Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Deep State Orchestrated Storm Awaits Trump in Office - By Stephen Lendman

After the most unprecedented denigration of a presidential candidate in US history, the worst may be yet to come, beginning Friday with Trump’s inauguration as America’s 45th president.
Pro-Hillary dark forces call him illegitimate. Media scoundrels beat on him relentlessly. Whatever he does or says or doesn’t do or doesn’t say is criticized.
Nothing in memory resembles what’s gone on since mid-2015. The problem isn’t Trump. It’s America’s debauched system – fantasy democracy, not the real thing.
Leaders like Obama govern by the script handed them, doing the bidding of powerful dark forces running the country. Trump’s anti-establishment sounding rhetoric scares them, especially talk of getting along with Vladimir Putin – anathema in neocon infested Washington.
Days before his inauguration, a disgraceful Huffington Post article contemptuously headlined “Hillary Clinton is the Legitimate President,” saying:
“The evidence is clear. Hillary Clinton is the rightful president-elect, and courts must use the broad discretionary powers with which they are vested to enjoin an illegitimate president from taking office.”
Shocking stuff, here in America, not in some faraway tinpot dictatorship. The evidence is very clear. Trump won convincingly. Hillary lost whining, whimpering, simpering and groaning, believing it was her turn as a woman to claim the nation’s highest office.
Her defeat let humanity dodge a possible nuclear bullet. Huffpo saying US courts should intervene on her behalf is seditious or treasonous – despicably promoting coup d’etat action to prevent an elected US president from taking office.
Huffpo: “Every major intelligence agency in the country has reached the same conclusion: Russian hackers engaged in cyber attacks with the express purpose of helping Donald Trump win the election.”
“They operated at the directive of Russian President Vladimir Putin, apparently motivated by his hatred for Clinton.”
Fact: This is what passes for mainstream news and information – utter rubbish, knowing, or should know, not a shred of evidence suggests Russian-US election hacking.
The whole dirty story was fabricated – a disgraceful scheme to delegitimize Trump and prevent normalizing ties with Russia.
Promoting the notion of Hillary as America’s legitimate president is scandalous, stuff commonplace in banana republics or despotic monarchies.
It’ll likely continue after Trump enters office – instead of focusing solely on how he governs, judging him by what he does or doesn’t do for good or ill.
A rough ride awaits him. Fidel Castro’s advice to Hugo Chavez before his death applies to Trump, saying “(t)ake care what you eat, what they give you to eat. They inject you with I don’t know what.”
Watch your back is also sound advice, including carefully vetting security personnel assigned for protection.
Threatening dark forces make survival Trump’s top priority.
Reprinted with permission from SteveLendmanBlog.
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