Sunday, March 11, 2018

Vox Popoli: A cuck's call for civility

Because civility is more important than winning. And as we all know, for the cuckservative, it's not whether you win or lose that truly matters, but whether you successfully managed to avoid being called racist:
Maintaining an even temperament and avoiding overstatement and invective can improve our political discourse.

On the right, online pugilists mock more mainstream or “establishment” conservatives as unwilling to do what it takes to win. They mock conservatives who refuse to make Trump-style attacks and decry Trump-style rhetoric as obsessed with “muh principles.” In the face of a ferocious Left, we just don’t have what it takes — or, as Milo Yiannopoulos said earlier this week in a long piece calling me “the most reliably frustrating person in conservative media,” we’re more prepared to “lose gracefully” than to “be seen as lacking in manners.”

First, let’s acknowledge that there’s more than a kernel of truth in these critiques. Civility isn’t always a virtue. There are times when injustice demands a dramatic response. The modern image of Jesus Christ as essentially the nicest person who ever lived is laughably one-dimensional. He compared the Pharisees to “whitewashed tombs.” Jesus cleansed the Temple “with a whip made out of cords.” He modeled grace and compassion. He also modeled righteous anger.

Moreover, it’s also true that calls for civility are often one-sided, manipulative, and made in bad faith. It turns out that each ideological tribe is often quite tolerant of the vicious voices on its own side and positively repulsed by anger in response. You see the double standard all the time. The same people who lament the angry voices on Fox News or talk radio will positively thrill to the latest Michael Moore documentary or make excuses for Democratic leaders who just can’t quite bring themselves to condemn Louis Farrakhan.

There is no improving our political discourse. We're currently in a cold intra-imperial war. Call an enemy an enemy, a traitor a traitor, and a cuck a cuck. Don't worry about civility or mainstream approval, concern yourself with speaking the truth, or at the very least, speaking in a corceptive manner that leads the listener to the truth.

David French is doing the opposite here. He is communicating in a deceptive manner. Because, while it is technically true that civility is not surrender, civility is one of the weapons used to help encourage and impose surrender on the right.

Everything the Left does is in bad faith. How could it not be, when they serve the Father of Lies? One absolutely must assume bad faith on their part in all circumstances, based on the evidence of their behavior over the last 100 years.