Monday, March 8, 2021

Obscuring the Jewish Problem in Alt Media: An Example – The Occidental Observer - by George Mackenzie

Obscurantism: the practice of deliberately presenting information in an imprecise and abstruse manner, often designed to forestall further inquiry and understanding.

We know that obscurantism of the Jewish Problem in mainstream media is rampant and total. This is primarily because mainstream media is largely owned and strongly influenced by Jews, but also because criticism of Jews has been made taboo in our society—partly through use of the media.

Even Alternative Media suffers this obscurantism however. Notable exceptions include The Occidental Observer, Fash the Nation, State of the Nation, Brother Nathaniel, Culture Wars, the Barnes Review, The Unz Review, Institute for Historical Review, and others. Here we will look at one example of popular Alt Media reporting that engages in obscurantism of the Jewish Problem, and see how bad it can be.

An article was posted on February 16th by the popular alternative health expert Joseph Mercola titled “The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth,” It was reposted by the also popular Children’s Health Defense online journal The Defender under the title “Who’s Behind Global Effort to Silence Critics of the ‘Great Reset’?

Mercola starts with an examination of “The Monsanto Case” to establish the pattern we are to see in the web of players spinning the Covid case. Mercola mentions a number of PR firms that worked for Monsanto/Bayer to obscure the horrors of GMOs, and government agencies such as Commission for Countering Extremism and the Centre for Countering Digital Hate running campaigns against Mercola and other medical dissidents. To see a representative list, open the Playbook at the CCDH website. Mercola asserts that these PR firms attacking him and others have connections to the World Economic Forum.

Publicis Groupe is Not French

At the core of the article is the Publicis Groupe. Under sub-section “Publicis is an organizing force in the Great Reset deception,” we read:

Public deception is now being carried out at a mass scale, and the whole thing appears to be led and organized by another major PR firm, this time the Publicis Groupe, self-described as “one of the world’s largest communications groups.”

Publicis is a Partner of the World Economic Forum, which is openly declaring the world needs a “Great Reset” that will remake everything about our lives and the world, including “a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities,” and relying on The Fourth Industrial Revolution to accomplish it. Mercola ascribes great power to Publicis in manipulating public perception, especially of Covid: “Publicis and its industry clients have been able to influence and control the press to restrict, indeed virtually eliminate, your ability to get the truth on many important issues.”

It may be a more innocent form of obscurantism—fear of Jewish power—but Mercola makes no mention of how Jewish Publicis is.

The CEO of Publicis is Maurice Levy. A 2012 article in the STL Jewish Light (Saint Louis) journal titled “French-Jewish advertiser enters Israeli and Palestinian markets” declares in the first sentence: “Maurice Levy, the Jewish CEO of Publicis, is bringing the French advertising firm into the Palestinian and Israeli communications markets.”

Vice Chair of the Publicis supervisory board is Elisabeth Badinter. Her father, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, who founded Publicis, was at least half Jewish, according to his Wikipedia entry. Marcel married Sophie Vaillant according to Elisabeth’s Wikipedia “early life” entry. “Elizabeth’s mother was raised as a Roman Catholic in a middle-class upbringing, and later converted to Judaism following her marriage. She raised Élisabeth in the Jewish faith.” Elisabeth married Robert Badinter, a “French” lawyer who is 100% Jewish. Robert’s father Simon, a “Bessarabian Jew” who came to France in the early 1920s to escape pogroms, was deported by the National Socialists and allegedly died at Sobibor prison. Elisabeth is a famous writer in France, particularly on the topic of feminism, and is one of France’s wealthiest citizens.

Also on the Publicis Supervisory Board is Elisabeth’s son Simon Badinter (II?). He has been on the boards of various media and PR firms in his career, and presently is a radio talk show host broadcasting in 20 major US cities. Simon is obviously 75% Jewish.

Still another board member who is part of this Jewish family is Sophie Dulac. She is a granddaughter of founder Marcel Blaustein-Blanchet and niece to Elisabeth.

Thomas Glocer is on the Publicis board. He also has obvious connections to the World Economic Forum. For a man of such impressive accomplishments as CEO of the powerful Reuters media corporation, and on the boards of Merck, Morgan Stanley and the Council on Foreign Relations (former Director), it is disappointing that his Wikipedia page has no “Early Life” or “Private Life” entries. Self-obscurantism? Glocer’s blog entry titled “Shanah Tovah Shimon” (‘good year’, a blessing Jews speak at their new year Rosh Hashanah, commemorating the death of Shimon Peres), states: “I met with Shimon regularly, in Davos, in London and once, very memorably, in Tel Aviv.” Though Glocer says Peres was twice Israel’s Defense Minister and founded Israel’s nuclear program, Peres was also Prime Minister twice, President, and much else over a 70-year political career. So to meet with Peres regularly puts Glocer among the top echelons of Jewish power.

But is Glocer himself Jewish? He’s at least very much connected to the Jewish world: “I visited Israel every couple of years to see clients like everywhere else, to meet with tech entrepreneurs from this start-up nation, to support the brave Reuters journalists in Israel as well as the West Bank and Gaza, and to visit my family.”

It is not likely Glocer’s family lived in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Publicis board member Marie-Josee Kravis’s second and current husband is Henry Kravis, the multi-billionaire investment firm owner, who “was born into a Jewish family in Tulsa, Oklahoma,”

Another billionaire power broker on the Publicis board is Andre Kudelski. He is described as “a Swiss engineer of Polish descent,” but his father Stephan’s biography says he was born in Warsaw, escaped the German military entry into Poland, found his way to France, and escaped the Germans there too and went to Switzerland. Various sources that attempt to identify Jews, in this case as members of the powerful Bilderberg Group on which Kudelski was a Steering Committee member, such as Radio IslamThe Daily Stormer, and Zogwatch state that Kudelski is an “Ashkenazi Jew” or “most probably Polish Jew,” We must consider this correct.

Suzan LeVine is a Publicis board member who was former ambassador to Switzerland, in the cabinet of Washington state Governor Ray Inslee, and other positions of power. She appears to be Gentile, but her husband Eric A. Levine, described as an “American entrepreneur,” is most likely Jewish. His Wikipedia entry says “He has been a Council Member at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum since September, 2016.” According to Suzan’s bio at Publicis: “Twice during her career, she was a stay-at-home mom, during which time she co-founded… an innovative Jewish community model, The Kavana Cooperative…”

It appears certain Suzan is another Jewish board member or in any case married to a Jew.

The Publicis Supervisory Board is composed of thirteen people. Like the other PR firms Mercola mentions in his article, Publicis is absolutely obsessed with “Diversity, Equality & Inclusion,” and some even add “Belonging” (DEI&B). Here is the Publicis Board’s statement addressing DEI&B:

The Supervisory Board… is carefully balanced in terms of its composition. There are six women and six men, eight independent members and eight members of foreign nationality. Publicis Groupe was one of the first groups to ensure male / female parity in its Supervisory Board.

Applause for Publicis. How noble, achieving such “parity” on its Board. Yet eight of the members (over 60%) are Jews or married to Jews, four are in the same Jewish family, and the top two Board positions, CEO and Vice Chair, are both Jews. Rather than DEI&B, Publicis looks much more like N&IGP: nepotism and in-group preference.

Jewish dominance of Publicis goes even deeper. The current Chairman and CEO of the firm is Arthur Sadoun. His bio does not indicate his ethnicity, but states in the last paragraph:

“Arthur Sadoun became Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe on June 1, 2017, making him the 3rd leader of the Groupe in its 91-year history, following in the footsteps of Maurice Lévy, and founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet.”

Since both previous leaders were Jews, would not Sadoun be as well? His Wikipedia entry calls him “a French businessman,” Confirmation may come from a Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (“Fighting BDS in America and Abroad”) essay of 2014 titled “France Starting to Reckon with Its History of Anti-Semitism?” It states:

(French Nationalist Marine Le Pen) contended that she was hated by another journalist, Anne-Sophie Lapix, the wife of Publicis chairman Arthur Sadoun. She claimed that the entire Publicis management belonged to an exclusive caste estranged from most French, while her own political mission was to return power to the people. True enough, Marine Le Pen did not actually say that Sadoun and most of Publicis’ managers were Jewish, and her words could be construed to apply to any restricted upper-class group rather than just to a Jewish elite. On the other hand, the Jewish heritage of Publicis, from its founder the late Maurice Bleustein-Blanchet to Maurice Levy, its current CEO, to Sadoun, is an open secret.

Since the author of the article, Michel Gurfinkiel, is probably engaging in the classic tradition of Jewish boasting about the tribe’s accomplishments, today’s Publicis Chairman and CEO Arthur Sadoun is most likely confirmed as Jewish.

We are sure to find more Jews throughout the Publicis leadership structure, investors, and 80,000 employees, but what we’ve seen is more than sufficient to establish the aggressive and tyrannical PR firm harassing alternative health leaders such as Joseph Mercola as overwhelmingly Jewish.


Another associated firm which Mercola calls “the self-appointed internet watchdog NewsGuard” is active in censoring and excluding dissenting views on Covid such as Mercola’s. He says:

NewsGuard rates websites on criteria of ‘credibility’ and ‘transparency,’ ostensibly to guide viewers to the most reliable sources of news and information. In reality, however, NewsGuard ends up acting as a gate keeper with a mission to barricade unpopular truth and differences of opinion behind closed gates. Its clearly biased ranking system easily dissuades people from perusing information from low-rated sites, mine included.

Newsguard received substantial start-up funds from Publicis in 2018. Co-founder and co-CEO Steven Brill’s bio states: “Brill was born to a Jewish family in Queens, New York.” In an interesting tangent, Brill is author of the book Tailspin: The People and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Year Fall – and Those Fighting to Reverse It. I haven’t read it, but how likely is it that Brill will depart from obscurantism and identify our new Jewish elite as central players in America’s fall, as they indeed have been since about 1970?

The other co-founder and co-CEO of Newsguard is Louis Gordon Crovitz. A National Vanguard article of 2019 titled “In-Browser Censorship: Microsoft Partners With New Jewish ‘Fact-Checking’ Firm” identifies Crovitz too as Jewish (his Wikipedia entry is devoid of any mention, obscurantism most likely the cause, but the picture is highly indicative). The article also describes Crovitz as in close association with “Neo-Conservatives,” which is a euphemism for American Jews mainly concerned with the welfare of Israel. A Truthwiki report on Crovitz actually names some Neocons, almost all Jews, and declares Crovitz a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, now known to “be associated with almost 90 percent of all media in the U.S.” The CFR is almost completely led by Jews.

Newsguard is attempting to provide approval or disapproval ratings on 7,500 news outlets, covering almost 100% of the news most people in the US see. Outlets like Mercola and Children’s Health Defense will be rated red for alarm, forced to the fringes of the internet’s dark corners by Newguard‘s rating system.

The Paley Center For (Zio) Media

The Paley Center for Media is another unit in the army Mercola identifies as attacking him and anyone else prominent enough in alt media to challenge Jewish power, however indirectly. Founded in 1976 by the Jewish man who also founded and built CBS, William S Paley, The Paley Center now declares as its mission: “Drawing upon its curators, collection, and relationships with the media community, The Paley Center for Media examines the intersections between media and society.” Unfortunately for the likes of Mercola and others who stick their heads up above the dominant medical narrative, the Paley Center does more than examine, it manipulates and controls, and there is no tolerance for those it perceives as enemies.

President and CEO Maureen Reidy is Gentile. She was formerly in the administration of ultra-wealthy former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of seven members of the Paley Center administration under Reidy, at least two, Andy Meyer and David Weinberg, and possibly others, are Jewish. Of a sixty member Board of Trustees, at least eighteen and likely others appear to be Jewish, including Vice Chair Mel Karmazin, former CEO of CBS and Sirius Radio born to a Jewish family in Queens, National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, and world-controller war-monger Henry Kissinger. Kissinger also co-chaired last year’s Paley International Council Summit, which calls itself the “‘Davos of Media’ [i.e., akin to the World Economic Forum] brings together global leaders and CEOs of the world’s most important media companies, to advance the exchange of ideas and to foster a sense of community.” This community does not include Mercola and anyone else who defies the establishment narrative. Mercola would not have fit into the same community as Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a top Covid promoter, Director of the World Health Organization, and keynote speaker at Kissinger’s Paley Center Summit.

Of forty-one members of the Paley Center Los Angeles Board of Governors, at least ten appear to be Jews. Member Keith Le Goy of Sony Pictures is most likely not Jewish.

Very recently, the Paley Center initiated The Peter Roth Internship Program. Peter Roth was Chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers TV Studios for twenty years before recently leaving the position. He appears to be obscuring his Jewish heritage, at least on the otherwise often explicit Wikipedia, but it’s no secret that Warner Brothers was founded by and today is predominantly run by Jews, with Peter Roth included in the list. Other Roths who have powerful positions in the media include Joseph Roth (no relation except by tribe), the former Chairman of 20th Century Fox.

Of four major donors to this new Paley Center program, two are Jewish: former “King of sitcoms” Chuck Lorre (born Levine to a Jewish family in New York), and producer/director/writer of blockbuster movies and TV series JJ Abrams, whose “personal life” includes being Jewish. In a bizarre distortion of identity, a third donor, gay mega-producer Greg Berlanti wants to be Jewish. He and his husband professional soccer player Robbie Rogers raised their young son and daughter in the Jewish faith, to the point that the five-year-old son thinks Berlanti is Jewish (“Nothing anyone can say, including my husband, will dissuade him from believing this. He just believes it.”). Berlanti said in an interview for the Jewish Journal that “we sought out a Jewish egg donor — not the easiest thing to find, by the way.” Where there’s wealth, there’s a way.

Lest there be any further confusion, according to a Variety article, the paid internship program is not based on merit, but will “emphasize the importance of increasing inclusion and representation,” favor “interns from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities,” and “help build more diversity in the industry.” Roth praises the Paley Center and the program donors for “creating a program that will ensure greater equity and diversity.” This is Jewish code language for counting Jews as Whites but excluding gentiles of European descent. That theme has been well developed elsewhere.

Should we have any further doubt of The Paley Center’s alignment, recently it celebrated this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day (officially Day of Remembrance for Jewish Victims of the Holocaust) with the Paley Impact Event “The Media’s Role in Combating Holocaust Denial, Misinformation, and Antisemitism,” The announcement appears to be written by Eva Schloss herself, who claims to have survived Auschwitz, and is the step-daughter of the iconic Otto Frank, actual main author of the supposed Anne Frank diary. Panel topics at the Paley Center event focused on:

“Eva Schloss’s recollections of how friends and neighbors in her native Austria turned on her family in 1938, resulting in her being transported to Auschwitz; Schloss’s thoughts on the emotional toll taken on her stepfather, Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank), when confronting Holocaust deniers after World War II’s end; how social media allows hate groups to flourish; Facebook’s recent ban on those who distort the history of the Holocaust; the necessity of continually magnifying Holocaust survivors’ stories; the media’s lack of coverage over a Camp Auschwitz shirt worn by one of the rioters that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6; and the need for mandatory Holocaust education for all American students.”

The Paley Center will be fully participating in “the media’s vital role in fighting the rise of antisemitism and Holocaust denial.”

Conclusion: It’s the Jews Again

Dr. Joseph Mercola had the courage and determination to write a critique and exposé of the people and organizations who were defaming, discrediting and censoring him and his colleagues in the alternative health field who did not comply with the official Covid story-telling. His otherwise excellent analysis was reposted by another target of the medical establishment, Robert F Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD). These bold moves to push back against a totalitarian media effort by what amounts to a medical cartel were impaired by what must be a self-imposed obscurantism of the Jewish Problem.

Joseph Mercola, Robert F Kennedy Jr, their staffs and supporters are not fools. They could not have missed the obvious overwhelming Jewish representation among their opponents, as we’ve abundantly shown here. Mercola and CHD are willing to wage a media battle against “Big Pharma,” public health agencies like the World Health Organization and US CDC, and the entire medical cartel—but not against Jews. That is one revelation they leave assiduously out of their otherwise honest reporting. They most likely engage in obscurantism of the Jewish Problem in the entire Covid phenomenon out of a perceived need for self-protection. Obscurantism is protectionism in their case.

But is it? How wise is it to fail to identify the overwhelming ethnic component of one’s enemies, in order to know thy enemy and plan a successful strategic campaign? Under the cover of the Covid story, crimes against humanity are being committed. The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset is coming, declaring itself to be a complete transformation of humanity and society—and not for the better—of the vast multitudes on Earth who survive the transition. We haven’t even examined the Jewish component of the WEF yet, but I assure you it’s there, and Executive Director Klaus Schwab may be part of it. Mercola, RFKJr and many others who are in the media bomb sites of the medical Cabal appear incapable of even identifying the Jews embedded in powerful institutions deployed against them. Perhaps Mercola et al. feel they have a strong case to assert their alternative medical positions, but are hopelessly weak should they attempt to expose the Jewish Problem.

It is a dilemma we all must face, and accept the consequences. Self-imposed obscurantism may not ultimately be safe, but neither is open disclosure. Whatever outlet displays this essay risks the wrath of Jews. We have not obscured the Jewish Problem here, but faced it frontally, for any who cares and dares to examine it. The evidence is overwhelming. Joseph Mercola and others in the alternative medical field are confronted ultimately by Jews. This is essential to know if we are to engage in enough self-defense to survive the Great Reset.