Thursday, January 26, 2017

Welcome to the Alt-Right - by Vox Day

Ace of Spades has begun the journey that ends with consciously, knowingly, willingly, joining us:
I no longer have any investment in any particular political values, save one: The rules created by the left will be applied to the left as equally and punitively as they have applied them to the right. And when they beg for mercy, I'll begin to reconsider. Or maybe not. Because fuck these people.
The journey of a thousand leagues begins with but a single step. And THAT is the first step into the Alt-Right.

From the 16 Points of the Alt-Right

3. The Alt Right is not a defensive attitude and rejects the concept of noble and principled defeat. It is a forward-thinking philosophy of offense, in every sense of that term. The Alt Right believes in victory through persistence and remaining in harmony with science, reality, cultural tradition, and the lessons of history.

I have to admit, I'm very much enjoying what has somehow become the ritual Alt-Right greeting of late.

"Are you tired of winning yet?"