Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Kingdom of God is Alive and Well in an Imperfect World NOW.......if you believe Jesus!

Yesterday, I posted an article by bionic mosquito: Making Slaves of Freed Men (There is nothing new.............. - CL) – which demonstrated to me a parable told by Jesus. – a part of the whole KoG series in DaLimbraw Library.

(excerpted from KoG series) If anyone looks at the parables of the kingdom, he finds this concept of historical continuity repeated. The parable of the talents teaches that each man develops his capital, working out the implications of his faith, in responsible or irresponsible stewardship. Then comes the day when the Master returns. Again and again, the parables point to the continuity of history, with good men and bad men working side by side in the same world, until the return of God in final judgment. There is only one return. There is only one judgment. There is only one period of rewards and punishments. There is no great intermediate discontinuous break in the development of the two principles, good and evil. The evil seeds have no warning of the impending judgment. They witness no period in which the wheat is pulled up, and then is replanted after a period of time, which would testify to the tares of what is coming at the end of the age……


One of the titles often used in referring to Medieval Period history is Christendom. Depending on the point of view of the historian, it might be either positive or negative. Regardless of that, the term itself is a historic fact.


What is important here is that the Kingdom of God is not some vague, ethereal nothingness – it is real and it is here NOW! So what exactly is it?


Where the rubber meets DaRoad - CAP – Kingdom of God Study List


Warning! This is an extensive, time consuming and serious study which will test not only your intellectual curiosity, but your ability to relentlessly search for reality and truth. Once you open that gate – you literally have no idea where it might lead! I KNOW from personal experience.


And BTW – bionic mosquito not only inspired me to post this KoG piece, but get a load of these groupings on his:


BU2B (Brought up to Believe)

The fields are ripe – the workers are few?

Get to work!


History is not just dates and places.

"What history has taught me is that history is never written in stone. Obstinate research unearths new facts. Fresh perspectives stimulate our insights." - Johnny D. Boggs - True West Magazine


We’re living it, folks!