Monday, January 30, 2017

Mentors need to be informed and then stand the flak that follows. - by CL

Judging by today's posts on this archive - it's clear that the war to reclaim the country by WeDaPeople is just starting. Why?

Think about it - the Left quietly worked for over 100 years to claim control of every major institution in the country, such as education, federal and state bureaucracies, major corporations, etc.etc.. (My website summarizes that quite well.)
Do you think they will just give up because Trump was elected?
If you believe that, you're living in a dream world - delusional.

The heavy lifting is just beginning!

Any mentor worth his salt will have to become informed first - and this archive is purposely designed to give you the ammo needed for that. In addition to the general categories - you can word search any subject and gather materiel which will take you hours to read and comprehend.

I can assure you that once you have a good handle on your subject, your confidence in handling it will soar. 

I have learned that fact over the last 10-12 years. Don't get into long winded arguments or dissertations to prove your point - direct them to your sources, many of which are right here. My experience shows that most of them won't read them - they don't want to burst their own bubbles. Make them do their own research - it's the only way they will learn - if ever.

Don't expect to change a lot of minds!

What - You say?

Yes! The main purpose here is to equip those already who lean our direction - but are ill equipped on their information.

I am both a mentor and being mentored continually by the input of authors who write what I read.

I can also tell you that I have changed my mind on a number of beliefs which I once held dear as fact or truth.
Challenging our own beliefs is mandatory - to prevent us becoming delusional.

Take the time and trouble to become strong minded - and you need to be well grounded in the things that matter. I don't know everything, but I dang sure can more than hold my own in things that are important to all of us. In sports, the better prepared team usually wins!

Get strong and give'em hell!