Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Green Flag or Neoclown Bait? - Vox Popoli

 At this point, it’s looking fairly conclusive that the Hamas attacks were a Green Flag, which is to say that the Israeli intelligence and defence forces knew they were coming, but permitted them to happen, in order to justify an attack on Gaza that would trigger Hezbollah involvement and/or the sinking of the USS Ford that would serve as a justification for the US-Israeli war on Iran that has long been sought by the neoclowns.

This guy’s chronicle of known events, both historical and recent, have led him to conclude that the Hamas incursion was a Green Flag, and that the IDF spokesman was quite literally correct when he described it as Israel’s Pearl Harbor.

If the events of the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that when people get whipped into an emotional frenzy, critical thinking completely goes out the window.

People become highly suggestible and will rush to extremely dangerous conclusions without thinking about the consequences.

I think this is what we’re all witnessing with this situation in Israel.

I’m reminded of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

In both scenarios, the American government received intelligence in advance of the attacks, but chose not to prevent the attacks.


The American government was willing to sacrifice the lives of American citizens in order to advance its geopolitical goals.

Pearl Harbor gave the justification to enter WWII.

9/11 gave justification to invade the Middle East & drastically expand the American military industrial complex & our surveillance apparatus.

They were brutal & extremely traumatic events for the American public to witness. The emotional trauma caused people to get whipped into an emotional frenzy.

America wanted ONE THING in response to these attacks:

The blood of our enemies.

I see the same psyop playing out now.

However, given the fact that all of this is readily apparent to outsiders and amateurs like us, what are the chances that it was not obvious to the point of being predictable to the Chinese, Russian, and Iranian strategists as well? After all, I even suggested the possibility of the Sino-Russian+ alliance opening up a Middle Eastern front in order to further strain US military resources several months ago.

I thought that Iran or Syria would be the Second Front of World War III, prior to China opening Taiwan, Korea, or even the Philippines as the Third Front. But it appears Niger may have already claimed that honor. Still, the Middle East is already drawing more US troops and ships away from the Ukrainian Front.

One Russian observer believes there are wheels within wheels here, which is to say that the neoclown plan was not only anticipated, but is being utilized by its enemies:

The current conflict in Palestine is geopolitical, and reflects the consolidation of one of the world’s major Poles. It marks the second stage of the formation of the mutli-polar world, after Russia’s SMO in February 2022.

Many people tend to focus exclusively on Hamas, and the unfolding news of the situation – as if this is if this reflects the same temporal plane as the strategy being employed. Make no mistake. This is an unprecedented combined arms operation and nothing in the 21st century comes close to it in the history of the conflict… This was not some random lashing out by Hamas. All of this was planned, in full coordination with the Axis of Resistance – and we are not even close to witnessing its full scope and scale.

Every possible outcome was taken into consideration. Remember that everytime you hear Zionists talk about the ‘big plans’ the entity has in store to level Gaza.

They have done that many times, it never worked. Hamas has come out stronger than it ever has. And they also expect whatever the Zionist entity has in store.

Because this isn’t just Hamas. This is the entire Axis of Resistance, centered in Iran.

Iran is one of the world’s oldest, greatest, and most sophisticated civilizations. It is and has always been an organic civilizational Pole in the region. Before the modern era, the sole two powers of the region were the Ottomans and the Persian Safavids, who competed over it.

Behind this operation is the cunning, strategic genius, and eschatological materialism of the IRGC. And by the latter, I mean to say that they have combined what is a profound universal-regional spiritual vision with the pragmatism, realism, and earthiness of both modern technology and hyper-Clausewitzean irregular warfare techniques.

This war does not have a single location or even a single timeline. The scale at which it is occurring, is not immediately perceptible both in space AND time.

These are the tremors felt by the resurrection of some of the world’s most ancient, splendorous, and sublime empires. This is the special military operation of the Middle East civilizations.

Likewise this is not just about Israel. It is the New World Order’s last outpost in the region. Israel was the Ukraine of the Middle East – a vain, artificial fortress of Western modernity created to suppress the real (and long dormant) powers indigenous to the region.

This is a regional revolution that has the potential to culminate into a global war.

Russia has awakened ancient powers across the world. This is the end of Western ‘rules based order.’

Now, there is a little too much grandiose rhetoric there for me to take the guy very seriously. It’s just a little too close to predicting “the mother of all battles” or assuring everyone that the Ukrainian summer offensive would be “quite successful”. But there are certainly a few anomalies, a few subtle hints, that Hamas stuck its nose in the grinder in the full knowledge of the hellstorm doing so would likely inspire.

And it may be telling that Israel’s military response, although significant, has been on the distinctly circumspect side in comparison with the foam-flecked response of the mainstream media and the even more unhinged neoclowns openly calling for genocide and ethnic cleansing on social media.

Do you really want to go there, gentlemen? I mean, you’re not seriously that completely unself-conscious, are you?

The most effective response to the calls to “flatten Gaza” is a simple question: “with what?” With the artillery shells that were sent to Ukraine? Anyhow, as always, we can speculate until the cows come home, but only the unfolding of future events can potentially tell us what actually happened, why it happened, and who was responsible for it.

Simplicius fundamentally gets it.

Could this in fact be a coordinated and carefully timed three-pronged attack—the first leg of which would be Russia taking out Ukraine, then Iran taking out Israel, finishing off with the coup de grace of China taking out Taiwan? We’ll have to see how this conflict unfolds over the next week or two in order to truly judge if it’s some 5D Iranian master plan, or just a cheap ploy for Netanyahu to consolidate power and ink his legacy as the historic Israeli leader who crushed Hamas once and for all, clearing all his rotten misdeeds and corruption in one fell swoop.

UPDATE: It’s not official until it is denied and criminalized. Straight-up inversion from Israel’s Channel 13:

“There are Israelis who believe that members of the Shin Bet and the IDF helped Hamas to murder, kidnap and abuse our sons and daughters. Whoever publishes these slanderous words is collaborating with the enemy.”

UPDATE: Egypt confirms it warned Netanyahu about an attack coming out of Gaza.

Egyptian Intelligence Minister called Netanyahu ten days before Hamas attack and warned him of “something unusual, a terrible operation” that was about to take place from Gaza. Egyptians were “surprised by the indifference shown by Netanyahu”.