Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Neocon Cries Out… | The Z Blog

Neocon Youth League leader Noah Rothman unleashed a screed the other day, calling for war upon the people he describes as “outnumbered losers.” These are people the rest of us know as Americans. For the increasingly shrill and deranged neocon cult, anyone clinging to the outmoded concept of citizenship is a useless loser. The post itself was mostly boiler plate cosmopolitan globalism, but his tweet promoting it made it sound like he wanted to genocide the white population of America. Here’s the tweet.
(Link to website for tweet)
As Steve Sailer pointed out, this sounds like a call to marginalize the tens of millions of Americans that hold opinions Rothman does not like. It has that “through any means necessary” smell to it you see with radicalized crazies. When this was pointed out, Rothman did what these guys always do when they face resistance, which is play the victim card. It’s the same cry-bully act the cat ladies employ. They always start talking about the backlash, after they have aggressively applied the front lash.
As I pointed out the other day, these people are playing with fire. What a Rebecca Klein is doing is creating people with no choice but to become a guerrilla, at war with the system that dispossessed them. What Rothman is proposing to do is de-legitimize wide swaths of political opinion, and thereby exclude the people who favor those opinions. He’s proposing to make half the country enemies of the faith. That’s how you end up in a world of car bombs and targeted assassinations. That’s not a world for soft men like Rothman.
This is something I’ve noticed about all radicals. It is those in the greatest need of protection by the system, who are the most inclined to abuse the system, by turning it into an instrument of terror. Using the media to have political opponents driven from their positions is sort of thuggery we associate with autocrats. Internal exile, where someone is allowed to live in their community, but is shunned out of fear of association, was a feature of Russian totalitarianism. Authoritarians always enjoy the support of the weak.
In the case of the neocons, there is also what appears to be a genetic predisposition to duplicity. The whole project was kicked off by men who were dishonest even by the standards of communism. Run off by the Left, they connived their way into Buckley Conservatism, passing themselves off as a newfangled form of cosmopolitan conservative. Now that the Right has finally figured out it was a con, and they are in need of a new host, these people are retooling their scam as classical liberals.
Maybe it is just monkey see, monkey do, but there really does appear to be a level of coordination on this front. Ben Shapiro is fond of passing himself off as a classical liberal, all but claiming direct ancestry to the Founders. Jonah Goldberg likes wearing the beard of classical liberalism. As we saw when they infiltrated mainstream conservatism, the neocon project begins with subtly undermining and co-opting the host. They are now hard at work redefining classical liberalism to be multiculturalism with a tricorn hat.

Before anyone starts howling about antisemitism, liberal Jews in America have always been astonishingly honest in their political dealings. Bernie Sanders, for all is faults, is not trying to fool anyone about who he is and what he advocates. At the same time, Jews in paleo-conservatism have been the most strident in opposing the neocons. What we’re talking about is a weird Jewish sect with roots in the old Russian Empire. I’ll note that Noah Rothman was a Russian Studies major and often wakes to the sound of hoofbeats.
Paul Gottfried appears to be right that this eternal hostility to the host is a peculiar feature of some Eastern European Jews.This talk he gave at the Property and Freedom conference on the subject is worth the time. I would add that it appears that these people have developed an identity that is negative. It is based on having an eternal enemy against whom they wage a holy war. The Soviets filled that role for a long time. Then it was the Muslim radicals for a while and now it is the population of their host nation.
Another element of this is the suicidal instincts of the neocons. In many respects, they resemble the twelver cults, in that they believe they must live their lives in order to bring about then end times. You get the sense they are itching for a confrontation with Russia, because they are hoping for nuclear war. Similarly, the agitation and provocation we see in the Rothman column suggests they are trying to conjure an antisemitic backlash. In the absence of hoofbeats and shattering glass, they are without purpose and identity.
Lucky for them and for us, antisemitism has never been part of the American culture. In fact, most white people find it ugly and vulgar. That’s not likely to change, no matter how many people read Kevin McDonald’s books. Instead, contra Rothman, it is the neocons who are being overwhelmed and neutralized by a rising tide of demographic realism and economic nationalism. Cosmopolitan globalism has been tried and found wanting by the vast majority of Western men and is slowly being yanked out by the root.