Monday, October 12, 2020

Navigational misdirection in government, religion, politics, etc. – connecting dots within the oldest profession in history – LIARS!

There is a reason why Vox Popoli, Lew Rockwell and Unz are listed in the right side Link List on DaLimbraw Library (DLL) - web version view. As anyone who visits here regularly knows, those are my 3 main sources for new posts in the archive – why?

Simple – they are NOT DaFakeStreamMedia (DFSM)! In fact, I have from the beginning of this venture 5 years ago, encouraged other mentors to go directly to these sites and those of their own.

The primary purpose of DLL is for researchers (other mentors) to find and gather their resources as they have need.

Now, let us begin with today:

Will the Worm Turn With the Election in Three and a Half Weeks, or Will Totalitarianism Consume This Country? - By Gary D. Barnett - What all this means is that this reign of terror that is being waged against humanity is only just beginning. There will be no going back to normal. There will be no let up by these forces of evil in their efforts to use a fraudulent virus scare to advance their global reset agenda. There will be multiple attacks against us by the state, and they will come from many angles. The beginning of the end will be here in three and a half weeks with this bizarre election chicanery.

Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-thrax and "the Darkest Winter" - by Whitney Webb (Text only) – Covid corporate conspiracy in plain sight

Some History, Corrections, and Additions to the History of Christian Reconstruction • by Gary DeMar • The American Vision (Text only) – intro with FULL TEXT here

 The limits of Chinese power, by Pepe Escobar - The Unz Review (Text only) – reality helps!

 What Sort of Man was Columbus?, by Jared Taylor - The Unz Review (Text only) – more reality!

Vox Popoli: MEDIA WHORES: Building the Brothel - there can be little question that despite the divergence of views on offer, the end result provides far more entertainment than information. 

So what do all these articles have in common? They are correcting the ‘style over substance’ presentations which DFSM is painting day after day after day – the appearance of being informed when you actually learn zilch!

Even worse – much of it is outright LYING – in plain sight and with a straight face, but profoundly concerned look.

A statement I learned years ago – often attributed to Mark Twain – sums it up well: It ain't what we don’t know that misleads us – it's what we know – that ain't so!

As one of the articles concludes today: Question Everything, Come To Your Own Conclusions.