Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More confusion about what the Alt-Right is, what it represents, who is in it, etc etc - by Vox Day

Politico appears to be more confused than anything about what the Alt-Right is, what it represents, who is in it, or even what it is called:
Known until recently as the “alt-right,” it is a dispersed movement that encompasses a range of right-wing figures who are mostly young, mostly addicted to provocation and mostly have made their names on the internet. On the less extreme end, they include economic nationalists and “Western chauvinists” like Yiannopoulos, who wants to purge Islam from the United States and Europe; the movement also encompasses overt white nationalists, committed fascists and proponents of a host of other ideologies that were thought to have died out in American politics not long after World War II. Over the course of Trump’s campaign, these ideas came back to life in chat rooms, on Twitter and on the fringes of the internet—driven by supporters united by their loathing of progressives and their feeling of alienation from the free market Republican Party as it defined itself before Trump’s takeover.

This “new right” is now enjoying something of a moment. It’s not clear whether the movement helped fuel Trump’s rise or just rode its coattails. But energized by his success, this loose confederacy of meme-generating internet trolls, provocateurs and self-appointed custodians of Trumpism has begun making plans to move into Washington’s corridors of power, or at least shoulder their way into the general vicinity. When they look at Washington—a besuited city that moves to the rhythm of lobbying and legislative calendars and carefully worded statements—they see an opportunity for total disruption, the kind of overthrow the movement already takes credit for visiting on American politics....

For a bunch of media-driven provocateurs, members of the new nationalist right can be highly particular about their interactions with the mainstream press. Longtime bloggers Vox Day and Steve Sailer agreed to answer questions for this story only in writing. Charles Johnson agreed to an interview on the condition that he would also record it, a tactic more commonly employed by prominent politicians. He also declined to be photographed, explaining that only one photographer is allowed to take his picture for publication....

Yiannopoulos said he still talks to Bannon, but he declined to say about what. He disavowed any interest in Washington past the inaugural festivities. “Everybody in politics is a cunt,” he said. “They’re boring, untalented, unattractive people.” The real fight, he thinks, is the culture war he’s waging on college campuses. Yiannopoulos said he will leave Washington after Trump’s inauguration weekend with no desire to return.

“I’m like Cincinnatus,” he said, comparing himself to the 5th century B.C. patrician who was appointed dictator of Rome to repel an invasion and promptly returned to civilian life after the crisis passed. “I want to go do this shit and go back to my fucking farm.”
Since the guy completely wasted my time, didn't bother to quote me once - although, admittedly, doing so would have risked puncturing his prefabricated narrative about the Alt-Right going to Washington - and neglected to mention the name of Mike's "Finnish publishing house", in this case I'll provide the full set of questions and answers. I don't care if they want to ignore me, that's fine. But if you repeatedly contact me, ask me questions, and then ignore my answers, well, don't be surprised when I ignore your future requests.

This reminds me of the sports media, and the way that they constantly complain that the athletes either don't talk to them or refuse to give them anything but canned answers. Who do they think taught them to do that? The media clearly doesn't like the fact that we won't talk to them on the phone, and it won't be long before they are complaining that we don't bother responding to their emails anymore. Well, you see, Mr. Journalist Reporter, since you're obviously not going to utilize any of the answers we're giving you, there simply isn't any reason to talk to you in the first place.

This is why Stefan Molyneux doesn't bother with them at all. I may need to further alter my media policy in imitation of his. Or perhaps I'll simply tell everyone who contacts me to go talk to Milo. All they really want is quotes from him anyhow, so we might as well cut right to the chase.

Hi Vox,

Can I interview you for Politico Magazine about your plans for the next four years?

I didn't respond to that. I shouldn't have bothered responding to the next one, obviously.

 Hi Vox,

Bumping this to the top of your inbox. Can we arrange an interview?

Certainly. However, please note that I only do written interviews. We can do as many rounds of follow-up as you require.

Do you expect your writing will gain more traction in Washington during the Trump administration than it has in recent years?

I would tend to think so. Considering that I publicly predicted both the 2008 financial crisis and the Trump presidency long before they happened, it would seem to make sense to pay attention to those commentators utilizing effective predictive models rather than those that have proven repeatedly false. Regardless of what people think about it, it is increasingly obvious that the Alt-Right is the only philosophical perspective that is in line with both current science and the present historical trends.

Have you been to DC since Election Day? Are you planning to spend more time in DC during the Trump administration ? (I’m not sure where you’re based)

No, I haven't been there in years. And I have no intention of going there in the future.

Do you or other intellectuals you’re in touch with have plans for building a lasting political movement?

I have absolutely no interest in building a political movement, ephemeral or lasting. I am solely interested in writing books, designing games, and understanding what is true to the greatest extent of my ability to recognize it. While some of the people with whom I am in touch are actively involved in politics, and I support their efforts, that's just not something in which I'm interested. My parents were involved in politics and that exposure was sufficient to dissuade me from it.

What was your parents' political involvement and how did it dissuade you from pursuing politics?

They were heavily involved in Minnesota politics and were both delegates at the 1988 RNC. My father also ran Pat Robertson's presidential campaign in Minnesota and was close with Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition.
What I saw in the inner circles of the Republican Party was that with a few principled exceptions, most of the establishment figures cared about nothing but influence and money. They viewed ideology as something to keep the rubes occupied.

That's why Donald Trump smoked the GOP establishment so badly. He listened to the people and embraced their causes. The professional Republicans had been tuning them out for at least 28 years.

Plans to set up think tanks or run candidates for office or set up other political infrastructure?

None at all.

Do you have thoughts or plans on how to gain wider acceptance for ideas that are currently treated as taboo?

Reality has a way of imposing itself on societal taboos. Identity politics are upon the USA whether we like them or not. Acceptance for the Alt-Right perspective will occur due to the continued failures of liberalism and conservatism alike, as it is already obvious to anyone who is paying attention that the idea of a shiny happy multicultural, multireligious America is a complete and utter failure. How much more failure has to happen before people reluctantly abandon their false philosophical models cannot be known, but we know that sooner or later, they will.

In other words, we don't have to do anything but continue to point out the obvious to everyone, and eventually, inevitably, the sane and stable elements of the America public will come to accept it.

Who else should I talk to for this article?

Mike Cernovich, Peter Turchin, Milo Yiannopoulos, the Men of the West blog.

Do you have contact info for Molyneux?

Yes, but he won't talk to you. He never talks to the media in any form.