Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Would You Please Remove Your Mask While Talking to Me? By Allan Stevo (Speaking of lies and growing up into adulthood in an infantile culture......CL)

 1.) If you know masks don’t work, and

2.) You know that you will no longer be wearing them in your life, and

3.) You know what a lie it is you are perpetuating by wearing a mask, then

4.) I’d like you to ask you to stop letting others lie in your presence.

Stop letting people speak to you while they are masked. 

Once you know what is a lie and what is not a lie, it’s not just your moral and ethical duty to not speak the lies, it’s also your moral and ethical duty to challenge the lies spoken in your presence.

That is an important difference between man and child, woman and child. You are one or another. You are not the amorphous gray space of misbehavior known as “teenager,” popularized by marketers after World War Two in order to make money selling to that demographic.

A Person Is Either Child Or Adult 

You are either child (one with no reproductive capacity) or adult (one with reproductive capacity). The turning point from childhood to adulthood is when more must be demanded of a person. They are an adult.

Childhood is when men of valor and women of virtue are formed. The adult years are when they are called to action and sharpened into a tool for good, a warrior, one who shapes the world around them and advances causes good and righteous.

Modernity Wants You To Delay Adulthood Indefinitely 

Modernity wants you so badly to not recognize that. It wants for you to extend the teenage years, adolescence, not until twenty years of age, not until thirty, but until forty, fifty, sixty, or beyond.

If they can convince you to eschew all responsibility and to outsource any duty that matters, the marketers and others can keep you an emotional and reactive teen all your days. They can keep you as the emotionally manipulated dream customer that they’ve always wanted: a perpetual teenager with money to spend. In that state you are the marketing industry’s ideal.

Take the government’s Universal Basic Income, spend obediently, play video games, smoke weed, watch smut, play with your self, sometimes maybe even screw around with someone else, feed your taste for the exotic in many ways including eating epicurean delights from far-flung cultures, perhaps travel occasionally, do enough good in the world to calm your conscience, when you get worked up give very vocal and easily contained opinions on social media, concern yourself with the most frivolous of things, and most importantly stay docile for the next ten or twenty or thirty years while your betters on this earth put all the right systems in place to figure out what to do with your kind.

The longer you can be kept from having a child, the better. That act of delaying others or distracting others from having a child is an important focuses of many of bad actors in modernity, because they know what having a child does to a man. It tends to bring the teenage years to a prompt end and to give him focus.

Having A Child Can Bring Such Focus To Life, Especially For Men 

Having a child does this for both man and woman, but it is an especially poignant and sudden wake-up call for a man, who has no shocking-and-impossible-to-ignore reminder of his ticking biological clock from the first monthly cycle that brought a woman out of childhood, to the day the monthly cycle is no more. That is a gift women are given and that gift is a hard reminder to ignore.

A man’s loins are a most private and sensitive place. A woman’s loins are a most private and sensitive place.

Blood — a sign of harm and danger in all other circumstances, flows from a woman’s loins for a week every four weeks. It’s hard to overestimate the gift nature gave each woman by having her reproductive system scream in this way “Pay attention to me!”

Men have no such favor done to them. Imagine the work it takes to convince a woman that blood flowing from her most vital parts is no big deal and to ignore it until her thirties forties or longer because career first, fun, distraction, too busy, no big deal, and other narratives.

That’s a big victory for the marketers when blood from the loins is able to be made into “Not that big of a deal, just enjoy your extended teenage years.” To blind so many women to their biological clocks and waning reproductive capacity is one of the most significant harms of this era perpetrated on society.

Yes, men have no such gift. It’s often the birth of a child that pushes men into adulthood.

Even After You Have A Child, The Encouragement To Be A Teen Is Powerful 

And if you get woken up by having a child, the allure of letting someone else raise your child through the compulsory school system, the many extracurricular activities, the many encouragements for divorce, and the allure of focusing on yourself first in so many ways will all be cultural encouragements to continue being a teen even after your child is born.

The marketers want you to outsource child-rearing as much as possible and to focus on extending your teenage years. That, too, is looking increasingly like an undisputed victory on their part. So many parents have been convinced that having a child is primarily a biological role.

Vast numbers of parents seem to accept that they have no business raising a child for the majority of the day and that anyone interested in raising their own children in their own home, rather than outsourcing this work to a school teacher deserves the punishment of being given a hard time and rigorous examination by the state. The homeschool movement and the sudden growth of homeschooling alongside the corresponding breakdown of the educational system in the midst of Covid has definitely dealt that effort a blow.

Birth control, abortion, the hookup apps, trying anything just once, homosexual sex, egg freezing, the risks of divorce, the omnipresent example of single parent homes, feminism in all its forms, critical feminist theory, critical gender theory, and hook up culture are the friend of modernity’s drive to extend the teenage years.

Traditional culture, the encouragement to pair young and marry young, divorce not being an option, one marriage that lasts a lifetime are encouragements to move people more quickly into adulthood.

My Favorite Philosopher Defines Hedonism — A Term So Fundamental To Understanding Life 

My favorite contemporary Greek philosopher defines hedonism as “That which does not lead to the creation of kids or the raising up of kids into adulthood.”

About that he has a powerful point. Kids change you into more. Kids help to change you into an adult. Kids are the last lifeline between the trajectory of society today and the abyss. Kids are the last lifeline for so many individuals.

It wasn’t meant to be that way, but our culture — which, in cult-like fashion, is so convinced that it has conquered biology and can do away with nature — has pushed us to that point.

All around you are lies.

How An Adult Responds To Lies All Around Himself 

An adult does not tell himself lies and he does not allow lies to be told in his presence.

He knows his boundaries, he communicates his boundaries, and he defends his boundaries.

He knows his values, he communicates his values, and he defends his values.

Not only does he not allow his values to be traversed in his own life, he does not let his values get traversed in his presence.

There are many reasons that this behavior is good and edifying to himself and others. One of them is leadership.

To let a lie float in the air unchallenged sends the wrong message to anyone listening.

Doing so is an example of you, the adult in the room, giving your consent to the lie. It is you saying “That outrageous statement sits so well with me that I will say nothing.” However, you may have the exact opposite belief about what has just been said.

That’s not how others will interpret your silence though. Your silence will be interpreted as tacit approval. Modernity wants exactly this tacit approval from us — silence in the face of the disgusting or even nodding our heads sheepishly in the face of a lie, so that it is not clear whether your nod means “I’m listening” or whether it means “I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying.”

Clarity is needed in such moments.

If you are to be an adult.

If you are to be a leader.

Clarity is needed.

Be very clear.

Very clear.

That means to call a lie a lie. Do not let a lie float in the air unchallenged, unridiculed.

That means don’t engage in lies.

That means don’t feed lies.

That means don’t encourage lies.

That means don’t allow lies.

Push back against them and any evil, anywhere they appear.

A Potent And Present Lie In 2021 

One place in which lies appear in the year 2021 is on the face of friends, neighbors, family members, and associates. Lies have always appeared there, but now they have emerged in physical manifestation as face masks.

When you see face masks, it’s not enough to refuse to wear them. You must deny them comfort in your presence. You must speak out against them.

“Would you please lower your mask while we speak?”

“I find it quite rude that you are speaking to me through a mask. Would you please lower your mask?”

A mother who reads these pages taught me something quite special this year. Her son, who has autism, needs to read lips in order to understand people. He can’t understand people any other way. That made sense. But then she continued: we all need to read lips to understand people. It’s not just her son. It’s all humans. I never realized before how true that really is and why so much communication is lost by phone, text message, and masked communication.

“I’m having a hard time understanding you, because I need to see your lips while we are talking.” 

“I need to see your lips to properly understand you. Would you please drop your mask when you speak to me?” 

If told no, proceed, having registered your complaint against the behavior, or you can ask to speak to someone else who will not be so rude. You give succor though to a lie, and help normalize a culture of encouraging lies, if you don’t ask the other to drop their mask.

As a sense of decency dictates, those who read lips should be communicated with in a way that they can best understand.

The face masks should never again be worn. The lie of the face mask should be chipped away in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. Sentiment around you must shift so that it is known that, just as you are not lie agnostic, you are not face mask agnostic. You do not want them in your presence and certainly not when someone is speaking to you face-to-face.

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