Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump’s Wall Forces Mexican Corruptos To Come Clean -By Christopher Manion (And the American taxpayer pays for this!)

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is a puppet of the country’s deeply-embedded elites, known in Mexico as los Corruptos.
Last week they shoved him out on stage to broadcast a message to Mexican illegals in the United States.
The message was simple:
Yes, Trump’s simple promise to enforce existing U.S. law has sent the Corruptos into chaos.
True to form, Peña Nieto brays the elite’s century-old canard, fomenting hatred for the Gringos while his corrupt pals make off with billions and wink at their pliant American counterparts.
“Your poverty is their fault! It’s Americans who are your exploiters,” he assures illegals, “not Mexico’s thoroughly embedded criminal ruling class”
Enrique’s venal allies quickly chime in. Former president Vicente Fox screams “Hitler”; even the country’s terrorized Catholic bishops sing along (thanks to the Corruptos, Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world to be a Catholic priest).
Peña Nieto promises illegals that his foreign ministry will protect them, because they are still Mexicans. In fact, anyone with Mexican ancestors who is now located in the United States is always a Mexican – not an American.
This novel geography applies equally to newly-smuggled illegal aliens, anchor babies, Coyotes, resident drug lords, green-card-bearing gang leaders, or fifth-generation “Mexican-Americans.”
For the Corruptos, they are all Mexicans living in “Greater Mexico.” They will always be aliens in the United States.
So does Peña Nieto invite them to come home to the Mother Country?
Quite the contrary: “STAY IN THE U.S.! WE NEED YOUR MONEY!”
Throughout Mexico, millions of communities depend on the “remesas” (remittances) sent home every year from relatives, legal and illegal, in the U.S. Amounting to tens of billions of dollars a year, these funds are Mexico’s only welfare system; the government’s version is so riddled with corruption that it’s virtually nonexistent.
The Corruptos also tax the remittances as soon as they arrive: recipient families must pay off the police chief, the mayor, and the local gang leader(s) – or fear for their lives and their livelihood.
This is the foul sewer of graft that will collapse in ruins when Trump’s Wall goes up to stay.
Peña Nieto laments that illegals in the U.S. are “at risk,” but the truth is darker: they’ll really be at risk if they return home.
Wait – wouldn’t they be safer there?
No way, José. If ten to twenty million illegals return to their family homes south of the border, it could bring down the entire Corrupto cartel.
For generations, the Corruptos have driven northwards millions of their fellow citizens so Enrique and his pals won’t have to take care of them at home.
That’s why Catholic bishops on both sides of the border routinely refer to Mexicans heading north to cross the border as “desperate.”
And who made them desperate?
Not us. After all, they’ve never been here.
Enrique’s pals made them desperate.
The Corruptos oppressed and exploited them as a way of life – that’s why they had to leave!
Moreover, there are tens of millions more Mexicans right there in Mexico who are “at risk” – terrorized by the corrupt multi-party elites that are allied with the drug gangs, the crime-infested military, the murderous Coyotes, and bought-off local officials. All these tentacles of the Mexican Deep State live on bribes, terror, and fraud.
That’s how the Corruptos oppress the common man and drive him north, where welfare benefits, medical care, and education are real – and free, thanks not to the Corruptos, but the American taxpayer.
But wait, there’s more: Enrique saves his biggest whopper for last:
“Mexico doesn’t believe in walls,” he says, barely stifling a guffaw.
A lie? Of course. All of Enrique’s houses in Mexico are surrounded by walls, just like every other house throughout the country.
In fact, any Mexican residence without a wall topped with broken glass and razor wire will be ransacked and gutted within 24 hours.
What’s the bottom line after all the lies?
President Trump’s executive order will deport criminal illegals. America’s “sanctuary cities” will be safe again, but the Corruptos are not going to give them a homecoming party.
Moreover, many other Mexicans, once deprived of illegal work and generous freebies in the U.S., will return to Mexico by choice.
When they get there, they will take Peña Nieto at his word and demand that he “be there for them” as he promised he would.
The Corruptos will suddenly have to provide them with all the benefits that the U.S. taxpayer once paid for.
When that crisis comes to a crescendo ­– and it will– we can expect a popular movement in Mexico to arise, echoing Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. “Make Mexico Great Again” will replace “hagamos una cosa” (“let’s see, how big should my bribe be?”) that has been the Mexican elite’s national motto for far too long.
Trump’s Wall will not only save America from Mexico’s Corruptos, it will save Mexico as well, when it brings the Corruptos down.
By the way, Peña Nieto belongs to the Marxist “Institutional Revolutionary Party.”
Hey, Enrique – tell your pals: here comes the real revolution.
Christopher Manion [send him mail] a Catholic teacher and writer, is president of Manion Music, LLC, which produces copyrighted, royalty-free music collections for telecommunications media and commercial and hospitality sites that use background music or music-on-hold. He writes from the Shenandoah Valley, where he is a volunteer Spanish translator for local law enforcement.