Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Gazans Break Out of World's Biggest Concentration Camp, by Kevin Barrett - The Unz Review

 Nonviolence didn't work, so they had to shoot their way out

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My preparations for this weekend’s False Flag Weekly News, with its tongue-in-cheek lead story suggesting that Wednesday’s emergency alert’s hidden message was “killer tranny Sarah Ashton-Cirillo is on the loose,” were shockingly interrupted by the Gaza concentration camp breakout. Suddenly, the emergency alert was real—and being sounded all over Israel.

As usual, Western morons blamed the victims. In a lame attempt at sick humor, American National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson condemned the attacks as “unprovoked.”

Apparently it isn’t a provocation to slaughter Palestinians, virtually all unarmed and posing no threat, many of them women and children, by the hundreds. In many cases, children are killed for sport by Israeli snipers who brag about it on social media and are never punished.

The Israeli government supports this sport shooting of children. Netanyahu-allied minister Ayelet Shaked memorably has called for Israel not only to exterminate all Palestinian children, whom she termed “little snakes,” but also to kill the mothers who give birth to them. IDF soldiers agree, and vaunt their agreement by proudly wearing “one shot two kills” T-shirts.

Before yesterday’s Gaza breakout, the ultra-extremist Israeli government had already killed more Palestinians than it did all of last year. Now it is on track to set an all-time record.

Apparently it also isn’t a provocation to repeatedly invade and desecrate the Islamic world’s oldest and greatest architectural monument, the al-Aqsa mosque, while constantly threatening to destroy it and build a blood sacrifice temple in its place. The desecrations and threats by lunatic settlers, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, have been escalating in recent months and weeks.

What About Nonviolence?

Even sane Westerners like Michael Hoffman who would never call Operation al-Aqsa Flood unprovoked often blubber: “But why don’t the Palestinians try nonviolence?” I emailed Michael back:

“They tried nonviolence. It was called the Great March of Return. Hundreds of nonviolent marchers were killed and thousands were deliberately maimed.

“If you want to get out of the Gaza concentration camp, you have to shoot your way out.”

Bulldozers help too.

“But…but…but nonviolence?”

In fact, millions of Palestinians have been trying nonviolence pretty much nonstop since 1917, when they were first invaded and occupied by the Anglo-Zionist Empire. Every day in Palestine there are nonviolent demonstrations, as well as information activism in the form of meetups, art and poetry production and exhibitions, and countless other creative efforts to get their message across. Palestinian universities are hotbeds of research, teach-ins, and outreach projects. It is all ignored by the Zionist-owned mainstream media, which pumps out nonstop pro-genocide propaganda. (For details, listen to my 2016 interview with Miko Peled and Mazin Qumsiyeh.)

The Multipolar World Has No Room for Israel

The unprecedented military success of Operation al-Aqsa Flood came on Vladimir Putin’s birthday. Like Putin’s Special Military Operation, it was a pre-emptive response to preparations for a massive attack. As Sam Husseini aptly observed:

…the chessboard was basically set for Israel to pummel the Palestinians. This was especially driven by the US government drive for “normalization” between Arab states with Israel — see recent news release I did for my day job. This and other things — Turkish president Erdoğan meeting Netanyahu for the first time recently — made it apparent that Israel was positioned to inflict massive violence against the Palestinians. I don’t know but suspect that Hamas came to the same conclusion and decided to strike first.

I doubt Hamas planned Operation al-Aqsa Flood as a birthday present for Putin, but the symbolism was apt. Putin is living proof that military resistance works: Even when you’re hugely outspent, outgunned, and above all out-propagandized by the Anglo-Zionist Empire, you can still kick them in the teeth—and ultimately defeat them.

Putin’s 2015 decision to use military power to save Syria from the Anglo-Zionists came at the behest of the great Iranian general and martyr Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani helped Putin understand that the neocon-captured Anglo-Zionists are non-agreement-capable, bent on global domination, and conversant in only one language: the language of force.

It’s no coincidence that Soleimani and his surviving team in Tehran are not only the arch-enemies of Zionism, but also the avant-garde in the march towards multipolarity. The two projects—dismantling the US-led unipolar order, and liberating Palestine—are inseparable.

The Zionist entity squatting in Palestine is only there due to the colossal financial and military support it extracts from Occupied Washington. In 1973, almost fifty years to the day before Operation al-Aqsa Flood, a similarly brilliant surprise attack, i.e. a “catastrophic Israeli intelligence failure,” would have erased the Entity from the map had it not been for Kissinger threatening to nuke the USSR while showering emergency military aid on Tel Aviv.

Today, as in 1973, “Israel” disappears as soon as the US taxpayer stops bleeding for it. And as the multipolar world progresses and the US dollar collapses, you can bet that American taxpayers are going to stop propping up the Zionists. (If Americans ever figure out who destroyed their country, they’ll do a lot worse than just cutting off the funds.)

Some argue that as US hegemony recedes, the Zionists will survive by making new friends, including Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Morocco, and emerging big powers like India and China. These analysts don’t seem to realize that the emerging world majority absolutely loathes Zionism and the extreme, genocidal version of Western colonialism it represents. Overwhelming majorities in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, and Morocco—the five Arab countries whose governments were pressured into “normalization”with the Zionist entity—oppose normalization, despise “Israel,” an are cheering wildly for the Palestinian resistance.

As for India and China, both countries were basically destroyed by the Anglo-Zionist bankster empire in its 19th century iteration. Both countries’ populations, especially the better-informed influentials, have no use for the banking dynasty that crushed their own countries before turning genocidally against the Palestinians. Most of China and India, and indeed the world, will not mourn the demise of the Western bankster empire and its genocidal spear-tip in Occupied Palestine. On the contrary, they will take every available opportunity to hasten that demise.

So the Zionists’ open war against the world’s nearly two billion Muslims, which is also a covert war against almost three billion Christians, is doomed. The tribe that traumatizes its children into believing the whole world hates them for no reason, then weaponizes that trauma to produce and excuse hateful behavior, is well on its way to reaping the inevitable consequences of its actions.