Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vox Popoli: Voxiversity 003 - Trade War: What is it good for?

The third Voxiversity video is now live! This is another short video, and one that conclusively disproves the oft-heard assertion that trade wars are always bad for the economy.
Episode Three: Trade War: What is it good for?
We will be following this up shortly with a bonus fourth episode thanks to CGTN graciously granting permission for me to upload an edited version of the appearance on Dialogue that is referenced here. If you are interested in supporting us making more of these videos, consider becoming a Voxiversity backer. Some initial comments:
  • Vox Day hits it out of the park again.
  • Awesome Video - they just keep getting better!! I will be sharing this with everyone. 
  • These just keep getting better, especially in terms of production quality. Happy to be a monthly Voxiversity support. Keep em coming!
  • The learning curve here is working far, far beyond any reasonable expectations. I know you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, but this video is absolutely fantastic. Your collaborator has figured out how to work around whatever deficiencies you may feel you have and is making your point for you marvelously. 
  • I am impressed how much these improved since the first one, primarily on the audio side. Good stuff.
You should find that a link to this will serve as an effective rebuttal to anyone who is running around shrieking about Smoot-Hawley, David Ricardo, and how Trump's tariffs are inevitably going to lead to a trade war that will lead to a second Great Depression.

I think this is my favorite comment so far: I almost feel sorry for the free traders...