Saturday, July 3, 2021

Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – (Jan-Jun/2021- Latest first)

This Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – (Jan-Jun/201) is part of a continuing compilation as explained in the Introduction posted earlier. If this is your first exposure to it, I strongly recommend reading the introductory material to fully understand the purpose of the LIST.

To catch them all as they accumulate – just put Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST in the search window and voila!

Also, you will notice that not all items mentioned are linked – just find them from the date column on right – close to date of Crush Note.


The more Government obfuscates, the more DaHerd panics – but the picture becomes clearer. Maybe I should get myself tested and join DaHerd? Connecting dots as usual….CL

To Solve a Problem - first - understand the problem! - CL


As We Observe Memorial Day - Remember: War is not only hell, it is from HELL!

Science VS Christianity = IGNORANCE – (Prove ALL things!)

Not Happy With Christendom? What is your alternative?


Does Evil Exist? And why does God not stop it, if it does?


In essence…it always was…and still is…a War on Christ!

Do You Understand American Foreign Policy?

The Kingdom of God is Alive and Well in an Imperfect World NOW.......if you believe Jesus!


The Hierarchy of CORRUPTION INC (Explaining what the blind can't see - even if you 'splain it!. - CL)


Wall Street – Venture or Vulture?

Where was Crush the last 10+ days?

The Next 10+ Days…Do Not Say You Were Not Warned!