Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mentors must ALWAYS strive for PERSPECTIVE - especially on IMMIGRATION! - by CL

Yesterday, Steve McCann wrote a very thoughtful piece on American Thinker - 

Trump, Refugees and the American Left

You can read it here:

I wrote a comment emphasizing PERSPECTIVE. It is easy to get caught up in the human drama of refugees and not see the consequences of our misguided compassion:

As a beneficiary of the same Displaced Persons Act as you, Steve (which I fully disclose on my website) - I feel a certain kinship with your experience, but I feel that your compassion has clouded your perspective.
The DP Act of 1948 allowed 400,000 immigrants over 4 years - and we were vetted intensely in Germany - not at the American border. Keep in mind that this immigration within 4 years was infinitecimal compared to the immigrant INVASION since 1965 - 65 million - the largest invasion in all of human history! Besides, we were mostly Christians arriving in a Christian country. All of us needed sponsors who were responsible for our upkeep and welfare. Our green cards required us to report to the USPO annually every January. We claimed no rights to change America - we became assimilated into America!
Interestingly, even our Presbyterian retired couple who sponsored us introduced us to the local Lutheran church that we started to attend. In all aspects, since that time I and my entire family of kids and grandkids now are Americans - PERIOD!
Compare and contrast that with the 1965 Act - its sheer size is unassimilable!
History shows that this clash of cultures ALWAYS leads to WAR - ALWAYS!
Don't believe me? Read these articles - http://crushlimbraw.blogspot.c...
The ultimate irony in my life is that we escaped war - only to see our new country set up the conditions for a civil war - which in some form has already started. All driven by politics without vision!
Diversity + Proximity = WAR - always!

What does all of this mean for the average American? When we see the protesters (many professional and paid) appear at every airport screaming against the Trump executive order on immigration, the obvious intent is to convince us yokels to tell our leaders to stop this ill advised government action.
What are the consequences?
Yes, there is severe inconvenience for some people. So, should we cease and desist and return to what we consider situation normal - and not do anything, ever?
What would be the consequences of that?
As I have already illustrated from history - we or our children and grandchildren will be in a civil war. Also, when you combine the cost of welfare, education and health care for immigrants, immigrant criminal gangs - all paid for by US taxpayers - might it be logical, reasonable and common sense to stop this runaway train of immigration?
Here is the hard to accept truth - if we don't STOP ALL immigration NOW - we will pay in blood and treasure a much higher price than the inconvenience suffered by some people now!

(There are almost 300 article archived here on Immigration - and you can word search specifics for yourself.)