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Red Pill Expo: Liberty Lovers Learn About the Tyrannical Global Agenda and What To Do About It - By Ginny Garner

More than 500 liberty-loving individuals participated in the Red Pill Expo on Jekyll Island, Georgia on October 10-11. These free-thinkers analyze world events from the perspective of the less than 1% global elites ruling 99% of the planet’s people. They understand the corporate/government aligned mainstream media such as MSNBC or Fox News divide and conquer by keeping viewers locked in the left-right or Democrat-Republican Party paradigm. Those who trust the MSM don’t question why Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris are all pushing vaccines, masks, tests, social distancing, and contact tracing and remaining silent about the emerging tyrannical technocratic agenda.

Expo participants had either read “The Creature of Jekyll Island” by event chairman G. Edward Griffin, or will soon likely read it as parents brought their children and others invited their friends. The book explains the creation of the privately-owned Federal Reserve which creates fiat money out of nothing, distributes these funds for the benefit of the insiders, while Americans pay the central bank interest on the issuance of the currency. Plans to create the Fed were secretly hatched by private bankers and a US Senator on Jekyll Island in 1910.

For the uninitiated, red pill refers to the film The Matrix, which depicted a generated reality controlled by malicious machines. Morpheus, leader of the freed humans, gives Neo, a computer programmer stuck in the Matrix, the choice of taking the red pill to see the truth about the nature of his reality or the blue pill which would return him to his life in a simulated reality.G. Edward GriffinBest Price: $10.58Buy New $19.49(as of 05:45 EST - Details)

Expo topics covered the coming inevitable banking system collapse; the end of cash and emergence of the digital dollar; the global tyrannical technocracy unfolding under the guise of Covid; what Covid19 is; the Covid19 response fallout; strategies to fight the agenda to lockdown, mask, track, trace, and vaccinate the planet’s people; and actions to become more self-sufficient in these dystopian times.

Griffin on his topic Who Are THEY?: Sun Tzu said you must always know your yourself and your opponent or you will be defeated in every battle, and we are facing a battle for our liberty, our way of life, and everything of value to us. Griffin didn’t know when he was growing up that the battle was already raging. “I was told we were fighting wars to keep the world safe for democracy.” He considered himself to be a right winger and he was concerned about mass murdering communists. “We were slowly changing our (American) system to the very things we call left and we had to give up our freedom because we were fighting totalitarianism.” He kept studying and realized the left-right paradigm was meaningless: collectivists were the threat. “Collectivism says the group is more important for the greater good. The founding fathers created a Constitution based on the principles of individualism. The purpose of the state was to protect the life, liberty and rights of the individual and the Declaration of Independence said so, A lot of conservatives are collectivists: instead of running they go more slowly. He cited the Club of Rome, the Fabian Society and the Davos Group which decided to save the planet the only hope is to collapse industrialized nations. “Why is it that leaders all over world are participating in acts that are destructive? They are trying to smash (the world) to bits so they can mold it to their heart’s desire – collectivism. Destruction is the goal, to force people on their knees begging for help, accepting anything so they can just survive. Our job is to teach and make people aware. We’re all in the same boat. We must change the thinking of common people.”

Investigative reporter and Vaxxed documentary producer Del Bigtree – We Are Winning the War on Forced Vaccinations. His internet program The High Wire features doctors, scientists and peer review medical journal articles that challenge the official Covid narrative. He said Aldous Huxley predicted a world where we would all be drugged to accept a world that is unacceptable. Big Pharma is outspending the oil and gas lobby and buying twice as many politicians. “Most medical school curriculums teach a half day on vaccines and your pediatrician doesn’t know about vaccines. We are in a unique position in human history where we have shifted the population to vaccine-induced immunity on the great assumption of voluntary compliance.” Vaccines to treat coronaviruses have been attempted for the last 20 years and the trials have killed the animals. The ventilators in New York were “guillotines” killing nearly 100% of those put on them. “We knew Covid only affects people over 65 with morbidities so we took the match and placed it into the one dry patch. 650,000 die every year from heart disease, and what are we calling them now? Covid19. We are watching the dollar disappear and electronic currencies are taking over. We must make sure this Great Reset sets us back to the natural world and not computer simulations of ourselves. China is back to work and is taking over the world and we are at a pit stop while they are running around the track.” He sees this as an agenda of tracing, tracking and surveilling humanity with the vaccine – the perfect sterilization tool – as one step that will destroy a lot of people’s lives with the global elites wanting to harmonize the world with it. Bigtree urged people to stand up, noting the massive protests in Berlin, the UK, Austin and elsewhere. He showed a video of peaceful protesters being arrested by police. “They are freedom fighters. Are we going to let our brothers and sisters fight alone? In Australia are you going to be locked in your house, not allowed to go a ½ mile beyond your house?” Scientists around the world are joining the cause. “Let’s catch this cold to save our world and freedom.” His Informed Consent Action Network is successfully suing government agencies and opposing mandatory vaccines. “Big Pharma is making mistakes. There is an army growing to fight them.”Griffin, G. EdwardBest Price: $61.96Buy New $89.95(as of 05:09 EDT - Details)

Stewart Rhodes – The Purpose and Promise of Oath Keepers, an association of current and former military, police and first responders who pledge to fulfill the oath they have taken to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath, in Article VI, is to the Constitution, not to politicians. Oath Keepers declare they will not obey unconstitutional orders such as disarming Americans, conducting warrantless searchs or detaining Americans as enemy combatants in violation of their right to a jury trial. “If someone does something that is not constitutional but is under color of law, they are doing something they are not authorized to do, whether it is the judicial or legislative branch,” said Rhodes. “Madison and Jefferson told us this in the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions. All these governors today acting like dictators – this is false under color of law and illegitimate.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman – How the Pandemic Fraud is Deeper Than You Think. He said the Covid19 virus has never been isolated and has not met Koch’s Postulates. “People are getting sick but they have always gotten sick. If we take an illness like flu or pneumonia and re-label it, it appears there is a new illness. It is important to look at the overall statistics and there has been no excess mortality compared with previous years. At the end of March, the WHO announced a pandemic and, lockstep around the world, countries enacted identical policies. Sovereign nations have different approaches but this time their reaction was coordinated based on what happened in China.” Hospitals were closed for anyone not sick with Covid. People with chest pain or diabetics did not have access and many died. Medics were instructed to do less CPR throughout hospitals and nursing homes. Acutely ill elderly people were taken out of hospitals and put in nursing homes where they died. Hospitals stopped giving patients oxygen and put them on ventilators causing lung injury and 88% of them died. Fear, lack of sunlight, overdoses and suicide were responsible for excess death. He’s had hit pieces: “I expect scrutiny because I am speaking against the narrative and you are starting to listen. That is threatening to the powers that be, but we need to keep going.” Asked whether Harvard and other prestigious centers of epidemiology are promoting a hoax, Kaufman answered, “Yes. Some scientists are well meaning but the people at the top clearly know” (they are committing fraud) and “there will be evidence coming out in the near future.” He believes in the terrain theory: an individual’s internal health and its ability to maintain homeostasis in the face of unfriendly organisms is the determining factor and a diseased body will attract germs as scavengers of the weakened body. “None of us should worry about wearing masks. You know about healthy probiotics and the microbiome. These microorganisms in our body that outnumber our cells are crucial for us to survive. Our body is a complicated culture to maintain health and vitality. Once we understand that, there is nothing to fear. We can make good choices how we treat our bodies. We can recover from any health condition that exists.”

Researcher and author David Icke said the trick of the ruling elites imposing their agenda on the world is that they have manipulated many to believe they have power. “You never see the inner core who is driving the (global economic and financial) reset and climate change hoaxes,” he said. “If we acquiesce, we complete the circuit that has allowed the few at the top to impose their will on the global population. We have seen it with extraordinary clarity in 2020, putting billions under house arrest. We are witnessing the step by step subjugation, incrementally leading humanity where we have the intellectual ability to build our own prison and transform the nature of the body but not the wisdom to see this is what they are doing.” He described three perceptual states: 1) the majority who believe what authority tells them because authority has told them 2) those who sense something is not right but fear the consequences of ceasing to cooperate with authority and 3) those who understand what is going on and are not complying. It’s carefully planned and all about the conscious mind. “The reason for the mask is psychological. They want to delete our self-respect where only submission remains. We are being asked to do things that make no sense. People with minds and backbones of steel will not allow their unique self to be dismantled by the psychopaths behind this. I am optimistic about where we are going with the refusal to be psychologically unraveled. When enough people do this, enslavement ends. History has shown this so many times.” Icke believes the Bill Gates vaccine was “ready before this scam began,” contains a sterilization agent, and will create a synthetic biological entity which will not procreate but will be created in a lab as Huxley wrote in Brave New World. “I’ve been tracking plummeting sperm counts caused by chemicals in everyday life which are genetically suppressing testosterone.” This is the transhumanist movement where AI becomes the human mind and humans are changed from a biological entity to a computer on a smart grid. The new human would be a fusion with no gender (this is the real agenda behind the LGBTQ movement). “This is why men are being targeted and you are going to see women increasingly targeted. Children are being targeted with social distancing and masks which destroy self-identity. Our challenge is to break this hold on information. There has to be massive change in perception. Don’t get your sense of identity from MSNBC or Fox News. This is the revolution that is going to bring these psychopaths down.”Sutton, Antony C.Best Price: $14.25Buy New $14.00(as of 05:09 EDT - Details)

Homeopath Kerri Rivera – How I Helped 1,500 Children (including her son) Recover from Autism with chlorine dioxide. Her eBook is “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.” She said the media falsely claims chlorine dioxide is industrial grade bleach or sodium hydrochloride and the censorship has been non-stop. “I will never stop telling the truth but Big Pharma does not want you to know. Autism has been engaged for population reduction. By 2032, one in two children born will have autism; they will not be reproducing nor working.” We are witnessing an “undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class and the future of humanity hangs in the balance. The 1% is trying to separate us based on gender, race, and religion. We are the 99% and can change the course humanity is on.”

Alex Newman – Infected Money is Bunk: A Cashless Society is the Goal: Covid engineered the coin shortage where retailers worldwide stopped accepting cash. Cash guarantees privacy and liberty to keep banks and credit card companies from having the power to approve your transactions. China’s pilot of digital currency electronic payments is being replicated all over the world. “They are telling us there is a plan and it will have profound implications on small businesses.” The stimulus bills passed by Congress included provisions creating digital dollars. “They are borrowing trillions under the guise of the economic disaster they are putting us under. They were going to give you stimulus money, digital ledger entries to deposit your dollars, creating a direct relationship with the Fed. Eventually they will phase out cash.” Sixty million have applied for unemployment in the US and 163,735 small businesses have closed, 100,000 permanently. “They are preparing us for economic calamity.” Abortions and liquor sales are up, Amazon stock has doubled and Walmart stock is up 50%. Wage paying middle class jobs will be replaced with a Universal Basic Income. The next phase in Sweden is testing credit card chips inserted into hands to make payments and California is sure to follow. Microsoft has filed patent WO2020060606 which connects body activity to cryptocurrency. “From March to August the dollar lost 10% of its purchasing power. The Fed is flooding the world with dollars, stuffing its cronies’ coffers with trillions created in recent months. This is unprecedented. After they destroy the dollar the goal is to create a one world currency and you will see a global tyranny like you’ve never seen before.” How to resist? Use cash as much as you can, cut up credit cards, join Red Pill University to protect children from brainwashing, work to end the Fed, contact elected officials, and run for office.

Mikki Willis – Why I Produced Plandemic, the Internet’s Most Viewed Film. He also produced Plandemic II: Indoctornation which tracks a three decade-long money trail leading to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. Willis explained his journey from being a darling of the left believing libertarians and Republicans were racist, evil and didn’t care. He documented Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Realizing the socialist candidate had never said anything good about America, Willis wondered how Sanders could lead the country. The left is “convinced we are dangerous because we stand for freedom.” When the media demonized the Covington Catholic students he watched the video and realized the kids never said, “Build a wall.” He saw well behaved boys wearing MAGA hats, surrounded by adults banging drums in their faces. “The entire media was willing to take these kids down,” Willis said. “As a father of two boys I could not believe this.” He produced the video that won the lawsuit for Nick Sandmann against CNN and is now working on a video about Kyle Rittenhouse. “This is no time to be silent. It is about truth. I will not see a 17-year-old kid who went to help protestors targeted just like the Covington kids.” Much of the disconnection in health care started when John D. Rockefeller flipped the script when he discovered money could be made making medicine from petroleum. Holistic doctors began to be called quacks. Medicine is now the 3rd killer of humans. Regarding the Covid response, the whole game is dependency, denying the importance of your God-given immune system that needs sun, food, and clean water. The opposite is lockdown, social distancing, masks and bringing people financially to their knees. Willis envisions innovations the same way an architect builds a blueprint. “Our inventions are our way to see into our future.” His next projects are going after the puppet masters within the context of stopping the indoctrination of children and creating a portal with curated truthtellers to drive traffic to their sites. “We have a right to protect ourselves and we are winning this fight.”Sutton, Antony C.Best Price: $13.40Buy New $14.32(as of 04:32 EDT - Details)

Investigative reporter Jon Rappaport – The Cult of Covid is Based on Lies and Blind Faith, cited a CDC document admitting the Covid19 virus was never isolated. “No large-scale coherent study was conducted to identify the virus” nor was electro magnoscopy done in the traditional way. The failed Imperial College of London computer model estimated 500,000 would die in UK and 2.2 million in the US. Listening to Fauci and Deborah Birx “Trump bought the farm.” No one in the White House checked out Neil Ferguson nor did due diligence to estimate the economic costs of a long-term lockdown. “Another level of fakery was Covid deaths. Elderly people who died were suffering from illnesses of long duration, on highly toxic medical drugs, teetering on medical collapse living in long care facilities. When they did receive a diagnosis, they were cut off and quarantined from friends and family, their lives ended with forced premature death. If the deaths of those with just Covid were separated from the deaths of those with pre-existing co-morbidities, it would be just another flu season.” The CDC admitted only 6% of deaths resulted solely from Covid. “The whole idea was to sell a story about a pandemic. All the pre-planning table top exercises and drills were to weld together a network of wall to wall messaging so when the announcement was made there would be a flood of media 24/7, censoring alternative views. It’s a classic covert op; the virus is the cover story to hypnotize one and all. The economic wreckage is being leveraged by globalists to take us into a technocratic brave new world with energy quotas for all humans and total dependence upon government. This is not the classic Leninist communist takeover by force because the planners knew that would not fly in western countries; they needed something more covert. The story has been utilized as a cover for many government and corporate crimes. Since 1951 the CDC’s elite Epidemic Intelligence Service has trained more than 3,000 medical professionals who graduate to become surgeons, scientists and editors of medical journals. They protect labs because they do not want independent observers with cameras watching the steps by which they are discovering new viruses. A large coherent study carefully monitored and recorded by independent experts is needed to watch every step of the operation. The technocratic future is top down control of every element of human life based on the Chinese system. By 2030 the Chinese plan is to surveil every inch of China indoors and outdoors, the interior of bodies with sensors and predict future behavior to know if an individual is going to cause political dissension. The Chinese government has funded institutes and corporations to develop this AI surveillance capability for the entire country. This is the model globalists favor for all humanity.”

Real estate investor and entrepreneur George Gammon – The Great Reset to Servitude: His video on the World Economic Forum’s agenda went viral and the BBC used it as an example of internet misinformation. The agenda’s objective is achieving equitable outcomes, a key Marxist concept, rather than equal opportunity. “If they achieve their agenda we will have inflation and destruction of the economy. We are headed toward negative interest rates. The banking system functions by finding productive loans and entrepreneurs to create goods and services at cheaper prices. They take money, borrow short term at a lower interest rate, lend out long term at 3% and pocket the spread. How do we grow the economy if there is no lending in an economy that is 70% consumption? You don’t. They are destroying the retail banking system.” The US government is expected to add $5 trillion in debt this year, as much debt as in its first 220 years. There is an inverse relationship between interest rates and prices and the Fed must suppress interest rates and create excessive demand by buying Treasuries. The Fed is buying US Treasuries but who will buy a 30-year Treasury when they are printing money? Last year more than $11 trillion of debt was rolled over at a low interest rate. Uncle Sam is insolvent and the Fed knows you can’t raise interest rates, they must control the PEG yield curve. The US is going to be the next Japan. The globalists, with their intentions for power and money, are Malthusians who don’t think the planet can handle humans. The Cantillon effect of the Fed is printing money, distributing it first to insiders and then down the line to the average Joes. Inflation has gone up to the point where the average Joe’s purchasing power is less than it was prior to the money being printed but insiders spend it before the price of assets or goods and services go up. They can buy real estate when it is going up and sell it to you when it all comes crashing down. Gammon expects everyone to have a banking account with the Fed someday. The WEF chief knows the more he destroys the economy, the richer he gets and Marxism can be ushered in. With the country over leveraged and sovereign debt and consumer debt at an all-time high, deleveraging must occur. A risk parity portfolio will probably be crushed in deleveraging. How to protect yourself with inflation, possibly stagflation? Look at commodities which are cheap now. Buy low, sell high. Own precious metals, 10% physical gold, 80% dividends, 10% speculation – silver, bitcoin, cryptocurrency. Make sure your mortgage is a 30-year fixed rate. The Fed should be eliminated and the solution is the gold standard.Buy New $3.99(as of 05:09 EDT - Details)

Tim Ray, founder of UI Media Network – The Sleeping Masses are Awakening Up: Let’s Accelerate the Process by pulling people out of the matrix and into reality: “It is only by understanding the agenda of the banking cartel and its enforcers can we ever hope to regain our human rights.” Strategies include non-compliance with contact tracing and other Covid regulations and finding common ground with neighbors and community. “Never underestimate the fact that we are powerful spiritual beings with a higher purpose than just surviving and procreating. There will be a time when the people feeding from the mainstream media will wake up. Tyranny unchecked will continue and only get worse. The human spirit wants freedom. We create an environment and forum for people to accelerate exponential occurrences. People coming together in united intention is an energetic experience. It is happening now.”

Real estate investor Robert Kiyosaki – Last Call for Economic Reality: Dreamers Will Not Do Well: “The biggest crisis is coming. The economy is heading into depression.” On September 17, 2019, in the repo market investors typically back up banks but no one wanted to do that because the banks are out of money. The Fed and Treasury stepped in and that is when we shifted to socialism or communism. In December Covid appeared on schedule. Interest rates are at 0 to keep people borrowing; when they go negative the banks will crash. It always goes back to gold and silver. He has invested in Bitcoin.

David Martin, PhD – Technocracy is Driving Our Species to Extinction: In Plandemic II: Indoctornation he uncovers a criminal conspiracy: By 2015 a joint US-Chinese publication anticipated SARS-CoV-2. A global pandemic preparedness exercise was planned which had to be done by September 2019. Martin calls this an act of war by a corporate industrial complex that decided the governments they had acquired through influence were not playing ball and power needed to be exerted over them. Between 1904-13 life insurers were driving the demand for assets and this had much to do with architecting the Fed, created to liquidate the assets of life insurance policies never paid out. “Our economy is based not on debt but on death. You are being robbed of your 401K or your pension and given the cover story that there is a health crisis.” Moderna, the chief company Trump selected to manufacture the Covid vaccine, has a patent on the vaccine for the side effects of vaccines. “Evil has always been a tale told by a fool. Humanity will always be that which was created in the perfect image of the Creator who will always say what I created is good. You are not an asymptomatic carrier. You are created by the Divine to perpetuate good.” He advised canceling life insurance policies and to take the premium and invest in gold and silver.

Brad Weeks, MD – How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Covid: The death count and testing are not accurate and have been contaminated – a positive doesn’t mean you’re sick. The virus is the work of professionals and has sequences from HIV. “Scientific methodology is not a consensus business, if one person is right, that is what matters. We are witnessing crimes against humanity.” A 2002 Yale study concluded for every 1% of unemployment, 47,000 deaths were attributed to that hardship. Policy decisions are killing people. Five NIH studies concluded wearing masks has negative health effects. Operation Warp Speed is a military op run by people with no health experience. The new 5G technology is weaponized microwave radiology that suffocates people. “The military controls enemies with it. It should not be on this earth.” Wuhan and Milan, Italy had 5G towers, possibly a factor in their Covid deaths. “What about exercise, getting oxygen by praying, exercising, or singing? The system is toxic and dangerous to you.” Attitude is key: “I’d rather you eat fast foods with a grateful heart than organic food with an angry heart.” He recommends Omega 6, Vitamin C, melatonin, organic seeds, anti-inflammatory food, chlorine dioxide, zinc, and vitamin A palmitate. He cited the Great Barrington Declaration signed by 2,400 medical and health professionals and 2,700 practicing medical professionals questioning oppressive Covid policies.

Cynthia McKinney PhD – Identity Politics is Divide and Conquer in Disguise: She said the virus started in the Fort Detrick lab. “Some want war with China, I am not one of them.” She cited Rebuilding America’s Defenses, referring to genetically specific bioweapons. “Is it possible to create a virus that attacks sub-populations? Yes.” Referencing Bacon’s Rebellion when Europeans and blacks rebelled together in 1676 against the ruling class, she said people of all colors need to unite against the agenda of the 1%.

Christian Westbrook – Engineered Food Shortages, Weapon for Political Control: “By 2029 agriculture will survive only as a rich man’s hobby.” – Lord Birkenhead. The climate change hoax and Great Reset are launching totalitarianism across the planet. Westbrook referred to the Rockefeller Foundation Reset the Table report to fundamentally change the global food system by marrying food with health. The plan is for us to eat lab grown meat. The production of bugs for food has been legalized and fully automated cockroach farms now exist. Walmart is building crop pollinating robot bees and Amazon Plenty has indoor vertical farming. The FDA has relaxed label requirements to hide what you’re eating. Codifying climate change – pushing 30% land back to wildlands will herd and corral us. UN Agenda 2030 is the perfect awareness of all resources and activity through blockchain supply chain, smart cities, diversity and a digital currency. Amazon has banned the international sales of seeds. The media claims it’s dangerous to grow food. Only transhumanists will grow food when growing food becomes illegal. To fight these tyrannical plans, he advised in investing in tomorrow – grow food, make babies, maximize biodiversity, keep the living root, and build soil.

Marjory Wildcraft – How to Grow Emergency Food, Even in the City: This will heal you on emotional, spiritual and physical levels. You can make medicine and food from your backyard spending less than hour a day. She gave tips on the animals (chickens and rabbits) you can raise and vegetables and herbs you can grow (potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, squash, carrots, strawberries, sweet potatoes, thyme, basil, sprouts) and the exact required space. Good soil is the key. “You have a more practical understanding of the world when you grow your own food. Organic farmers always need help, so open your heart. A ton of food is being grown out there. All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.”

Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinnocci of Montana has introduced legislation to end UN Agenda 2030 and is working to bring coal back to Montana. Coal will be the energy future for most countries but the US says coal must end although the plants have the best scrubbers and only produce CO2 and water. Power lines were built from Montana to Seattle and the plan is for Seattle to send Montana wind and solar and Montana will supply coal to Seattle. The chairman of the Crow tribe wants to use resources on the reservation rather than build a casino or ask the government for handouts. Pinnocci is also active on the issues of smart meters and the dangers of 5G. He recommends people bring their concerns to public service officials, study the voting record of commissioners and consider running for office because the public needs a choice: “You may win and even if you don’t, you will find you always influence the person who wins.”

Red Pill University is online and has much valuable information with the goals of students learning, organizing, engaging and prevailing and becoming judges, legislators and activists to restore liberty and expand freedom.

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