Saturday, January 28, 2017

An example on how a mentor can use this ARCHIVE - byCL

As I posted yesterday, this is NOT a news site. While much of what is posted is also topical to current events, the primary purpose is to provide a quick and focused source for insights and analysis that have already been written by a variety of authors. All items are fully credited and linked to the source.
Here is an example of how I use it almost on a daily basis:
I often comment via the DISQUS forum provided on many websites. Rather than spend a lot of time and type expounding on my own ‘brilliance’ – I prefer to provide evidence for my position from other well written sources.
In this item, the author wrote - "Conservatives were rightly disappointed after eight years of the Bush administration."

I quickly word searched ‘Conservative failure’ from my archive – then asked the question with a related link

Why has the Conservative political movement failed? - http://crushlimbraw.blogspot.c...

The evidence is thorough and historically devastating.

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