Monday, October 5, 2020

The Pushback Has Started! (……..and there ain’t gonna be anything stopping it – So “Let’s ROLL! – CL – connecting more dots as usual)

First, some facts:

The Absurdity of Covid ‘Cases’ - By Jeff Deist

We have had nearly eight months of life and liberty stolen from us by politicians and their hysteria-promoting accomplices in media. How much more will we accept?

Naked Numerators Paint Deceptive Picture of ‘Pandemic' - By Karen Selick

Somebody in the Ontario government must have these numbers. Why are they not being released to the public?

Speak up, Premier Ford. Are you really stupid enough to believe that a naked test toll is meaningful, or do you just believe that everyone else in Ontario is stupid enough to unquestioningly accept the sense of alarm you are trying to impart?

We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How… - Activist Post - Spiro Skouras

In this report, we examine this question in addition to reviewing video clips of multiple doctors weighing in on the subject including the biochemist Kary Mullis who invented PCR and won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for doing so has to say.

Why is understanding the test so important? Because it is the driving factor in the fear campaign that is being driven by the corrupt media and then used by the government to justify the restrictions imposed on our lives.

Dutch Govt: "Wear A Mask!"; Chief 'Scientist' - Don't Bother! | Zero Hedge

I don’t know about you, but all these people with these useless masks on where they’re not needed, like outside, don’t make me feel safe at all. They make me think I’m surrounded by fools.

And if you link to DaLimbraw Library – type in Coronavirus in the Search window, you will read evidence from the last 6 months.

Now, how about all those ‘Woke SJW’ corporations?

Did Coinbase CEO Just Launch the Anti-Woke Counterrevolution? - Revolver

Read the report.

Vox Popoli: Coinbase cleans house – Vox Day comments:

Armstrong's measures are very mild compared to those recommended in the book. (By Vox Day)

Imagine how terrified the reaction would be if corporations actually began eliminating their HR departments, hunting down their SJWs, and actively firing anyone who engaged in infracorporate activism in lieu of doing their jobs.

And finally, where DaRubber meets DaRoad – WeDaPeople!

Sheriffs, Police Officers, Pastors, and Attorneys Are Fighting Covid Orders - By Ginny Garner

What can concerned citizens do? Take action in the countryside of America, county by county, one sheriff at a time. Work with chiefs of police, talk to health departments, and activate the churches.

(You have no idea how my heart and mind reacted to this action report – it literally made my day! – CL) Why so? This is why - - “If not now – when? Update: The election of Donald Trump changes nothing. We need mentors more than ever - there is an existing infrastructure of bureaucracies which will resist our efforts every step of the way - they will lose - but slowly!”

No, I am NOT looking for followers and I am NOT DaGuru – I am just DaLibrarian!

Yes, an observant librarian with definite opinions based on 5+ years of website experience and several decades of simply observing and examining the evidentiary landscape – and there is a motherlode of evidence! All you have to do is read, think and take action as you see it.

While casual readers are welcome, my sites are designed for researchers who not only read, but instigate action within your circle of influence – be that family, church, club, neighborhood or any community action group. Just like the folks in the last cited article by Ginny Garner, it is up to us, folks – and no one else!

Remember, we act ‘wisely as serpents, but harmless as doves’ – this will be a long battle – that is exactly how our enemies relentlessly almost conquered us, as we slept.

Finally, there is no escaping – we might not be interested in either politics or war – but politics and war is interested in you and political war has been declared on all of us.

Remember, you can run, but you cannot hide – so choose wisely!