Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Vox Popoli: Identity politics are here to stay

Identity politics are here to stay
And there is no place for white people in the Democratic Party:

Candidates aspiring to take over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee met Monday night to discuss what went wrong in 2016 and how to get the party back on track. Early into the event the candidates gravitated toward a particular scapegoat for the party’s poor showing in November: Political consultancies owned by white people.

“We have to stop, particularly with the consultants,” said the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison. “You cannot come to the DNC and get a contract and the only minority face you have is the person answering the phone.”

Minority consultants “need to get the same resources that the white consultants have gotten,” said a Fox News analyst and candidate for the chairmanship, Jehmu Greene. "The DNC did a piss poor, pathetic job" attracting minorities, she said.

Democrats must provide “training” that focuses in part on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,” urged the executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown, who is white.

The event’s moderator, MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid, asked the candidates how the party should handle the Black Lives Now movement.

The candidates uniformly emphasized that the party must embrace the activists unreservedly.... Asked whether they would agree to work with President Trump, the candidates agreed they would never do so, which drew some applause from the otherwise quiet crowd at George Washington University.

Translation: it's time to get those Trumpslide! 2020 shirts made.

One would think this means that there isn't any place for non-whites in the Republican Party, except that in the political sense, identity means who you want in government. And any rational non-white living in the USA should want white government, because that is what almost all of them - or at least their ancestors - came seeking in the first place.

The single biggest single mistake made by the Founding Fathers was this one: immigrants and their descendants should never have been permitted to vote. After all, no one forced them to immigrate to that particular society and they had nothing to do with creating the society they are seeking to join.

If the God-Emperor truly hopes to make America great again, stripping post-1965 immigrants of all voting rights, state, federal, and local, would be the best thing he could do short of sending them all back to their homelands. Why should people who are not Americans in any sense except paperwork be allowed any say at all in how American society is structured or how Americans live?