Sunday, July 18, 2021

I Need a Vacation! – CL

The next few weeks will have few, if any, new posts – but DaLimbraw Library will be open as usual.

As I often mention, this is not a news site. It is intended to be a resource for mentors. The archive has grown to almost 7000 posts, mostly insights and analysis written by knowledgeable authors that relate to our general content as described on our site heading. While casual readers are always welcome, the site itself is designed for researchers. Either way - have you ever considered the fact that your reading habit here puts you in a very special category?

As a regular or even casual reader here, you have come to understand the world better than 95 percent or more of your friends and neighbors. Is it time for you to become the mentor in your family, church or community? 

I use my archive almost daily. In fact, that was the reason I started it in the first place. I often remembered, when a subject came up - where did I see that? Now I can find stuff almost immediately by word search in my archive!

All the authors archived here have their own source links, so you can follow up for more details. In fact, I fully expect that you will develop your own sources as well – after all – YOU are the mentor, or should be!

Remember Ezekiel?

If you stumbled here accidentally, this is what is going on here - Why DaLimbraw Library?

Try staying sane in this increasingly insane world as we all need the grace of God to stay the course.