Saturday, March 20, 2021

Do You Understand American Foreign Policy?

The overwhelming majority of Americans - not only immigrants, Blacks and leftist supporting Whites, but Conservative Republicans of all colors - have no idea WTF American foreign policy is about. How is that possible?

It's rather easy - when you control education, media, Congress, most states, courts and every means of communication - all you need to do is provide DaNarrative, ignore or censor any alternatives and/or real opposition and it's mission accomplished. In one word - PROPAGANDA!

In fact, it has been so successful that most people who have been targeted by our rulers to be the losers in this scenario, have become willing participants in their own demise. Now that is mighty powerful religion - state worship - isn't it? And who dat, for example?

Here it is, plainly and simply - the White middle class has been decimated  - by who? THEMSELVES!

How do I know? Been through it all.... myself - here's what I learned why we are ALWAYS at war, be it 'terror, freedom, democracy or dictatorship' or whatever moniker they concoct as an excuse for us to support their efforts to subjugate us - with our consent!