Monday, March 8, 2021

Is Trump Really the Answer? -

(Trump found one Swamp drainer - who was promptly drained by DaSwamp. The rest of his hires are a Who's Who in DaSwamp! - CL)

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Is Trump Really the Answer?

Paul Craig Roberts

In 2016 I predicted that Trump’s presidency would fail, because Trump had no idea who to appoint to his government and, therefore, would end up staffed with the establisment that he intended to overthrow.  That is exactly what occurred.

In his entire four years Trump only made one good appointment—General Flynn—and Trump did not have the wits to stand by him.

Trump’s Justice Department appointments were the worst imaginable. It is hard to imagine worst appointments than Sessions, Barr, Rosenstein, and Wray.  It took Trump forever to get rid of Obama’s Comey, only to appoint an even worse FBI director—Christopher Wray.

Wray repeatedly stabbed Trump in the back, as did Barr and Rosenstein, thus solidifying his position with the Establishment. Yesterday Wray told the US Senate that only Trumpers were responsible for the January 6 “riot,” and that there was no involvement of Antifa and trouble-makers pretending to be Trump supporters.  Wray told this lie despite the fact that the FBI has arrested Antifa activist John Sullivan who repeatedly exhorted Trump supporters to enter the Capitol.  Even the anti-Trump Washington Post acknowledged the fact:

“Sullivan repeatedly exhorted rioters to enter the building and overwhelm police, and seemed to convince Capitol Police officers to walk away from the glass door entry to the House Speaker’s Lobby, his video shows. Moments later, with Sullivan screaming warnings about a gun, rioter Ashli Babbitt is shot and killed on the video by a Capitol Police officer.”

Is Wray senile or simply out of the loop within the bureau that he heads?  Perhaps Wray regards the Senate as too tame to complain.

Like every Washington bureaucrat, Wray’s main interest is in building his empire.  He lied to the US Senate that domestic terrorism has been metastasizing for years. January 6 is not an isolated event, declared Wray.  More is on its way, and the FBI, of course, needs a bigger budget.

Wray told the Senate that the FBI regards the Trump “rioters” as domestic terrorists.  Even their friends and relatives are turning them in to the FBI, and the FBI is arresting them as fast as it can.  In other words, America approves of the FBI labeling Trump supporters—but not Antifa and BLM rioters—domestic terrorists.  It is OK to burn down a business, but not to enter the Capitol.

And this is the person Trump made Director of the FBI.

A majority of Republicans support Trump for president in 2024. But would it be any different in a second Trump term?  Probably not. Trump has surely learned much about Washington.  But where would he get non-establishment people with whom to create a government, and how could he get them confirmed in office by the Establishment Senate?  Fat chance.

Trump is a populist, but the country is too far gone for that. A revolutionary is required, and the revolutionaries are all on the anti-white woke left.