and interlocking directorships of a handful of immensely rich entities. A few private investment corporations–Black Rock, State Street, and Vanguard–own the stocks and sit on the boards of most of the large corporations.  This puts tremendous power and control in a few hands. Even competing companies, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, are owned by the same parent company.

Six mega-corporations control more than 90% of the US media.  The extraordinary control by a handful over Western civilization permits the imposition of self-serving narratives which if challenged results in being fired from livelihood and cancelled.  The former feminist icon Naomi Wolf speaks of it happening to her:

We have witnessed since 2016 the efforts of the ruling elite through the Democrat Party, CIA, FBI, and media to cancel Donald Trump, the President of the United States, and by controlling the narrative to subject him to criminal prosecution.

The West’s acceptance of immigrant invasions has destroyed social cohesion, and American efforts to integrate blacks have reintroduced privilege into law.

In the US control over the narrative has been used to deracinate the white population and to create a two-tier legal system with racial privileges for blacks. White people, especially white families, have disappeared from corporate advertisements, leaving the impression that the US is a majority black country. This is an example of how “diversity” results in its opposite.

A large number of corporations and the Pentagon have announced that they are only hiring and promoting blacks. If a US corporation were to announce that it is only hiring and promoting white people, the Department of Justice would come down on them like a ton of bricks.  For a half century US universities, corporations and governments state, local, and federal  have given blacks preferential treatment in university admission, employment and promotion  in total violation of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.  Nothing has been done by Congress or the judiciary about this obvious violation of the Constitution, allegedly our ruling document.

Today we live in a world in which blacks are so privileged that only white people can be guilty of hate speech and hate crimes.  In the United States and most of Western Europe whites are guilty simply because they are white and thereby “aversive racists.” The ethnic basis of white countries is under attack and results in social dissolution.

Cultural Marxism weakened Western civilization’s social culture, morals and beliefs, leaving civilization less capable of resisting other challenges. Cultural Marxists used critical theory to weaponize scholarship for a march through the institutions. They took over the universities  undermining objectivity and destroying the confidence of Western peoples in their beliefs and values. It has gone so far that white museum curators describe their collections as exemplifying white racism.  It is the policy of Western governments to turn nation states into towers of babel in which there is no cultural unity.

That is where we stand today.  What can we do about it?  This is the question of our time.  When the aristocracy was destroyed, essentially by envy, so was the traditional focus by governments on duties and responsibilities.  Selfishness and self-interest and now Identity Politics took over the job of ruling. The social obligation and responsibility of ruling disappeared. In its place is the self-interest of a ruling elite without a sense of responsibility and duty.

In the Western universities truth has been politicized.  What is true depends on whether it serves the narratives.  If not, it is “misinformation” and is suppressed. Despite the emphasis on “diversity,” diversity in thought and ideas is disappearing.  Official narratives are imposed and enforced.  

Hanna Herland’s main message is that we have forgotten God.  The liberals have erased God.  Where does that leave us?

It leaves us without a moral compass. Without a moral compass we don’t know where we are.  In other words, we are morally lost.  How do we regain a moral footing?

The decline in civic virtues, morality, and discipline–which we experience all around us– always results in disorder and injustice. Indeed, as we watch the US Democrats throw away justice in their narrative-building attacks on President Trump, we are witnessing the final and complete collapse of Western civilization. Truth no longer matters.

In the place of a confident civilization, a great achievement in human history, we now have Sodom and Gomorrah and a Tower of Babel. 

Is Sodom and Gomorrah and a Tower of Babel worth defending against Russia, China and Iran? Hanna Herland doesn’t raise this question, but it is another question that we face. With the white ethnicities–the basis of the US and European nations–deracinated, what do these countries have to defend except the self-interests of their ruling elite?