Friday, March 12, 2021

bionic mosquito: BU2B (Brought up to Believe) - Crush Note

One of my pet peeves is the constant repetition of myths or downright lies perpetuated by writers who should know better - do your freaking research!

As a perpetrator myself, I know how easy it is to repeat commonly held beliefs that are 180 degrees from actual facts - and I am the first to declare that I have had to change MOST of what I thought was history was actually a well narrated fable, designed to mislead all of us into action which the narrator wanted. The same 'facts' can be twisted into different conclusions simply by turning them into different order or emphasis.
So, one of my favorite writers has blogsite in which he is continually updating various American and world held beliefs which ain't quite so, so here is that link for your reading and researching pleasure, have at it: