Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Vox Popoli: The sustainability of nationalism

More from The Seneca Effect by Ugo Bardi.
Japan escaped the boom and bust cycles of many other pre-modern human civilizations and managed to create a stable and relatively prosperous society. Of course, that doesn't mean that Edo Japan was Paradise on Earth. It was a tightly regulated society where individual freedom and individual rights were unknown concepts. Social inequality was also very pronounced and political power was concentrated in the hands of a small number of wealthy landlords.

Still, we can learn a lot from ancient Japan on how to create a society that doesn't overexploit its resources and maintains the natural wealth of its territory. The Japanese interpretation of the concept of sustainability made it possible for them to develop a remarkably sophisticated society. The skills of the Japanese craftsmen are still legendary today, while Japan attained achievements in poetry and figurative art that are a cultural heritage of all humankind: from Hokusai's prints to Basho's sophisticated poetry. In comparison, it is truly heartbreaking to note how the cultural treasures that Ireland had produced during its long history were destroyed by the greed and the carelessness of the foreign rulers of Ireland.

So, how could the Japanese attain sustainability whereas Ireland couldn't? It is, of course, a complex question, but I can list here the main factors that differentiated Japan and Ireland during the ninetieth century.
  1. Japan had a strong national government. Ireland was governed by a different country.
  2. Japan had a well-developed commercial system and a national currency. Ireland had neither.
  3. Japan was isolated, practicing no commerce with other countries. Ireland was integrated with the British worldwide commercial system.
  4. Japan is a country of steep mountain ranges and low coastline. Ireland is mainly flat, with high coastlines.
What can we reasonably conclude from this in light of the current situation? Among other things, this: the neo-liberal world order, which increasingly depends upon globalization, international migration, and multiculturalism, is unsustainable, unstable, and intrinsically fragile. Nationalism is the solution, which is why both progressivism and conservatism are irrelevant and the Alt-Right is inevitable over time.

Christian nationalism is the one and only way to preserve Western civilization, as well as the many fruits of the West such as science, human liberty, and inside plumbing. You may not wish to accept that reality for one reason or another, but your excuses and your alternatives are rapidly vanishing.