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Did Coinbase CEO Just Launch the Anti-Woke Counterrevolution? - Revolver

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Woke capital is the dominant ideology of America’s corporate and media elites. Seemingly every major corporation in America has either actively embraced or paid obedient lip service to the left’s rhetoric supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa, including false narratives such as “systemic racism.” Neutrality is simply not an option, as evidenced by the mob’s favorite slogan “silence is violence.” That is why woke capital is furious about and terrified of Coinbase, a cryptocurrency tech startup whose CEO Brian Armstrong openly defied the woke totalitarianism corporate America has shoved down the throats of its employees and customers alike. 

Last week, Coinbase became the biggest news in tech, when Armstrong publicly announced that his company will stay out of politics, both in public and in the workplace:

Everyone is asking the question about how companies should engage in broader societal issues during these difficult times, while keeping their teams united and focused on the mission. Coinbase has had its own challenges here, including employee walkouts. I decided to share publicly how I’m addressing this in case it helps others navigate a path through these challenging times.

In short, I want Coinbase to be laser focused on achieving its mission, because I believe that this is the way that we can have the biggest impact on the world.

We won’t:

·         Debate causes or political candidates internally that are unrelated to work

·         Expect the company to represent our personal beliefs externally

·         Assume negative intent, or not have each other’s back

·         Take on activism outside of our core mission at work


For his defiance to the mob, Armstrong faces a barrage of hostile press coverage attempting to force him to take a knee just like everyone else.  Michael Bloomberg’s personal news division produced a ridiculous article on Coinbase’s “rattled” employees who “fear being muzzled.” Vice claimed that “Coinbase is showing workers with a conscience the door.” It then unintentionally honored Armstrong, by comparing his stand to one of President Trump’s best policy initiatives:

Armstrong describes worker actions against racial injustice as sowing division, and it’s hard not to see how this stance is in line with the Trump administration’s recent actions. For example, Trump’s  executive order banning federal contractors from carrying out racial sensitive training and attacks against historians like Howard Zinn and projects like the New York Times‘ 1619 project. Trump, too, described attention being paid to racial injustice as being “divisive.”

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave the most blunt response of all. He initially tweeted that Coinbase’s policy was an “abdication of leadership.” But two days later, he was more explicit. If Armstrong doesn’t change course, Costolo tweeted, he deserves to be executed:

Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary.

— dick costolo (@dickc) October 1, 2020

So far Armstrong has remained strong, and like Red Bull’s CEO who months ago bravely took a stand against corporate subservience to the “woke” terrorists, has refused to cave to the mob’s totalitarian demands.

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It’s obvious what is motivating Armstrong. For years, activists concentrated in dead-weight departments like HR and advertising have assimilated functional, profitable companies into the left’s totalitarian borg. They demand racial hiring quotas, corporate censorship, and the propagation of sickening transgender propaganda.

Armstrong saw that a revolution like this was coming to his own company. According to Coindesk, “Armstrong began to plan for the company’s new position after several Coinbase engineers closed their laptops one day over the summer after Armstrong wouldn’t say ‘black lives matter’ externally amid social unrest over police killings of unarmed black men and women.”

Armstrong decided he wouldn’t be threatened. He’d heard the maxim “get woke, go broke” and bravely decided to quash the revolution before it happened. He didn’t pledge support for Donald Trump. He didn’t rename his company Coinbased. He merely said his company would abstain from politics, both publicly and in the workplace. But in 2020, even this is a revolutionary act, and Armstrong knows it. On Wednesday, he sent a follow-up letter to employees announcing that if any weren’t up for keeping politics and work separate, he’d pay them to go away. Six months of severance pay, it turns out, is a small price to purge far-left extremists from one’s company.

It is no wonder then that Armstrong’s defiant stand has the press and woke capital in a panic. It’s obvious that the vast majority of people, and in particular the vast majority of productive workers, prefer Armstrong’s corporate vision. They want to work at a business, not a gulag. If Armstrong can thrive while vocally rejecting the left’s political demands, then other corporate leaders will be emboldened to do the same.

Armstrong’s actions and the support he’s received show that there are scores of very wealthy tech entrepreneurs who are just as fed up with BLM, riots, and the left’s woke nonsense as the rest of us. And this, of course, is what makes Armstrong’s act of defiance so dangerous to so much of our corrupt ruling class — what they fear more than anything is the emergence of a a true elite of young, hungry, talented patriots who are fed up with their nonsense. All you need is a few brave, talented men like Armstrong to form a critical mass capable of forming durable parallel institutions to supplant those that have been corroded and poisoned by our nation’s old, mediocre, and fragile ruling class.

Armstrong’s stand matters even more because of his company’s formidable role in the growing cryptocurrency industry. From the beginning, cryptocurrency has been popular with patriotic anti-establishment communities because it provides a decentralized alternative to monopolistic financial institutions controlled by globalists.

Revolver will continue to follow this case with great interest, and we wish Armstrong and Coinbase all the best for doing the right thing — may courage beget courage, and let Armstrong’s brave act of defiance set off a chain reaction that will terrify and demoralize our enemies, and pave the way for a braver, more patriotic elite that is worthy of this great nation.

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