Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vox Popoli: The roar of the toothless lion

I fail to see the point of Britain's posturing here, unless the neocons are going to try to get their Russian war in an indirect fashion:
Theresa May vowed to expel 23 Russian spies today as she laid out Britain's retaliation over the Salisbury nerve gas outrage. In the biggest diplomatic swipe for decades, the Prime Minister gave the 'undeclared intelligence agents' a week to leave the country and suspended 'all high level contact' with the country.

Mrs May also paved the way for a crackdown on Russian oligarch money in London and urged the international community to join sanctions.

As tensions with Moscow reached new lows, the premier also suggested that covert reprisals would be undertaken - in an apparent hint at cyber attacks.

Mrs May said she was determined that the package would 'fundamentally degrade Russian intelligence' capability in the UK.
Theresa May won't stand up to the European Union and she can't protect British girls from being raped and murdered by third-world invaders, but she's going to stand up to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Sure she is.

At least she's been able to defend the British Isles from Brittany Pettibone!

What a global embarrassment May has turned out to be. Even Red Jeremy wouldn't have been so haplessly incompetent.

UPDATE: Yes, that is what it is. The neocons know they can't get Trump to start a war with Russia over Ukraine or Syria, so they're using May to start it, then rely upon the NATO treaty to force the US to go to war with Russia.
May argued that the incident can be characterized as a state-directed chemical weapon attack that occurred on British territory -- in other words, an act of war. She mentioned invoking NATO Article 5 as a response to incident. NATO Article 5 -- also called The Three Musketeers Clause -- commits the alliance to defend an ally when its territory is attacked. 
Of course, the God-Emperor is far too canny to be manipulated in this obvious way. In fact, the situation may present a golden opportunity for him to tear up the NATO treaty altogether.