Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Minority-Worshipping Madness: Our New Monuments will be to Blacks and Jews, by Tobias Langdon - The Unz Review (Text only)

As sites like the Occidental ObserverVDARE and American Renaissanceconstantly describe, minority-worship is “madness-inducing.” Minority-worship inverts reality, morality and logic, insisting that Whites abase themselves and trash their societies in a vain attempt to appease the ever-growing rancour, resentment and envy of our racial enemies.

All-suffering saintliness

Blacks, for example, are invariably the most violent, least intelligent, most destructive, least productive, most narcissistic and least admirable group in any White society unlucky enough to host them. They murder, rape and rob at startlingly high rates and in startlingly unpleasant ways: for three examples among millions, see the Knoxville Horror, the mass gerontophile rapist Delroy Easton Grant, and acid-throwing robbers in London.

And who is to blame for these Black pathologies, according to minority-worship? Whites are, of course. The central dogma of minority-worship is the all-encompassing evil of Whites and the all-suffering saintliness of non-Whites, whose innate genius and gentleness is crushed by racism and White supremacy. It follows, then, that Blacks will flourish when the White jackboot is lifted from their saintly necks, as it was in Haiti after the Haitian Revolution of 1804. Whites were tortured, massacred and expelled, whereupon Haitian Blacks promptly built an advanced Afrocentric utopia that is today the most equal, most peaceful, most technologically advanced and yet most ecologically friendly place on earth. If only Blacks in Britain, America and Europe could cast off their chains and emigrate to Haiti to be “Free at last!” Haiti could topple White tyrannies, of course, but it refuses to use its anti-gravity rays and interstellar space-fleet for anything but peaceful purposes.

Megalomania and malignant narcissism

At least, that’s what Haiti would be like if leftist fantasies about Black genius were true. They aren’t, and the real Haiti is a true monument to the Black capacity for civilization. As even the Guardian admits, it’s a hell-hole of misgovernance, corruption, crime, poverty, disease, superstition and ecological devastation. So is Zimbabwe, another place where saintly Blacks were rescued from evil Whites and allowed to rule themselves. They ended up far worse off, as Blacks always do when leftists liberate them from oppression and injustice. For another example of liberation-into-dystopia, look at the current Black Lives Matter (BLM) hysteria, triggered by media lies about the self-induced death of a thuggish, drug-taking Black criminal called George Floyd. BLM hysteria has sent murder-rates soaring in Black districts all across America. Thousands of young Black men are meeting violent, painful and entirely unnecessary deaths thanks to a movement that claims to place their welfare at the heart of its concerns.

But BLM hysteria isn’t responsible only for physical violence. It’s also behind a vast increase in violence to truth, logic, morality and the English language. For a prime example, take the bloated Anti-Racist Action Plan produced by students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London. I haven’t read all of it: life is too short and my tolerance for leftist prose is too low. But from what I have read, I conclude that one of two things is true. The Action Plan was written either by very clever undercover satirists or by not-so-clever non-Whites determined to bring Deep Purple’s artistic ideal — “Everything louder than everything else” — from heavy metal to politics. The megalomania, malignant narcissism, self-righteousness, pretension, pseudo-intellectualism, irrationality and authoritarianism of the Action Plan could all induce tinnitus at a hundred yards. Here’s a mercifully brief sample:

It is imperative that RADA becomes actively anti-racist, encouraging a greater intake of BAME Black and Minority-Ethnic students and staff, and ensuring that they have positive experiences at all junctures. … As an anti-racist institution, RADA must ensure that all students and staff entering the building are of one mind in terms of holding anti-racist values. It is important that all staff and students are provided with updated reading lists which include texts about contemporary racial and societal issues. … RADA must ensure that Unconscious Bias Training and all other types of training around race, equality and inclusion is mandatory for all students and staff. (RADA Students’ Anti-Racist Action Plan, 2020)


The students at RADA seem to have been inspired partly by Maoism and the Cultural Revolution, partly by the megalomaniac Daleks of the Dr Who television series and the strident Dalek battle-cries of “You will obey!” and “Exterminate!” The non-White students are crying “You will obey, crackers!” and want to exterminate all crime-think at RADA. Among much else, they are demanding “Removal of all material created by those who supported racist ideologies. Including (but not limited to): busts, paintings, room names, theatre spaces and seats.”

An uncanny sense of déjà vu

Britain has a very rich tradition of drama and acting. It has produced some of the world’s greatest writers, performers, plays and films. Thanks to mass immigration, that tradition is now being attacked by non-Whites who want to lose their envy and sense of inferiority in the act of destruction. But I had an interesting experience after sampling the Anti-Racist Action Plan and its megalomaniac demands that the universe revolve about non-Whites and their concerns. A day later I read an article by the conservative Melanie Phillips in the sensible and moderate Jewish Chronicle and was struck by an uncanny sense of déjà vu:

Of course people need to be taught about the Holocaust. But the greater need by far is to teach them about the Jewish people, their history in both the land of Israel and the diaspora and about Judaism’s unique characteristics and record of survival. (Holocaust education can foster ignorance and hatredThe Jewish Chronicle, 1st October 2020 / 13th Tishrei 5781)

Behold Melanie’s megalomaniac demand that the universe revolve around Jews and their concerns! No wonder I felt déjà vu: the narcissism of the leftist “BAME” students at RADA is echoed by the narcissism of the supposedly conservative Melanie Phillips in the Jewish Chronicle. And the Chronicle was so pleased by her words that it repeated them as the sub-heading below the headline.

Hate-facts will be forbidden

Both Melanie and the Chronicle will be in no doubt about who should control the “teaching” given to “people” about those vitally important Jewish topics. For example, will people be taught that among “Judaism’s unique characteristics” has been its ability to spawn an uncannily large number of nation-wreckers like Leon Trotsky, fraudsters like Bernie Madoff, intellectual charlatans like Sigmund Freud, and sex-criminals like Jeffrey Epstein? No, of course not. Hate-facts like those will be strictly forbidden in the teaching Melanie has in mind, because Jews will oversee what goyim are taught about Jews.

And so there will be no place for the horrific anti-Semitism covered by the Jewish Chronicle in July 2019. A hate-filled extremist mocked a proposed “Holocaust memorial and learning centre” near Parliament and claimed that many gentile opponents of the memorial “are keeping quiet — almost certainly because they fear being accused of antiSemitism.” That is, in itself, absolutely classic anti-Semitism: the claim that Jews use unfair accusations of anti-Semitism to silence opposition and get their own way.

Ugly, intrusive and unfairly imposed

And who was that hate-filled extremist spewing classic anti-Semitism against the Holocaust memorial? It was Melanie Phillips herself. She was right in her criticisms, too: the proposed memorial is ugly, intrusive and being imposed on unwilling gentiles who won’t speak out because “they fear being accused of antisemitism.” Melanie doesn’t disagree with the Jew-worshipping aims of the memorial, of course: she simply thinks that it’s not the right way to do “What’s best for Jews.” Lots of other Jews think that it is. The memorial is, in fact, another example of Jewish megalomania and Jews’ insistence that the universe revolve around them and their concerns. Like Holocaust museums across America, it is designed to send a simple message: “You will obey, goyim!”

And I feel déjà vu again when I read demands for a Museum of Slavery in London: “It is unacceptable that the capital city of a nation that built a global empire and its wealth in large part as a result of its role in the slave trade has no significant museum or monument marking the role that London and Britain played in these historic atrocities.” Like the Holocaust memorial, the proposed Museum of Slavery which will fill the urgent need to browbeat Whites about how evil they were — and are — to saintly minorities.

The poisoning of politics

These parallels between Jewish megalomania and Black megalomania are no coincidence. At least, that’s what Britain’s then Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, claimed back in 2007. The Jerusalem Post reported his words like this:

Sacks said Britain’s politics had been poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment. The process, he said, began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays. He said the effect had been “inexorably divisive.” “A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming that its pain, injury, oppression, humiliation is greater than that of others,” he said. In an interview with the London Times, Sacks said he wanted his book to be “politically incorrect in the highest order.” (Sacks: Multiculturalism threatens democracyThe Jerusalem Post, 20th October 2007)

So Sacks thinks that the poisoning of British politics “began with Jews.” He’s right: Jews did invent the megalomania, self-righteousness and authoritarianism of identity politics. And not just in Britain, but right across the West. Identity politics has what you might call “Sacks Appeal”: it’s a way for minorities to blame all their own failings on Whites while receiving ever more privileges and money from Whites.

Seize power, create dystopia

What’s not to like? Nothing, if you’re a self-righteous ethnocentric anti-White minority. Everything, if you’re White and have foresight. As I pointed out in “Feeding the Dragon,” non-Whites and their Jewish enablers do not believe in equality and justice, but in power and revenge. They want power over Whites in order to take revenge on Whites. When Blacks came to power in Haiti, they tortured and massacred Whites, then created a hellish dystopia. When Jews came to power in the Soviet Union, they tortured and massacred goyim, then created another hellish dystopia. If Blacks and other non-Whites come to power in the West, the same things will happen. Their hatred of Whites and Western civilization is already obvious. And what the obviously Jewish “museum curator” below wants to do to “racist statues” is also what she wants to do to racist Whites:


A museum curator who sparked outrage after tweeting a guide about vandalising ‘racist’ statues has left her job. Madeline Odent posted messages to her 5,000 followers in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement outlining how household items could permanently damage monuments.

The furore began in June when the Oxford-educated curator, who comes from a wealthy family in Georgia and is married to banker Pascal Odent, tweeted her comments days after protesters in Bristol toppled a statue of slave trader Edward Colston.

She wrote: ‘From an art perspective, it’s honestly fine to throw paint on memorials of genocidal racists! Paint is pretty easy to clean off. What would be an absolute shame is if people threw certain household items that cause irreversible bronze disease. Of course then the artefact can’t really be on display. … Because, like, if somebody were to throw a ton of tomatoes at a bust of a genocidal racist, nobody would probably notice the chemical reaction until it was too late to save the artefact.’ … (Toppled? Museum curator who sparked outrage after tweeting a guide about vandalising ‘racist’ statues using household items has left her jobThe Daily Mail, 26th September 2020)

Looking at that photo of Madeline Odent reminds me of something I’ve written before at the Occidental Observer: “Personal ugliness goes naturally with the urge to destroy beauty, order and harmony, and to overturn the aesthetic and artistic standards whereby one is judged.” And it’s no surprise that Ms Odent comes from “a wealthy family” and is married to a banker. She’s part of the hostile elite that attacks Western civilization from above while non-Whites imported and fostered by the hostile elite attack Western civilization from below.

Above or below, these people have to go. They all have countries of their own and they should return there. Then they’ll be free of White oppression and can create the societies that suit them best. The examples of Haiti and Zimbabwe don’t look promising, it’s true, but that’s not our problem. Instead, our problem is how to end minority-worship, free ourselves of our implacable racial enemies, and return our societies to what best suits us, not what best suits them.