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Where is the Leadership? A Gen Xer Answers a Millennial - Men Of The West

Editor’s note:  The following is a response by MOTW author Kurgan to a Millennial friend who pointed out that Generation X – which is notably quick to criticize the decadence of Boomers and the fecklessness of Millennials – has failed to provide his generation with adequate leadership in the battle for Western civilization.  This communication was part of an online group discussion in a private forum.  The controversy arose when Xers in the forum dismissed the “Life Begins at 50” t-shirt pictured above as nothing more than a crass Boomer attempt to brand and co-opt Gen X identity.  The Millennial argued that branding is necessary to fight a culture war successfully, and that Xer resistance to the strategy is self-defeating and symptomatic of a wider generational apathy.  All names referenced in the essay have been changed. You may also want to revisit an earlier post here at MOTW that addresses some of these same issues.

John, you make some “valid” points. That is, they sound correct from the perspective of the linear theory of history. Unfortunately the linear theory of history is absolute bullshit. It is the exact same thing as when a woman backward rationalizes her feelings. Shit happens for reasons X, Y and Z that have absolutely fuck all to do with A, B and C, but then along comes Dicky Boy after the dust has settled and says, oh, it was obviously A, B and C!

No. It really wasn’t. It’s not your fault, you weren’t there and there is a lot of bullshit to filter through.

So here’s the real history. Pay attention because this will help you, a lot, if you plan to be a change for the better.

Boomers infected EVERYTHING. Let me try to succinctly explain what that means.

Firstly, they spent literally all their time thinking and saying and acting as if they were the best thing ever, ever. Better than God, never mind sliced bread. They are STILL doing it. They will do that until they die.

Secondly, what Bill and George said about being the first unwanted generation is true. Boomers spent the rest of their energy on constantly telling Xers they were just not good enough. Not smart enough, not hard working enough, etc., etc., while at the same time actively shutting down all the routes to power and the easy life they had. And burning bridges behind themselves. While doing that, they also continually spouted in your ear how it was even easier for you now that they had done it. And all you had to do was buy into this new brand they had created (which was a dumb-ass rat trap designed to make sure you couldn’t get access to the things they had).

This is not exaggeration or hyperbole. It’s literally what happened. Imagine growing up with that.

Now imagine it being like that for all of your adult life, because the Boomers are only dying off now and most Xers are now in their 40s and 50s. And now understand what the landscape before us is like and where we are starting from.

The vast majority of us have nothing like the resources, padded ass and security blankets that the Boomers had. As Bill and George already expressed, we did not have the numbers. We are starting to have the numbers only now, BUT, firstly the Boomers are still holding on to everything they can with a death grip and burning it all before they go. Not unlike the last gasp of the Nazi military regime. And secondly, there is this horde of fucking zombies that are damned everywhere and they are basically malformed clones of the Boomers. Except less effective. They mindlessly roam the earth using up resources, infecting each other with zombie stupidity like transgenderism and basically screaming and biting and wailing while they shout, “Buy BRAWNDO! It’s what’s… we… uh… plants… WE CRAVE!”

Fuck these people. Shooting them in the face while you try to clear a patch of earth to be left alone in is only natural.

But let me continue, because Gen Xers divide into roughly two categories:  The survivors and the warlords.

The survivors are bitter, crushed, and just want to have a chance to maybe raise a small family and be left alone. They are normal humans who came through hell and whenever they fought they basically lost. As much as they tried, the Boomers beat them down. I don’t like these kind, but I understand them and understand the vast majority of humans are just sort of like that. Maybe 80%.

The warlords are not warlords in the shōgun style of houses of power. They never had the numbers or the power to become that. We are the first real 4G warfare captains. We literally invented 4G warfare. We subverted, sabotaged, exposed, ridiculed the Boomers. Often at great personal cost. Because we had to reject everything they were trying to push on us first, and that left us out in the cold a lot. I left home at 16 and by 19 I was on my own. And keep in mind that we still lived in a world geared to stomp us.

When you say we did not lead, you have no idea what you’re talking about. None. If you can see anything at all past the wasteland created by the Boomers, if you realise BRAWNDO is bullshit at all, it’s because some Gen Xers cracked the Boomer facade, and continue to do so. The Boomers were both the victims and the perpetrators of the most massive psyops ever done on the planet. Any cracks in that construct you can see are because some Gen Xer with balls of steel hammered at the facade until it dented. Until it cracked. Gen Xers are, metaphorically speaking, the guys who help Truman wake up.

That’s the history. Now listen up, because we’re not done. There are STILL not enough of us to take over and change shit. And there are too few of you Millennials that aren’t brain-dead fucking zombies. But we gave you and the Zyklons a chance.

Now… you’re one of the ones that pays attention and good for you on that score. The above was history. You need history if your strategy is going to have a chance at success. Now let me explain to you the landscape you’re facing. Because you’re not seeing the big picture properly.  Think of this as the grizzled old warrior telling the young new warrior what to look out for in the coming battles.

  1. Christianity is key. I told Ted this at one of the very first [Online Meeting] when I was still not a Christian. You recently converted to Orthodoxy, in part due to observing my flame wars with the [Other Members of the online community]. Good. That shows you’re paying attention to what matters, and to be clear here, what matters is four things and they work in paradox, not linearly or binary. One: Do NOT be a Churchian. Two: Be a zealot. Crusader. Inquisitor. Whatever label (brand… heh) works for you that makes you understand being a Christian means you smite the fuck out of the enemy and retreat never. Despair never. And if (as you will from time to time) do despair, keep shooting. Cry, bitch, moan, shit yourself, whatever, but keep reloading and firing. If you can wail, you can pull a fucking trigger. There is no surrender. The enemy wants your soul. Fight. Three: being a Christian, especially of the crusading sort required (all real Christians are of that sort) means above all to be indeed as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents. Understand that phrase better than any other because it is the key to retaining, protecting and increasing your humanity while simultaneously not giving an inch to perversion, sin and the enemy. Four: there are only two types of Christians. Crusaders and Martyrs. It’s a war. There are no sidelines. If you’re lucky you might get a little rest now and then. Savor it. But above all be sure of which type you are. Martyrs are higher and closer to God, but I think they are also rarer. Most Churchians are fake martyrs. There is no mistaking what I am, but there are many ways to be a warrior. You don’t need to fight every train with your face, like I do. The point is know who you are and fight accordingly. And remember, if you’re a warrior what matters is winning. Not so much how. Not even if you survive or not (though you really should because it’s the wise thing to do). Winning. Beware the filthy Churchian who tells you beheading enemies by the dozen is unchristian. Better yet, bury him in a latrine late at night for he is a traitor and works for the enemy.
  2. You have, in general terms, understood most of the above already but details are good. Now some personal strategy. Si vid pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war. As the samurai said, plan for death (your worst situation) so if it starts to go that way you’re ready and don’t hesitate. It’s like situational awareness. But don’t let it make you bitter. It’s preparation, not where you live internally. Internally live in beauty, love, joy and kindness. Just be ready to drop, draw and fire without hesitation. The point here is be ready. Secondly: again, know yourself. You saw this far in part because you’re broken. Know that. Don’t deny it to yourself and don’t be a little bitch about it either. It’s about knowing your weaknesses and gently and gradually overcoming them, not about being a victim or having an excuse. You can only go so far as a cripple. So straighten out your wounds. Protect them because the enemy knows them and attacks there, but, and you CAN THANK THE GEN XERS for this, you don’t need to armor against nukes like certain of us did. Put armor over it, but massage and gently let the wounds breathe and heal over time. We mostly didn’t have that luxury, and some, like me, right or wrong, just took the densest armor plating we could find and welded it on, because fuck it. You don’t need to do that. It would be a mistake. You have a few more options. Your wounds will heal with love, both that which you give as well as that which you receive. It will always feel like you give more than you get. Welcome to Christianity. Do it and at times you will see how loved you are and be humbled and amazed. This is always true of God. But it can also be true of other human beings.
  3. On women: expect not a fellow soldier, but someone you have to take along with you in a war zone that’s a non-combatant on the soldierly stuff. At home, between you, she needs to understand you’re the Captain and she’s the Sergeant. That’s just basically it. But she’s not a man. Don’t treat her like one. Taking care of her emotions and madness and fears is how you heal your own wounds. Do it right and she will also come to help you heal the ones you can’t reach yourself. If she doesn’t, walk away, because the other possibility is that she will disembowel you in your sleep and eat your entrails for fun. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. It’s how it is. Make your peace with it. The sooner you do without fear, resentment or anger, the sooner you’ll have your pick of women to chose from. And remember, it’s a lost world. It is up to you to pull her out of the swamp onto the little ground you have. You mentioned all women being on the pill. Mostly true, but that’s the brainwashing you have to break through. Remember… mostly, any gaps of light you see were created by broken Gen Xers. Most humans are completely lost. Many of them unsalvageable. The Bible tells us this too. The road to hell is wide and well populated. Don’t waste time on the infected zombies. The ones who are not zombies yet will naturally respond to an uninfected crusader in a most enthusiastic way. The fact you currently have to bang them awake and then see if they are suitable to marry instead of pick an awake one to marry and then bang is upside down and sad, but it is the wasteland the Boomers created while in thrall of the enemy. So turn it around on the enemy. Bang them all awake until you find the right one.
  4. On work and protecting your own. Work. Save. You’re doing this right. Keep at it and also try to always prepare for the worst. Buy gold and guns and, if you can, land. I have, a bit like the Roy Batty android in Blade Runner, seen and done some incredible things, but I don’t have much to show for it materially. I don’t regret a thing because it was all a lie and a wasteland and it would all have just been a trap and a way to crush my rebellious soul. (Rebellious towards the enemy, but never, even when I was atheist, against truth, beauty and good). And I’m not dead yet. So I’ll start now. Late and with worn out tools, as the poem If says, I’m still making kids while I’m running at the half-century mark. Understand something: we did not lead because there was no one to lead. And we do not lead now because we are not good models for leaders. We are guerrilla fighters and, at best, we are able to have a small team around us and operate to take out single objectives the enemy has as infrastructure. At this point, Gen Xers are likely going to be skipped over and the zombie Millennials will be taking over at least as much as any Gen Xer might, and probably more because we mostly don’t care. Most of us can’t care. We would not have survived if we did. I don’t care is our silent battle cry as we fight in the dark. “You can’t win.”  I don’t care. “That’s not how to do it.”  I don’t care. “Listen to reason.” I don’t care. “Your way is wrong.”  I don’t care. And after we won some battle…. Fuck you. I don’t care and fuck you. Because I am going to do it anyway. And it doesn’t matter if I die. You are NOT going to turn me. And I will win. Because in spirit I remain free and uncowed by your bullshit. I don’t care and fuck you. Can you see that what we did, and had to do, was more difficult than maybe any other generation before us, certainly in living memory? We had dreams crushed before our eyes daily. And we fought. There was no one to lead us, and we could not lead each other either for the most part. Because we were all broken before we started. And yet we fought. And mostly won enough battles to break the mass illusion. Now here we stand on the wasteland of the Boomers and surrounded by Millennial zombies and you want us to lead you to the promised land? And yet… you’re not completely wrong. And a few of us will try. But we are not the leaders you need. Sadly, we may be the only (and few and far between) leaders you may have. Vox, for all his faults is one. He has achieved a level of leadership among Gen Xers that is unprecedented. Whatever his faults, he has brought together viciously individualistic warlords from disparate tribes to fight towards a single general purpose. He may as well be Genghis Khan. And if it doesn’t look like it, it’s because he, and we, are still Gen Xers. We move in darkness and slit throats. We’re not good at frontal charges with bright banners and fanfare. Decades at war taught us that’s a good way to get crushed fast. And although, (pay attention, this is important) things have changed, we are not wrong on this yet. Or ever, in a sense. The branding, the fanfare, the bright pennants of war, are necessary at times. They are needed indeed. But they are always a two edged weapon. And unlike a sword, more like poison gas, it always bites you back. Branding/status/groups/“leadership” is inextricably tied to pride. The sin of pride. Not just pride in the good sense. The sin of pride. Know this. Now… as a warrior, using the enemy’s tools against him is perfectly acceptable, but understand what you’re doing. Branding will be useful to get the zombies to move in the general direction you want. But they are still zombies. And mostly will remain so. Some will turn on you. When you least expect it. Sometimes the whole wave will at once. For reasons you will be unable to predict. Because they are fucking zombies.
  5. I think you now may have a better grasp of the situation. George created [redacted] at no small personal sacrifice. I funded it to a level I haven’t ever put in anyone before. We are all juggling families that are precious to us more than any mere planet of humans because they are so rare and fragile in the wasteland we come from, or still reeling from the loneliness and scars that the brokenness of our lives has been, or so pissed off or scared we just want to be left alone for at least a few years before we die. And still we fight behind the scenes and watch on in this gay Millennial earth, and those few of us who have not run out of fire are thinking: what now? I’ll tell you what. Fuck the zombies and the maybe woke maybe not Zyklons. We make more kids and we try to leave them, if not castles, at least defensible hills and ridges where they can build castles if they keep fighting well. Remember the other thing I said was key, way back when: City states. Max has basically been involved creating a city state whether he knows it consciously or not. The rest of the ilk like Bill and George have created and cleared those hills and are busy fortifying them and teaching their kids how to prevent zombie infiltrations and waves. People like me might become (wrongly) revered icons of the fighting man or lost in the dust. And we don’t really care either way. What I want is to leave defensible, immutable (as much as possible) positions for my kids. And Christianity and the willingness to submit to the Church (in those rare times and places where it still exists) as a tool of God, so not the human vicissitudes of the “Church” but the truth of the sword of God, is pivotal for this.

So, young warrior, I’m not gonna tell you to print this and read it and understand it as a kind of Westerner’s version of Go Rin No Sho. Because I’m not a leader, and I don’t care to be, even though I become one by default. And because I don’t care about fame or status or any of that horse shit. But I hope you were paying attention, because that’s likely to be the only true story of how best to face the hordes that you’re going to get.

Raised in a home filled with books on Western civilization, P.G. Mantel became a lover of history at an early age. An amateur writer of verse, he makes himself useful as an editor for Men of the West.